CBD Virtue

At Flawless CBD, we give you quality CBD products and excellent service for your utmost convenience. All products being offered has been through strict quality control, including the ones being manufactured by Flawless itself.

Of the many brands being sold, CBD Virtue is one brand that can make it at the top of your list. Their catalogue is composed of pure CBD with premium products. For every flavour, you are assured of the best taste along with the priority of your wellbeing...

Some of our other Vape Brands including ACE, Ambience CBD, and Applied Nutrition.

How CBD Virtue Create Their Products

As mentioned, all products of CBD Virtue are guaranteed to give you the highest quality there is to deliver the best results. All CBD are sourced from various suppliers in America who are well-known.

Hemp genetics are leveraged to provide clone plants to farmers. These are high in CBG, CBC, CBN and of course, CBD. For every harvest, the plant materials are tested to make sure that all plants are free from pesticides.

After all successful testing are done before and after harvest, our farmers will process these CBD hemp plants to be shipped to extraction facilities to be turned to full-spectrum isolate or oil with 70% CBD and 30% plant material where it is then refined to remove the 30% plant material and allow the 70% of pure oil remain — assigning a bar code then going through testing labs to have certified quality.

A last and random batch test will be made before distributing the products. With all the extraction processes, technologies and a team, all our customers can be assured of only the best products we can produce.

Three Main CBD Virtue Product Categories

You can now be assured of the quality of CBD Virtue products being manufactured. These will ensure that what you need can be given. But for your taste preference to be considered, there have been three main categories of CBD oil-based on their strength.

UK’s Leading Distributor

Our online shop currently leads the market in the UK because of all the quality products that we offer. All are available, and always being updated with new lines.

Why Choose Flawless CBD Shop?

CBD Virtue is one manufacturer that you can put your trust in. Their products are guaranteed made with utmost care.

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