Fair CBD

Fair CBD is dedicated to sourcing organic high quality CBD for use within their products including Cannabis Sativa Face Masks.

Developed from a love of the outdoor sports and the impact of performing out in a variation of climates including the experience of Surfing in extreme heat. after partial sunburn Fair CBD creators decided to test how the skin would react to all natural cannabis extracts to aid the sunburn. They discovered that the CBD aided the reduction of inflammation and promoted faster healing for the condition. 

This experience prompted the creators to explore the benefits of cannabis, from where it originated to how it could be used to solve some of the issues raised in the sporting world. 

After establishing greater understand of CBD & the cannabis plant Fair CBD decided to use their specialized labs to Cultivate and develop their own products. Fair CBD endeavor to produce safe and natural products linked to the support of skin conditions from maintenance to recovery insuring only the purest ingredients are used free of any possible toxins.

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