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Mari Pharm

MariPharm is one of the longest-serving companies offering only the purest forms of CBD. Founded in 1995 in the Netherlands, they have over two decades of experience in the nutritional food supplement market. The brand is known in pioneering research and work related to CBD.

At Flawless CBD, we only choose the best and most reliable brands of CBD oil on the market just like the MariPharm CBD. The brand guarantees the highest quality of product that was formulated from pure CBD extra and produced according to the EU GMP standards. ...

Quality and Trusted Brand

They invest in high-tech labs that gives them strict quality control. They also have a third-party quality that oversights the overall quality of their products and testing guaranteed by the renowned approved laboratory of the Dutch government.

They received a Certificate of Analysis for every batch of CBD oil. According to the users, MariPharm CBD is odourless, has a neutral taste and contains no THC.

The MariPharm CBD oil was created to meet worldwide quality standards when it comes to analysing and producing their product. The same rules are being applied in the CBD oil they provide.

Maripharm CBD Oil

The Maripharm CBD oil is a natural product that was produced from certified and cold-pressed hemp seed oil, and there are no additives as well. This came from specially selected cannabis sativa plants that are not pesticides and fertilised. The brand is following the purification and extraction done in processing crystals with a high percentage of CBD oils.

The Maripharm CBD oil also has no related substances of THC which makes it non-psychoactive and does not alter the human perception and awareness. It is completely safe and can be used by users with complete confidence. All the batches of the oil are also tested and analysed by their labourites.

Aside from that, MariPharm is offering nutritional dietary food supplements and cosmetic products. It is available widely from different drug stores, pharmacies and online websites. They hold a permit from the Dutch Government to manufacturer pharmaceuticals and CBD products.

A 10-ml bottle of CBD oil will contain about 240 drops. MariPharm also offers it as a spray and can be administered in the mouth or under the tongue for 1 to 3 times per day.

Colour, Taste and Aroma

The patented extraction process of Maripharm produces transparent and pure products. The quality and purity of their CBD oils are clearly shown by its colour. The CBD oils that come with sticky, discoloured and brown colour may be a sign that it underwent incomplete extraction and left harmful and unnecessary residues.

Aside from the colour, it is also known for the flavour and aroma. It has a delightful taste, and the smell is neutral. Other CBD products that have an aftertaste or bitter taste can indicate that it is not well-tested and manufactured. With all of that in mind, we can be assured on the overall quality of their products..

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Regardless, Flawless CBD is proud to provide you with the best CBD products on the market, including what you can expect from Maripharm.

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