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Product Description

Introducing the all-new, magnificent and powerful Mushroom Capsules by The Shroom Shop that will enhance your life for the better, boosting your brain, improving your sleep allowing you to relax and drive yourself forward towards your ultimate goal! these life-changing bottles contain 90 capsules with 500mg of mushroom in each capsule! that's at least a month's supply of your mushroom goodness!

Please read below for all of the different mushroom benefits and choose accordingly!:

Reishi - The Wellness Shroom

The Reishi mushroom, sometimes known as "The King Of Mushrooms," has a wide variety of potential advantages for your health and wellbeing. The Reishi, which often comes from Asia, is well known for its deep connections to Traditional Chinese Medicine and its intriguing medicinal characteristics. This active supershroom's lengthy list of adaptogenic characteristics makes it one worth trying as it is frequently linked to lifespan and vigour.

  • increase in immunity
  • Reduced anxiety and stress Improved wellness and happiness
  • 90 pills, 500 mg each
  • 1 month's worth
  • No unnecessary fillers, just pure Reishi mushroom extract in a vegan-friendly capsule!

Lion's Mane- The Brainy Shroom

Scientifically known as Hericium Erinaceus, this intelligent mushroom has bioactive compounds that have significant positive benefits on the body, particularly the brain. These enormous, white mushrooms, which are native to North East Asia, get their well-deserved name from the way their growth resembles a lion's mane. Lion's Mane mushrooms are best suited for people who require a natural brain boost because of its excellent cognitive boosting properties.

  • enhances mental health
  • Neuro Support Enhances Intelligence
  • Increasing attention and memory
  • 90 500mg pills, enough for one month.
  • No unnecessary fillers, just pure Lion's Mane mushroom extract in a vegan-friendly capsule!

Chaga - The Detox Shroom

This superfungus, also known as The Mushroom of Mortality, grows on birch trees and obtains its nourishment from the inner layers of the bark, making it a potent antioxidant. Chaga mushrooms are becoming more and more well-known in the west due to its many beneficial qualities. This nutrient-dense superfood has been used for ages in traditional medicine and is brimming with feel-good attributes to make you feel your best on the inside and out. Beware of the dark brown, rock-like appearance of the chaga mushroom; despite its appearance, it is everything from uninteresting.

  • helps decrease inflammation
  • Anti-ageing
  • 90 x 500 mg capsules for detoxification
  • 1 month's supply
  • Pure Chaga fungus extract in a vegan-friendly capsule with no additional additives!

Cordyceps - The Sporty Shroom

One of the most used medicinal mushrooms is this amazing supershroom. Cordyceps has been used for years in Traditional Chinese Medicine to improve both physical and mental endurance, and it is now quite popular in the west. Cordyceps has often been observed growing in the wild on moth or butterfly larvae. Our cordyceps is entirely vegan and was grown using novel, non-cruelty techniques. This natural energy booster ranks among the best adaptogens without a doubt.

  • Increases athletic performance and recovery
  • boosts mood and libido but decreases tiredness
  • 90 pills, each 500 mg.
  • Pure Cordyceps mushroom extract in vegan-friendly capsules for 1 month's worth of use!

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