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Ohm Brew CBD

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    Ohm Brew

    Ohm Brew CBD Disposables provide a flawless and flavourful experience with their precise formulation of 300mg CBD and 300mg CBG. Designed for conve...

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    Original price £16.00 - Original price £16.00
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With the growing vaping industry, reputable brands are increasingly standing out as trusted and reliable names in the industry. Ohm Brew CBD for instance, is one committed, quality and innovation–oriented brand known for its exceptional CBD products.

Prioritising transparency and customer satisfaction, Ohm Brew provides clear and accurate information about its products. These include sourcing, extraction methods, and independent third-party lab testing results of its CBD disposable vapes + CBG.

This article will update you on why you should go for Ohm Brew CBD disposable vapes and everything else about it.

The Growing Popularity of CBD and CBG

CBD (cannabidiol) and CBG (cannabigerol) have gained attention and experienced significant growth in the wellness industry. Both CBD and CBG are non-psychoactive compounds in the hemp plant, with CBG being available in trace amounts.

These compounds' recent development in the vaping industry offers you a new and convenient way you can experience the benefits of these cannabinoids.  In a world where disposable vape pens are becoming popular for their hassle-free convenience, you can have a CBD + CBG pre-filled vape pen.

This allows you to experiment with CBD vaping before committing to a long-term device.

Key Features of Ohm Brew CBD Disposable Vapes

The Ohm Brew brand offers unique features and benefits that set apart its disposable vapes.

These include:

CBD + CBG Blend

CBD is popular for its therapeutic properties, such as relaxation and stress alleviation. While CBG, despite the trace amounts, is known for its potential anti-inflammatory benefits, which enhance feel-good experiences.

With Ohm Brew combining the two compounds into a single, convenient device, you are assured of a broad spectrum of cannabinoids and potential synergistic effects. This means enhanced stress relief, mood elevation and overall well-being.

High-Quality Ingredients

Ohm Brew works in compliance with most of the CBD laws in the US and the UK. This helps to ensure its CBD and CBG extracts are sourced from premium and organically grown hemp plants. The relevant vape juices also come with assured high-quality ingredients and flavourings that guarantee a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience.

Convenient Vape Design

These disposable vapes come pre-filled in easy-to-use and convenient vape designs structured with users' simplicity in mind. This eliminates the need for separate vape juice cartridges or refills that can be messy and smelly. Instead, with the Ohm Brew CBD disposable vapes, you are sure of a clean, maintenance-free, hassle-free vaping experience.

Additionally, you can inhale and enjoy your CBD and CBG blends without any pre-setup or assembly worries.

Precise Dosage Control

The Ohm Brew CBD + CBG disposable vapes come accurately dosed with consistent amounts of  CBD. This means you won’t have to worry about when or how effective the expected results will be.

The consistency with each puff is also a cool option for anyone starting out on CBD vaping as they can be sure of finding their preferred level of CBD and CBG intake.

Third-Party Lab Test Certification

Apart from CBD laws in the UK demanding third-party testing and verification, these certification portrays the brand’s commitment to transparency and quality. As a result, you will have confidence in their products and peace of mind when using the Ohm Brew CBD disposable vape.

Benefits of Using Ohm Brew CBD Disposable Vape + CBG

The combined CBD + CBG compounds in the Ohm Brew disposable vape come with several benefits for their users. However, these benefits may vary from one individual to another depending on their taste preferences.

These include:

Potential Therapeutic Effects

The cannabinoids, CBD and CBG in the vape interact with the ECS receptors in the body, enhancing overall well-being. This means that vape will provide a convenient way to manage stress and anxiety by regulating the stress response, promoting a sense of calmness. You are also sure of alleviated tension and restlessness from the induced relaxation feel.

Using the vape also helps achieve a positive state of mind by regulating your mood through promoting positive emotions. The vape compounds may interact with pain and inflammation receptors to help reduce discomfort and promote relief.

Discreet Usage

The Ohm Brew CBD disposable vape comes designed to produce minimal vapour and odour. This is suitable for anyone interested in low-profile vaping, especially in public settings. However, you must ensure you only vape from allowed smoking zones unless specified otherwise to avoid legal issues.

Fast-Acting Effects

Vaping CBD is a fast consumption method that bypasses the digestive system and instead gets the CBD + CBG extracts into the bloodstream through the lungs. This has an assured onset of effects, allowing you to experience the potential benefits of the vape rapidly. The fast-acting effects make the Ohm Brew CBD vape the best option for anyone needing immediate relief or relaxation.

Similarly, vaping CBD ensures a high bioavailability that ensures your body maximises the potential benefits of the extracts. This is possible through direct ingestion into the bloodstream as compared to reduced bioavailability if you were to ingest the CBD through the digestive system.

Wide Range of Flavours

Ohm Brew brand offers a huge range of flavour choices, ensuring every vaper has a pleasant CBD flavour for an enjoyable experience. This also allows vapers to choose their preferred tastes, making it possible for vape enthusiasts or first-timers who want to experiment with different tastes.

Safe and Quality

Ohm Brew is known for prioritising high-quality ingredients and ensuring their ingredients meet the stringent CBD laws in the UK. This commitment to quality and safety gives you the confidence to enjoy your vape comfortably.

Featured Ingredients

The brand’s manufacturers carefully formulate the vape to ensure you have a premium CBD + CBG vaping experience. These include a huge category of ingredients which may, however, vary depending on the manufactured flavour variant.

Some of these ingredients include:

CBD + CBG Extracts

CBD is the non-psychoactive compound in the hemp plant, popular for its huge range of therapeutic properties. CBG (cannabigerol) is also a product of the hemp plant, though in trace amounts, found in young cannabis plants. CBG has potential benefits in stimulating pain and heat sensation receptors.

Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine

These are common base ingredients used in vape juice formulations. Propylene Glycol (PG) is responsible for generating vapour when heated. In contrast, Vegetable Glycerine (VG) is the carrier for the CBD+CBG and every other flavouring used in the Ohm Brew CBD disposable vape.


Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in hemp plants. The compound is responsible for the overall aromatic flavour in CBD vapes and also has some therapeutic properties. However, more research is ongoing to discover the complete benefits of these compounds.

Usage Instructions

To ensure you have an efficient vaping experience with effective results, here are the general instructions for vaping the Ohm Brew CBD vape:

Once you remove the device from its packaging, check it out to ensure you have an intact vape kit. Check for any manufacturer's instructions or precautions about device usage.

The CBD vape kit features a draw activation mechanism, so inhale gently on the mouthpiece to activate it. Remember, forceful or rapid puffs could burn up the heating element in the vape. This means you should take a slow and steady draw. Additionally, if it is your first time vaping CBD + CBG, ensure you start with small puffs and monitor your body for any reactions and your expected effects.

Remember, the vape comes with a pre-determined amount of CBD and CBG extracts in any puff. You may have to keep track of your puffs to ensure you take the dosage accordingly.

Once the device runs out of e-liquid, dispose of it correctly according to e-waste disposal regulations in your location. It is important to note that different jurisdictions have varying laws on e-waste disposal, so in case you are in a new environment, you should update yourself with the set laws to avoid non-compliance issues.

To Inhale

Place the mouthpiece of the vape and form a seal-like design. Take a slow and gentle puff, as you would when sipping juice from a straw. Be careful about drawing rapid puffs. Once you draw in the vapour, hold it in your mouth briefly for the absorption of CBD and CBG extracts.

You can exhale directly through your mouth or do it through your nose as a vape nerd.

Maintenance Instructions

The Ohm Brew vape kit is a single-use device without refilling or recharging. So avoid any modifications to charge or refill the device.

Similarly, just as with any other vape, store the vape device in cool and dry places. Avoid placing it in extreme sunlight to help maintain the flavours in the e-liquid. This also helps to ensure safe operation and extended lifespan of the device. This is because excessive heat can cause distortion of different components used in making the vape kit or increase the risk of a fire hazard.

What to Look for When Buying Ohm Brew CBD Disposable Vape

When Buying the Ohm Brew CBD Disposable Vape, it is important to consider several factors to ensure you get a high-quality and reliable product. Some of these things to consider include:

CBD and CBG Concentration

Every vaper has its individual needs for CBD extracts. You must, therefore, check the product description for the CBD and CBG concentration to ensure it matches what you expect. This will help you determine the overall strength and potency of the product.

Flavour Options

Check for a flavour that will appease your sweet tooth. It’s also important to note that being a CBD vape, you have to ensure the flavour you choose complements the natural aroma of the CBD CBG blend. This would go a long way to enhance your vape experience.


With the increasing popularity of the Ohm Brew CBD disposable vape, you must compare the prices of the available Ohm Brew vapes in the market. While this will help you to get good value for your money, you should also keep in mind that the higher quality vape pens may come at slightly higher prices. This should, however, not be your only determiner of what device to choose.

Side Effects and Precautions

Despite CBD and safe products, here are some side effects and precautions to consider when using the Ohm Brew CBD disposable vape:

CBD and CBG can cause a dry mouth because of their interaction with salivary glands. This will, however, be temporary for a short period, but you can avoid it by staying hydrated. Ensure you drink water before and after vaping to reduce this effect.

The product usage can cause drowsiness, especially if used in higher doses. This means you should avoid operating machines after prolonged CBD vaping. In addition, CBD and CBG may usage may lead to an increased or decreased appetite. So, you should monitor your appetite when using the Ohm Brew CBD vape and adjust your vape frequency accordingly.

It is also important to know that CBD vaping may interact with different medications. This can inhibit the CBD effects in your body or expose you to further risks. If you are taking any medications, consult a professional healthcare giver before using the Ohm Brew CBD disposable vape.

You must also begin with a low dosage when starting out vaping. This will help you easily monitor your body’s response, reducing any potential side effects.

Ohm Brew CBD Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Ohm Brew CBD disposable vape + CBG legal?

The Ohm Brew CBD legal status varies depending on the jurisdiction. So, as much as Ohm Brew ensures their products comply with the relevant laws and regulations, you should familiarise yourself with the CBD laws in your state.

Will Ohm Brew CBD  + CBG vape get me high?

The vape won’t get you high because CBD and CBG are not psychoactive compounds. The high effect is associated with THC, which is either less than 0.3% in the formulation or absent completely. The Ohm Brew CBD vape is also designed to provide therapeutic properties without intoxicating effects.

How long does the Ohm Brew CBD vape last?

The Ohm Brew CBD vape's lifespan depends on individual vaping patterns. However, the vape is designed to last until the vape juice is depleted. Factors such as the intensity of your puffs and how often you puff determine the lifespan of the vape kit.

Is the Ohm Brew CBD vape third-party tested?

Yes, the Ohm Brew CBD vape is third-party tested. The brand prioritises its products' quality and safety while ensuring absolute compliance with UK’s CBD laws. The brand also subjects its products to these verifications to verify the vape’s purity, potency, and absence of harmful products.

Can I recharge or refill the Ohm Brew CBD + CBG disposable vape?

No, the Ohm Brew CBD vape kit is designed for single use only. This means you must dispose of the device appropriately once the e-liquid is consumed.

Where to Buy

The UK's Flawless Vape shop is increasingly popular for prioritising customer satisfaction. The supplying brand sources its products straight from the manufacturers, so it comes with a guaranteed assurance of quality devices. Similarly, Flawless has a huge range of vape products, so you will find all you need in one store. The shop also offers huge discounts for its products, ensuring you don’t miss out on your favourite CBD vape.

Need Assistance?
Need Assistance?

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Call us: 0116 234 4820


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Worry-Free Guarantee

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Our Mission: Elevating CBD Excellence

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Educational Content:

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Compliance with Regulations:
Compliance with Regulations:

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Secure Payment Options:

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