Red Liquids CBD

Given the success that Red liquids CBD has become, it’s impossible to believe that it started as a University Project. The father and son company has become one of the largest vaping brands in the international market.

To achieve this excellence, the brand has put together a team of specialists that work hard round the clock to create exciting juice blends that the vaping world has come to love. While there are many varieties that vapers can choose from, Red CBD is one of the most notable brands to come out of the Red stable.

The Red CBD line comes in different flavours each made from premium and responsibly sourced ingredients to guarantee an excellent experience for CBD and vaping lovers.

All the flavours come in 15ml simple and elegant bottle packaging and contain 100mg of cannabidiol. The brand is manufactured to the highest standards in the UK for safety and quality assurance among the users.

Red CBD Flavour Range

To cater to a variety of CBD lovers, Red has put together a comprehensive range of flavours, most of which are fruit-inspired to cater to all pallets and preferences.

Blackcurrant Lemonade

This is the most popular of the Red CBD range. With a balance of berry sweetness and a dark sourness, the blackcurrant lemonade CBD packs an explosion of flavours that don't overwhelm you with sweetness.

It’s a great flavour to consider if you’re an all-day vaper and you prefer to take your CBD throughout the day.

Red Menthol

For vapers that love the slight feeling of a throat hit, the Red Menthol is the perfect flavour. The flavour has an exciting and refreshing experience leaving you with minty fresh breath and feeling in your mouth.

The flavour is mature and perfect for those that might not find the fruity flavours intriguing or exciting.

Natural Mixer

To cater to vapers who already have a preferred vape juice and don't want to compromise that experience, Red also has a natural mixer that packs all the CBD you need. You can mix with your preferred vape liquid.

UK’s Leading Shop

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When choosing a supplier for your CBD products, quality and diversity are the two main factors to consider. Which is why Flawless CBD is easily one of the best CBD distributors in the UK. With us:

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