Green Monkey CBD Drink 250ml

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Product Description

Green Monkey is the very first carbonated drink infused with CBD available to purchase in the United Kingdom, and is being sold in pharmacies and online.

Green Monkey combines mixed fruit flavours with high quality CBD, a legal and non psychoactive extract of the cannabis plant.

Green Monkey is backed by the Jhoots Pharmacy chain and pharmaceutical distributor AV Pharma, and has undergone rigorous testing to achieve regulatory compliance in the UK.

  • 10mg of CBD per 250ml can
  • Made with mixed fruits
  • Vegan friendly

Ingredients: Carbonated water, sugar, acid: citric acid flavourings, acidity regulator: sodium citrate, sweetener: sucralose, CBD cannabis Sativa L (4mg/100ml) safflower concentrate, colour: copper complex of chlorophyll. Pasteurised.

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The growth of the CBD market is undeniable. More countries are creating frameworks that allow people to use CBD products for various reasons. CBD brands have responded by increasing the range of CBD products one can enjoy and among those is CBD drinks.

CBD drinks are an excellent way of increasing your CBD levels and increasing hydration. The drinks come in different formulas that achieve different results. One of the more notable options is the Green Monkey CBD drink which we are going to look at in this review.

About Green Monkey CBD

Before looking at the Green Monkey CBD drink, let’s first look at the brand itself – Green Monkey CBD.

Green Monkey doesn’t posses the experience that some of the other UK-based CBD brands have. It’s only a few years old in the industry but has covered substantial ground in its vision of taking over the CBD market by storm.

The company was started in 2018. It started with a mere 10 employees. The founder of the company says he got the inspiration for their revolutionary CBD drink when drinking one of the popular energy drinks at a petrol station. Driven by a desire to provide users with an alternative drink that wasn’t packed with caffein, he came up with Green Monkey CBD drink which was designed to help people relax.

The brand is proud to have been among the first to produce a carbonated drink infused with CBD in the UK. Their CBD drink has been so successful that they recently celebrated producing their one-millionth CBD drink can. These are outstanding achievements for a brand that has been around for a short time.

Green Monkey CBD’s success is driven by the brand’s dedication to producing quality, flavourful CBD products that appeal to the end-users.

Green Monkey CBD Drink Review

The Ingredients

The first thing to look at when purchasing any CBD product is the list of ingredients. Although this CBD drink has an excellent taste, the manufacturer decided to keep the ingredients list lean to preserve the natural effects of CBD.

The drink features 10mg of CBD with variations of broad and full-spectrum CBD on offer in each 250ml can. It’s a carefully balanced dose that appeals to both new and seasoned CBD users. The drink isn’t meant to be your primary source of CBD but rather a supplement.

The brand has gone full out to delivery the full CBD experience by avoiding CBD isolate which is commonly preferred by other brands when making CBD drinks. This allows Green Monkey CBD drink users to enjoy the full benefits of the hemp plants including other cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes.

Some of the other ingredients used to make the drinks include carbonated way, flavourings and sweeteners and natural colourings among others. All the ingredients used in the making of the product are food grade.

The Taste

There’s no doubt the CBD drink has a personality and a taste to match otherwise it wouldn’t be as popular as it is. It has a pleasant vibrant green colour with a tropical flavour (possibly a blend of pineapple and orange) with a dash of bitterness that is similar to tonic water.

It’s possible the hint of bitterness is from the infusion of CBD into the drink. Other than the flavour, the scent also stands out and is heavenly to say the least.

The scent carries you down to the tropical islands and makes you feel like you’re sitting at the sandy beaches, watching the clear blue waters while sipping on some cocktails. For the best experience, the drink is best served as cold as possible.

The Performance 

Considering that this is a CBD drink, it needs to do more than look, smell and taste great. It also needs to deliver.

For a CBD drink with only 10mg of CBD, the Green Monkey CBD drink outdoes itself. It’s exactly as touted delivering bouts of energy without the crash that comes with taking caffeinated drinks. What’s more, the energy delivery is slower and more sustained as opposed to the sudden jolts that come with taking an energy drink.

It is a superb choice for an afternoon drink when you’re feeling drained and drowsy. It will keep you nice and alert during the most difficult hours of the day. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Green Monkey CBD Drink

What is a CBD-infused drink?

CBD infused drinks are drinks designed and infused with Cannabidiol which is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. The Cannabidiol is extracted from the plant using specialised methods and added to the drink.

Is the Green Monkey CBD drink good for you?

If you’re fond of taking energy drinks to power you through the day, considering the Green Monkey CBD drink might be worthwhile. Unlike energy drinks, the CBD drinks delivers energy is slow and steady bouts allowing you to stay alert for longer. Also, the effects wear off slowly without the crashing effects that come with caffeinated drinks.

How much CBD does the drink contain?

The drink contains 10mg of CBD. It also contains trace amounts of other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.

What type of CBD is used in making the drink?

Green Monkey CBD makes its CBD drinks from broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD. This allows the users to enjoy the full benefits of hemp extracts.

Will taking the drink get me high?

No. Taking this CBD drink will not get you high. Although the full-spectrum variety contains trace amounts of THC, these are well within the UK regulations and are not enough to get you high.

Can the drink cause me to fail a drug test?

The amount of THC contained in the drink is below detectable levels. However, if you’re still concerned about failing a drug test, we recommend that you consider using the broad-spectrum alternative because it doesn’t contain any THC.

What is the best way to consume the drink?

Delightfully cold.

How many cans of the drink can I consume in a day?

That depends on your previous experience with CBD products. If you’re just starting to use CBD products, we recommend going for a low dose then working your way up. Start with one can a day to see how your body responds before increasing your CBD intake.

Can you give the CBD drink an expectant mother?

We highly recommend that you talk to your doctor before taking any CBD products. This more so the case for expectant women, children and CBD users already on other types of medication.   

Please note: This item contains less than 0.01% THC

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