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12 Benefits of Black Seed Oil

12 Benefits of Black Seed Oil

Black seed oil is pressed and extracted from black seeds which come from a shrub that dates back more than two thousand years ago. The black seed where the oil comes from can also be known as black cumin, black onion seeds, black caraway and even the term, kalonji (in Hindi). The Nigella sativa, which contains the black seed, has always been believed to possess several interesting properties. It was also rumored to have been found on the grave of King Tutankhamun(a historic Egyptian Pharaoh) therefore affirming that longstanding belief.

The petals of the little flowering shrub, Nigella sativa, occur in a variety of colours ranging from blue, purple, and sometimes white. Located in places such as Eastern Europe, Western Asia and the Middle East, this ‘wonder’ plant has proved time and again its beneficial effects. The credit of these amazing feats however, is given to the black seed oil gotten from this plant.

Below are 12 astounding benefits you can get from black seed oil.

  1. Lowering High Blood Pressure and Hypertension

One of the advantages you can get from black seed oil is its ability to reduce high blood pressure and hypertension. A research by PubMed was carried out on a number of about 70 healthy volunteers ( of ages 34 – 63). When the black seed oil was administered, these volunteers were observed for about fifty six (56) days and it was later found out that both their systolic and diastolic pressure measurements experienced a slight decrease.

Although scientists are yet to properly identify the exact component of the black seed oil responsible for the decrease in high blood pressure and hypertension, there are a few suggestions. One of such is the presence of thymoquinone (thy-mo-qui-none). Thymoquinone is a biologically active compound that mainly helps to reduce inflammation. However, this property is double-sided. This is so because the black seed oil’s anti-inflammatory abilities play a huge role in dilation of arterial walls ultimately resulting in a decrease in high blood pressure and hypertension.

  1. Treating of Asthma and other related symptoms

Asthma, as we know it, usually puts the victims in certain uncomfortable situations. It is usually termed a chronic ailment in the sense that it is often continuous.  What makes asthma so torturous are the few times when a victim grasps for air all the while thinking that his/her days on the earth is finally over and except they are lucky enough to have an inhaler close to them at that instant, that thought might just become a reality. Although several artificial solutions have been provided to tackle the inconsistent attacks of asthma, it seems nature also had some tricks up her sleeve.

Black seed oil has been proven to help asthma patients better control severe asthma bouts. A study by PubMed Central was carried out on about eighty (80) adults with asthma. During the research, these adults were given about half a gram of black seed oil to be taken for about twenty eight (28) days. After the end of the test period, it was discovered that these individuals experienced lesser asthma recurrences and were better able to have a greater control over the asthma attacks than their counterparts. As earlier mentioned, thymoquinone (an active agent in black seed oil) possesses anti-inflammatory properties which reduces swelling in airways such as nasal passages.

  1. Accelerates Wound Healing

In addition to its already distinguishing anti-inflammatory characteristics, black seed oil contains certain helpful bacteria to aid in wound healing (not some kind of supernatural powers though). Although these bacteria may not be effective in growing new collagen fibers, they no doubt aid in forming a new and ‘spotless’ skin. As they are loaded with a lot fatty acids, black seed oil keeps the skin moisturized thereby preventing it from getting dry and rough.

  1. Prevents Weight Loss

Previous studies carried out have shown that black seed oil also helps in reducing the Body Mass Index (BMI) of certain obese individuals. Yes, it’s that good! An example was the 2015 study by PubMed which involved a number of obese women who were given about three (3) grams of black seed oil daily. They were also placed on a low-calorie diet and performed better in comparison to other obese women who were also placed on the low-calorie diet but without the black seed oil administered to them.

  1. Anti-cancer Properties

Cancer is considered as one of the foremost detrimental ailments in a victim’s life. A whopping number of deaths occur primarily due to cancer and although groundbreaking milestones are recorded almost every day in the fight against cancer, there still remain certain loopholes and loose ends in the fight against cancer eradication. It’s sad…but we sure are making progress.

For thousands of years, the black seed oil have been used by the Chinese as a milder and alternative form of cancer treatment. The thymoquinone in the black seed oil affects cell apoptosis (an oversized term for programmed cell death) in various forms of cancer cells. These include the cancer cells of the brain, lungs, breasts, and pancreas. However, newer techniques are yet to be tested on humans.

  1. Protects Liver and Kidney Function

The antioxidant properties in black seed oil improve the imbalance of certain ions in our body which can otherwise lead to damages in different tissues and organs. (oxidative stress). Oxidative stress has adverse effects as it may lead to liver cirrhosis (scarring of the liver) and even the dreaded hepatitis.

Black seed oil may also aid in the reduction and sometimes elimination of kidney stones from the body.

  1. Relieving Problems of the Gut and Digestion

The thymoquinone’s anti-inflammatory properties also help in alleviating problems in the gut such as abdominal distension, constipation and others.

  1. Promotes Fertility in Men

Some recent studies, in 2018, have been able to give proof that the principal ingredient, thymoquinone, also has the ability to optimise the quality of male sperm cells thereby improving their mobility and viability.

  1. Reduces acne

 Benzoyl peroxide is a common ingredient contained in most acne products such as creams and lotions which prevents the occurrence of acne. However, a little research in 2010 showed that those who applied black seed oil experienced a similar turnout as with the benzoyl peroxide users and with even lesser side effects.

  1. Reduces Cholesterol

Black seed oil contains oleic and linoleic acids which are polyunsaturated fatty acids. The functions of these are to increase the beneficial cholesterol and decrease the unbeneficial ones.

  1. Stimulates Hair Growth

Black seed oil is used to promote hair growth while preventing hair loss. Since it contains substantial amounts of amino acids, it aids in improving blood flow which in turn stimulates hair growth. Black seed oil can also be used to soften the human hair and boost its sheen.

  1. Controls Sugar Levels

Blood sugar is an important constituent for our survival as humans but, having a high blood sugar causes more harm than good. Black seed oil, as researchers have found, aids in boosting insulin production and keeping blood sugar levels in check.

In summary, black seed oil can be rightly described as an invaluable gift from nature as it possesses several jaw-dropping benefits still yet to be tapped and explored.

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