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CBD Soap

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    Canna Magic

    Canna Magic's CBD Infused Soap works with your skin daily to moisturise, soothe and cleanse your skin. Infused with Carrot, Cucumber, soothing Aloe...

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    Original price £8.99 - Original price £8.99
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    £8.99 - £8.99
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  • In stock
    Original price £8.99 - Original price £8.99
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    £8.99 - £8.99
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    Canna Magic

    Refresh, revive and exfoliate your skin with Canna Magic's CBD Infused Loofah Soap. Infused with zesty sweet orange and hemp oil, this soap has bee...

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    Original price £8.99 - Original price £8.99
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    Feel your best with Hempthy's CBD Soap! Infused with high quality CBD and all-natural essential oils, Hempthy's soap bars are designed to help your...

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CBD is a keyword in the wellness industry, with endless products flooding the market. Whether you need oils, capsules, gummies, or creams, there is an available CBD product for you. Among these innovative CBD-infused products is CBD soap, a product of natural ingredients that will refresh and rejuvenate you.

Read on to understand why you should consider CBD soap, how different it is from regular soap and the best time to use it.

What Is CBD Soap?

CBD soap is a soap with infused (CBD) Cannabidiol as one of its key ingredients. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound derived from the hemp plant, a cannabis species. The soap combines different cleansing properties with various therapeutic benefits.

With the increased popularity of CBD's overall benefits, using soap on your skin is one of the different ways to get CBD constituents into your body. This explains why most people prefer using CBD soap for its nourishing benefits on the skin.

How It Works

CBD soap is applied topically and interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) on the skin. Once the CBD interacts with the ECS on the skin, it generates a sense of calmness and overall balance, thus regulating various physiological processes.

When you use the soap, its CBD molecules come into contact with the skin’s surface. There, they are easily absorbed into the top layers of the skin and may exert their potential effects as intended. As with any ingredient or nutrient applied through the skin, CBD soap gets absorbed quite faster through the skin than if ingested orally.

However, the metabolism rate may vary because of one reason or another, but within a few minutes, you will have felt the effects on your skin. However, these effects may only last for a couple of hours.

Why Should You Use CBD Soap?

Using CBD soap offers a huge pack of benefits, some of which include:

Sooth and Calming Effects

If you often experience skin redness or frequent irritation, CBD has calming properties that can be gentle and soothing for your skin. In addition, excessive skin inflammation can be very uncomfortable. But with CBD’s antioxidant effects, your body will have a regulated production of inflammatory molecules, reducing skin inflammation.

Moisturising and Hydrating

CBD soap formulation contains infused moisturising ingredients that will help hydrate your skin. This means with consistent product usage, your skin will be able to naturally lock in moisture and prevent dryness. So your skin will feel more nourished and supple.

Potential Anti-aging Effects

Oil production in your body is one of the many factors contributing to aging, visibly seen by the appearance of fine lines, age spots, and wrinkles. But CBD soap is infused with antioxidant properties that will help regulate the oil production on your skin, promoting a youthful appearance.

Aromatherapy Benefits

CBD soap consists of essential oils and natural fragrances that enhance overall well-being. These also help relax your mind, relieve stress, and offer a memorable bath experience. These therapy benefits are perfect for your overall body, mind, and spirit, improving your mood.

Natural Cleansing

Except for the CBD infusion, the soap formulation is no different from any other soap. However, with organic ingredients and other natural additives, CBD soap offers a natural and effective way to refresh your skin. With the soap, you’ll be sure to remove excess oils, dirt, and other impurities from the skin, leaving you refreshed.

Factors Affecting CBD Absorption from CBD Soap

Different factors can influence the CBD absorption rate from the soap to the body, thus affecting its potential effects when applied topically.

Some of these factors include:

Skin Permeability

The skin often has varying permeability levels in different parts of the body. Areas with thicker skin, such as the palms or soles of the feet, can absorb CBD less efficiently than areas with thinner skin. This means the skin around the face and inner wrists may absorb CBD much faster than other parts, thus influencing the overall absorption rate.

Application Technique

The way you apply CBD soap will also determine its absorption. For efficient results, it is advisable to lather the soap and massage it on your skin. This will allow for better contact while increasing the skin surface area in contact with the soap.

Similarly, vigorous rubbing or massaging the soap on the skin will also help increase its absorption rate, as there will be better penetration into the skin.

Condition of the Skin

Intact and healthy skin will have a lower absorption rate because it acts as a better barrier than a damaged or compromised layer. Additionally, skin affected by different conditions, such as eczema, may affect the absorption rate.

Duration of Contact

Allowing the soap to remain in contact with your skin for a long may enhance faster absorption than if you rinse the soap immediately. Of course, the drive for how long you’ll wait before rinsing it off is based on your desired effects from the CBD constituents.

CBD Concentration

This is about the amount of CBD content present in the soap formulation. CBD soap with higher concentrations may have a significantly higher absorption rate than one with lower concentrations. You may need to check the amount of CBD concentration present in the CBD soap before buying it.

Formulation and Ingredients

It’s also important to note that the choice of ingredients and carrier oils formulated in the soap can impact its absorption. This is because some ingredients may enhance faster and easier permeability than others. For instance, essential oils or fatty acids may have faster absorption rates than other additives.

How to Use CBD Soap Effectively

Although CBD soap is a beneficial addition to your skin, your usage determines the results you get.

Here is a step-by-step guide on proper usage to ensure you get the full benefits of CBD soap.

Firstly, you must ensure your hands and face are clean before using the soap. This goes a long way to ensuring your skin maximises CBD absorption from the soap.

Secondly, lathering is a key process, but how you do it may also influence the results. Wet your hands and the skin area you want to use the soap on with lukewarm water. Avoid using overly hot water in this step as it may rip natural oils from your skin, causing dryness.

Gently rub the soap on a clean cloth or between your hands until it forms a rich, creamy lather.

Apply the lathered soap to the skin area you need. Massage the soap on the skin in gentle circular motions. Be careful about vigorous scrubbing that can irritate sensitive skin.

Ensure you pay attention to specific areas of interest, such as blemishes or dry patches. Then, thoroughly rinse your skin with lukewarm water until all traces of the soap have left.

Leaving some soap residue on blemishes or around patches may be tempting. But this can clog your skin pores, causing discomfort, so you must remove all soap residue.

Once your skin is well-rinsed, gently pat it with a dry and clean towel. Beware: Rubbing can cause irritation, which can affect the general state of the skin.

Finally, use your preferred moisturiser or skincare product. If you are unsure about a specific product, consult a professional to help you choose the best one after a CBD soap clean-up.

Special Considerations When Using CBD Soap

With the right approach, you have assured benefits of CBD soap. However, here are a few key factors to put in mind:

When you have sensitive skin, you must perform a patch test first before using CBD soap on your entire body. For the best results from the patch test, allow the lather to stay on your body for 24 hours. This will help see if there are any reactions to the CBD content.

If you have acne-prone skin, avoid scrubbing the skin aggressively because if not controlled, this can worsen the inflammation. You must also concentrate the CBD soap around areas where acne breakouts are common on your skin.

In case of dry skin issues, use CBD soap with a hydrating moisturiser after bathing with the soap. This will help lock in moisture on your skin.

How to Incorporate CBD Soap into Your Routine

If you want to maximise the soap's effects on your skin, you need to have a clear usage frequency and consistently apply CBD soap.

Here is something for you:

Use soap daily, whether in the mornings or evenings. You should also apply moisturisers at least twice a day after cleaning.

Create a nighttime renewal routine where you clean your skin with soap and use a nourishing cream. This will complement the CBD soap's effects and help your skin repair naturally while you sleep.

How Often Should You Use CBD Soap?

The frequency of your CBD soap usage varies depending on different factors. From your skincare needs to the manufacturer’s instructions, here are some other factors to consider:

Skin Sensitivity

You must consider your skin sensitivity before using CBD soap. If your skin is easily irritated because it is too sensitive, think about using the soap formulation once or twice a week. This will help you avoid unnecessary skin reactions. This means you can start with a lower frequency while monitoring your skin's response before gradually increasing or decreasing the usage based on the skin’s reaction.

Personal Preference

This is more like your cleansing routine. Some people may enjoy using CBD soap in their daily cleaning routine, while others may prefer handling it as a special treatment for use once a week. Ultimately, the decision is with you, as you’ll need to consider what works best for your skincare habits.

If you want effective results, remember consistency is the key to skincare. Whether you will use the soap regularly or sparingly, you should establish a regular routine. This will give your skin time to adjust and interact with the CBD constituents for guaranteed results. You must, however, observe your skin reaction at all times and make the necessary adjustments.

What to Consider When Choosing the Right CBD Soap

Different factors must be considered for efficient CBD soap results to ensure you have a high-quality and suitable product. These include:

CBD Source and Quality

You must look for CBD soaps made from natural, high-quality, organically-grown hemp. Similarly, you must also be cautious about your CBD soap supplier. For instance, CBD laws in the UK demand that these products get tested and certified by an independent third-party lab. This will help verify the products, purity, and potency.

Ingredients List

Before paying, you must examine the ingredient list to ensure the soap contains only natural and organic ingredients. It is important that you watch out for possible additives and harsh chemicals that you may be allergic to, such as artificial fragrances, sulfates, and parabens. If not regulated, this may be harmful to your skin and cause more harm than good.

CBD Concentration

Higher CBD concentrations may have assured effects but can also be quite irritating for sensitive skin. This means you need to find a perfect concentration balance that works for you. Advisably, start with lower CBD concentrations before gradually increasing them, especially if you’re a newbie to CBD products.

Customer Reviews

Look for brands with good reputations and positive reviews. This will be evident in what other customers have to say about their experience with the brand’s products. So the reviews will give you more insights into the brand’s products and help you get brands with a track of producing standard CBD soap formulations.

Individual Skincare Needs

Although scientists are still researching CBD soap, the product has many benefits for your overall wellness. You must, therefore, consider your personal needs and goals when choosing the best CBD soap. Choose a soap formulation that aligns with your expectations, whether soothing sensitive skin, moisturising, or promoting overall wellness.

THC Content

While CBD is non-psychoactive, it's derived from the hemp plant, which also contains THC, an intoxicating compound. You must ensure the soap has less than 0.2% THC in compliance with UK and US laws. This will not only put you on the correct side of the law but will also save you from any potential psychoactive side effects.

Price and Value

You must ensure the CBD soap's price matches its quality and size. So, it is up to you to compare different CBD soaps to find the best value for your needs. You may have to check out different sellers’ options. However, remember that higher-priced soap formulations may not mean high value.

Side Effects and Precautions

Although CBD is a safe product for topical use, it’s not exempted from having the risk of side effects, especially if used incorrectly.

Here are some potential side effects and precautions:

Interactions with other medications

Despite its minimal systematic absorption, CBD soap has a reduced likelihood of significant medicine interactions because of its topical application. However, if you are using other medicines, it is best to consult a professional health caregiver to guide you and ensure there are no contraindications.

Avoid Open Wounds

Using CBD soap on open wounds and broken skin can be uncomfortable and may lead to skin irritation. In case of skin damage, you should wait for your skin to heal before using CBD soap around the injured areas.

Pregnancy and Lactation

Limited research has been done concerning the effects of CBD soap on breastfeeding and lactating mothers. However, before using this product, you must consult a professional doctor who will guide you appropriately.

THC Sensitivity

In addition to government regulations on THC compounds in CBD products, some people may be overly sensitive to THC, even in small amounts. This means if you are allergic to THC, you should ensure you choose THC-free CBD soap, below the official legal limit of 0.2% in the US and UK.

Generally, CBD soap on sensitive skin may cause overreactions such as redness, itching and irritation. If unsure about your skin’s sensitivity level, you should patch-test the soap on a small area before using it completely.

CBD Soap vs CBD Topicals

CBD soap and topicals are applied to the skin for absorption through the skin layers. However, CBD topicals hardly go past the inner layer of the skin. This is why the topicals are perfect for localised relief in any part of the body.

You can’t apply CBD topicals in the morning and expect enhanced focus because they are meant to work around the applied area of the skin.

For the CBD extracts in CBD soap to affect whole-body results, they have to get into the bloodstream before transportation to the brain. However, most CBD topical extracts struggle to go beyond the outer skin layer.

In the case of CBD soap, the soaps are formulated to wash off dirt from the skin. However, different ingredients help exfoliate and detoxify the skin. This makes it easier for the CBD extract in them to be absorbed across the skin into the bloodstream.

But not all CBD soaps can do this. It takes CBD soaps with higher CBD concentrations and better quality ingredients to have its effects felt across the body.

The ultimate choice is yours! Depending on what you need CBD for, you can opt for either CBD soap or CBD topicals. Of course, you don’t have to stick to topicals only; you can choose other CBD products, such as capsules, oils, and edibles.

Is CBD Soap for Everyone?

Yes, CBD soap is safe as it contains no THC. CBD is a therapeutic compound without stony effects, so you can use CBD soap without worries about failing a drug test.

However, CBD soap's effects are unlike those of ingesting the compound. Even then, it maintains guaranteed safety for all sensitive skin. Whether you have allergy-prone skin or just need better hydration with moisture retention, CBD soap will help effectively.

When it comes to washing your kids with CBD soap, different factors come up. First, it's your goal to use CBD on the child and many other factors.

While you can use the soap, you should consult with your doctor, who will guide you effectively on using CBD on your child's skin.

Additionally, research is still ongoing about the effects of CBD soap on kids. This explains the case of epidote, a CBD-made drug for treating kids with epilepsy. The medicine is, however, available only under a doctor’s prescription.

How to Get Optimal Results with CBD Soap

You shouldn’t struggle using CBD soap. Just wet your skin, lather the soap on a piece of clothing or on your hands, and softly massage it on the skin as you would regular soap.

Unlike with regular soap, allow the soap to linger on the skin for a few minutes before washing it off. The good news is that you can comfortably use CBD soap on any body part. Just lather up the soap, relax, and enjoy the effects of the CBD-infused bubbles.


Is CBD Soap for People of All Ages?

Yes, CBD soap is safe for use by people of all ages. This is because it contains non-toxic, natural and organic ingredients that are quite beneficial for your overall wellness. However, more research is ongoing about what to expect from CBD soap.

Will CBD soap make me feel high?

No, CBD soap has no psychoactive effect that can make you feel high. This is because it lacks THC, the compound responsible for the intoxicating effect. However, this may vary depending on the manufacturer as well as the jurisdiction. But as long as the soap formulation has less than 0.3% THC, as demanded in the UK and the US, it won’t have any high effects.

How should I store CBD soap?

It is best to store the CBD soap in a cool and dry place to ensure you preserve the quality of its contents. Directive heat, such as excessive sunlight, can reduce the effectiveness of CBD soap. So, it is advisable that the soap is sealed in a wrapper or container to prevent moisture absorption.

Can I use CBD soap on the face?

Yes, you can use CBD soap on the face, but you should consider your skin sensitivity before using it. CBD soap may be beneficial to some individuals, especially in case of acne or any skin conditions on the face. But most importantly, you should perform a patch test to ensure the soap won’t react with your face.

Where to Buy?

CBD soap is a widely known product, especially because of its wellness benefits; however, you must buy it from reputable sources for assured effectiveness. Flawless Vape Shop in the UK is a reputable supplier known for the best quality products. The shop sources directly from the manufacturers, so purchasing from the shop has an assurance of quality and highly potent CBD soap.

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Need Assistance?

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