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CBD Chewing Gum UK

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    Kaya's Feel Lighter Natural Chewing Gum is an effective, fun and convenient way to get your daily CBD dose and offers a long-lasting refreshing min...

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    Original price £4.50 - Original price £4.50
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There’s no shortage of interesting ways to consume CBD. CBD chewing gum is one of the most effective and trendy methods of taking CBD orally. It’s largely preferred because it’s discrete giving you the opportunity to pop the gum into your mouth on the go without any curious looks.

What is CBD Chewing Gum?

CBD chewing gum is chewing gum that is infused with cannabidiol. There are numerous methods of taking CBD, and new ones continue to be devised every day. CBD chewing gum is one of those methods that helps CBD lovers take CBD discretely and keep their CBD levels high in their bloodstream.

What are CBD Gums Made of?

Different CBD brands have different ingredients for their CBD chewing gum depending on the intended purpose and experience. However, there are a few ingredients that are a staple in most CBD chewing gums. These include:

  • Stevia
  • Xylitol
  • Silicon dioxide
  • Isomalt
  • Maltitol

Some CBD chewing gums also contain sunflower and hemp seed oils. To give the user that fresh and minty breath, some CBD chewing gums will also have that minty flavour.

At Flawless Vape Shop, we always make sure that all the ingredients used to make CBD chewing gums are food-grade and sourced responsibly to guarantee the safety of the products.

CBD chewing gum ingredients

It's impossible to list all ingredients since different brands use varying recipes. Nonetheless, that's not to say that CBD chewing gums significantly differ from your everyday pieces. 

Recently, most brands are going "herbal"More and more CBD chewing gums contain other nutritional ingredients like mints, sunflower, and hemp seed oil.

Xylitol is an interesting CBD chewing gum ingredient. It's a substitute for traditional sugarA plant-based sugar alcohol that's sweet but without tooth-decaying repercussions. Besides taste, it also improves dental health by limiting plaque formation and inhibiting the growth of decay-inducing bacteria.

Here at Flawless Wellness, we are picky with the products we feature on our shelves. We only stock those with food-grade ingredients. Most of our products come from reputable brands that strongly prefer plant-based substances. They are healthier and less likely to trigger side effects.

What is CBD bioavailability?

CBD bioavailability refers to how much of the substance is absorbed into the bloodstream. The higher the bioavailability rating, the more you benefit from CBD's effectThe faster and more profound the experience.

Unfortunately, there isn't a form that offers 100% bioavailability. For example, most CBD edibles have bioavailability ratings of around 15 to 20%This is because some CBD dissipates during digestion.

On the other hand, sublingually ingested CBD oils and tinctures have bioavailability ratings of 40 to 50%. CBD joints, cigarettes, and inhalers boast the highest bioavailability ratings of over 60%.

Note: Even though most CBD gums are relatively low on the totem pole, some brands claim bioavailability ratings of up to 80%. They apply nanoemulsion technology that dissolves CBD in water (saliva)Making it easier for the body to absorb CBD sublingually.

Why take CBD chewing gums?

Below are some of the reasons why you should take CBD chewing gums:

Less sugar: Chances are, your regular chewing gums contain unhealthy concentrations of artificial sweeteners that are harmful to your health. CBD chewing gums are significantly healthier and come with additional benefits. First, the CBD plant compound is an excellent relaxer. It interacts with the body's Endocannabinoid Systems (ECS) and promotes homeostasis. Other CBD gums even come with ingredients that boost general well-being.

Convenience: CBD chewing gums are among the most convenient edibles. They don't require any prior preparation. Some even come with minty flavours that keep your breath fresh throughout the day.

Effectiveness: Indeed, most CBD gums can't compete with other traditional forms like oils and tinctures. However, some brands offer exceptional products (Some even have bioavailability ratings of up to 80%). Such chewing gums can even stand as your primary source of CBD.

Sublingual and digestive absorption: Unlike other CBD edibles like gummies, cookies, pills, and capsules, chewing gums allow for both sublingual and digestive absorptionWith the ideal dosage, you'll experience CBD's effects much faster.

They help with consistency: CBD isn't a one-time substance you take and enjoy ever-lasting effects. To get the best results, it must become part of your lifestyle (Aim for consistent CBD concentrations in your blood). Throughout the day, chewing gums will slowly release CBD compounds into your body. You'll always feel good and relaxed.

Discreetness: There are so small no one will know you are taking CBD. You can pop on in the office, bus, and even in the library as you enjoy a good book.

Some are biodegradable: Unlike traditional gums, most CBD chewing gums are 100% biodegradableThey feature plant-sourced gum bases that help keep the environment clean (No more sticky residue on pavements). Chicle is an example of a non-synthetic gum base. It used to be popular in the 1880s. However, most manufacturers switched to synthetic gum because it was cheaper for large-scale production.

How do CBD chewing gums work?

As hinted earlier, CBD chewing gums allow both sublingual and digestive absorption. As you chew on your piece, CBD molecules break off from the gum base and into your saliva.

If you don't swallow immediately, your body will take in some CBD through the mouth's inner lining. The lining contains mucous membranes and capillaries that attract and absorb compounds into the bloodstreamWe call this sublingual absorption. It’s among the fastest ways of consuming CBD.

Digestive absorption takes place when you swallow saliva containing CBD molecules. They will go through first-pass digestion in the stomach and small intestines. Unfortunately, digestive absorption is very inefficient. Very little CBD actually makes it into your bloodstream since most of it is metabolized by the liver.

Does CBD Chewing Gum Offer Any Benefits?

Each method of taking CBD has unique benefits. That is why CBD brands try to come up with as many ways to take CBD as possible to enhance these benefits and provide the users with different, fun and exciting ways of taking CBD.

Chewing CBD gums is a great way of delivering CBD sublingually. It makes it easier to absorb and you can feel the effects much faster.

Why not also try: CBD SuppositoriesCBD Lip Balm and CBD Drinks.

CBD chewing gums are perfect for users who are just starting. Our range of CBD chewing gums comes with 15mg CBD concentrations which is ideal when you’re looking to microdose or slightly work up the doses as you try to determine what will work best for you.

With CBD gum, some of the benefits you stand to enjoy include:

  • Chewing CBD gum encourages good oral hygiene.
  • This method of taking CBD provides a quick avenue to deliver CBD to the bloodstream.
  • CBD gum helps to keep your CBD levels high. It is a great way to take small amounts of CBD in between the main intake to keep your levels up.
  • CBD gums are discrete and easy to take.

How Does CBD Chewing Gum Work?

When chewing CBD, the CBD particles break off into your saliva and are eventually absorbed into the system. Some of the cannabinoids also travel down the gut and into your stomach.

After going through the digestive process, the cannabidiol is then passed through the liver and eventually into the bloodstream.

Because the CBD has to go through the stomach, it’s often advised to chew CBD gum after eating. Not only does this give you fresh breath but also keeps the CBD from being broken down by the acids in the stomach.

Once in the bloodstream, the CBD works through the Endocannabinoid system, which has receptors and enzymes that break it into simpler compounds that can be used by different organs in the body to achieve homeostasis.

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The popularity of CBD is growing as reports of the benefits it has to offer to grow. However, to be part of the success story of people that have benefited from the use of CBD, it’s vital to buy CBD products that are of high quality.

At Flawless CBD, we inspect and test all the CBD products we receive and only deal with brands that meet all the legal requirements. These include providing 100% lab tests and having organic and non-GMO licenses.

We are associated with Flawless Vape – the largest distributor of vaping products. Using connections and experiences built over the years, we have compiled an extensive list of CBD products to suit all CBD users both new and experienced.

With our understanding of the market, you can rest easy knowing your CBD products are in the right hands and have been fully vetted before we make them available to you.

Why Choose Us?

At Flawless CBD, we treat CBD products and our customers with the seriousness they deserve. We have built a business over the years that are driven by trust and reliability and are now one of the most trusted names in the CBD industry. As our loyal customer you will enjoy:

  • An endless list of CBD products to choose from. We are constantly looking for any new and promising CBD products and constantly revising our catalogue to make sure you get any new releases first.
  • A worry-free CBD shopping experience. We have invested in resources and equipment to allow us to test all the products we receive to make sure they meet the legal requirements and match their description. We take extra precautions and make sure we only stock reputable and trusted brands that have 100% lab-tested results for each of their products.
  • You will enjoy free shipping on orders worth £30 or more. We will also ensure we dispatch all orders placed before 5pm on the same day.

CBD Chewing Gum FAQs

Is CBD legal?

CBD is legal in most parts of the world. However, the production of CBD products is closely monitored by government agencies and certain standards have to be met for the product to be considered legal. We always make sure all our CBD gum varieties meet the legal criteria.

Is it safe to chew CBD gum?

Chewing CBD gum is completely safe. The chewing gums are made from the regular food-grade ingredients used in making other types of gums. The only difference is our varieties are infused with CBD.

How does CBD Chewing gum taste?

It depends. Taste is subjective. Nevertheless, we feature a plethora of CBD chewing gums from hundreds of brands. There is bound to be something that will satisfy your taste buds. Some of our most popular gum flavours include berries and mint.

Is CBD chewing gum effective?

CBD gum is not as effective as other CBD products. However, it provides a slow and steady flow of CBD into the bloodstream. CBD chewing gum is good for keeping your bloodstream CBD levels up.

Does your CBD chewing gum contain THC?

We have CBD chewing gum varieties made from full-spectrum CBD which contains traces of THC. However, the levels of THC are within the acceptable limits of 0.2% in the UK.

Can I get high from chewing CBD gum?

CBD does not have any psychoactive effects so, you can’t get high from chewing CBD chewing gum. Even if the gum has full-spectrum CBD, the levels of THC are too low to have any effect.

How many pieces of CBD chewing gum should I chew?

The number of pieces you can chew depends on your CBD intake. If you’re starting out, you can start with one piece to get a feeling of how it feels. You can then adjust your intake depending on your experience.

When is the best time to take CBD chewing gum?

CBD chewing gums are extremely diverse. You can take them at any time of the day. They make great buffers that allow you to keep your CBD levels up. You can chew your CBD gum after your breakfast and another in the afternoon to help you relax when you get back home in the evening.

Do CBD chewing gums contain sugar?

We have CBD chewing gums from different brands. Some brands have unsweetened options for CBD lovers that are conscious of the sweetness and we also have some sweetened varieties.

Can I give CBD to my child?

CBD chewing gums are safe for anyone. However, you should never give any CBD products to a child without consulting with your doctor first. You should also ensure you keep your CBD products away from the reach of children.

How long does it take to feel the effects?

The time it takes to feel the effects of CBD from chewing gum depends on your metabolism and the chewing gum you choose. Unlike other CBD products, the CBD in chewing gum is released slowly and has to go through the process of digestion which takes time.

Do CBD chewing gums contain sugar?

It depends. Some do, and others do not. It depends on the brand and use.

Some brands are known for their fruity and sugary chewing gums. Other brands focus more on functionality. For example, we have “healthy” CBD chewing gums that substitute sugar with other herbal compounds.

Note: We do our best to feature CBD chewing gums with natural sweeteners. On top of that, we always advise our customers to go for products with non-synthetic ingredients. Plant-based ingredients are the best.

Can CBD chewing gums make me high?

Even if you consume full-spectrum CBD chewing gums, the THC concentration is too little to trigger psychoactive effects. To get high from any cannabis-related substance, it must possess more than 15% THC.

The Entourage Effect isn’t highness. It’s a calm feeling that induces relaxation. Most users describe it as “the lack of edginess”You go about your day and work feeling focused without any anxiety. 

How many CBD chewing gums should I take in a day?

It depends on your daily CBD intake. Ideally, chewing gums should only count as supplementation, not your primary source of CBD.

That said, they are good starting packs for CBD beginners. Once you get used to them, you can increase your dosage or switch to more effective forms like tinctures and oils.

The best time to take CBD chewing gums?

Unlike other CBD alternatives, chewing gums are super convenient. You can pop them at any time of the day since they don't require any preparation or special equipment.

As explained earlier, they make great supplementation that will help keep your blood CBD concentration high throughout the day. Most people split their dosage into threeOne after breakfast, lunch, and supper.

Need Assistance?
Need Assistance?

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Worry-Free Guarantee
Worry-Free Guarantee

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With Flawless, you can shop with confidence, knowing that we stand behind our products and are committed to providing you with an exceptional customer experience. Your peace of mind is our guarantee.

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Our Mission: Elevating CBD Excellence

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Compliance with Regulations:

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Secure Payment Options:

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