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Vaping CBD is becoming increasingly popular. As a result, CBD companies are coming up with more ingenious ways to vape CBD with the least effort.

Previously, there have been CBD vape pens, both disposable and refillable and also kits that are compatible with CBD. In a bid to provide CBD users with a great alternative to vape pens and cartridges, there are CBD pods.

CBD pods are prefilled with high-quality CBD oil ready for you to vape. The pods are more affordable, come in different colours, and hold more vape juice than other vaping options.

What are the Benefits of Using CBD Pods?

There are different methods of taking CBD. Each of them comes with its unique benefits and CBD pods are not any different. Using CBD pods is becoming more and more popular. Some of the benefits of using CBD pods are:

Pre-filled cartridges

CBD pods come ready to vape. The device comes complete with CBD oil. However, coming with CBD oil pre-filled is not the only benefit. It also eliminates any concerns about getting low-quality CBD.


CBD pods provide a discrete and mess-free way to vape CBD. You don't have to worry about refilling CBD whenever you want to vape. The shape of the pod also makes it easier for you to carry around without budges, which is quite commendable.


Considering you get a device and CBD oil for the price of one, it’s safe to say that CBD pods give you value for your money.

Easy to use

CBD pods are easy to use. All you need to do is slip the pod onto the battery and you can start vaping away. Because you don’t have to refill the device and the reduced maintenance, pods are ideal for both experienced users and newbies. The pod will service you for a substantial amount of time before you have to dispose of it once it runs out of juice. It’s practically a plug-and-play kind of device. For example, CBD JUUL Pods are very easy to use. You just need to ensure that your device is charged and plugged into a CBD cartridge. 

You can choose CBD vape liquid's flavour from various flavour options. You can also decide whether you want the e-liquid to be made from CBD isolate or broad-spectrum CBD while choosing the pod.

At Flawless CBD, we have a broad range of CBD Pods from different companies, including Blue Moon Hemp and Ignite CBD. The pods are filled with different concentrations of CBD, making it easier to find something that works for you.

How Much CBD Juul Pods Should You Vape?

It depends on what you're trying to achieve and what CBD product you use. If you're just looking to try CBD for the first time, we recommend starting with one or two daily doses. However, if you have a specific health condition or ailment that you'd like to treat with CBD, it's best to consult your doctor or medical professional before taking any CBD products.

Suppose you're using a high-quality CBD vape pen and pod system, like the disposable pods, for example. In that case, we recommend starting with a low dose of 2mg and gradually increasing as needed until you find the right amount for your body. We've found that most people can take 4-5mg without experiencing any negative side effects, but some people may need more than that or less, depending on their body chemistry and tolerance level. When vaping with a CBD e-liquid, start with 1-2 puffs and slowly increase as needed until you find the right amount that works best for you!

How to Vape CBD Juul pods

CBD Juul pods are one of the best ways to enjoy your favourite strain conveniently. They're easy to use, contain less than 5mg of THC per pod, and come in various flavours. But how do you set up your Juul to get the best experience possible? Here are some tips:

Take your time

If you want to experience the full effects of CBD, it's best to take it slow. Start by taking one puff at a time and gradually increase your intake over time until you find the right amount for you. For most people, this means taking three or four puffs daily — but no rule says you can only do this at home!

Set your temperature

The temperature of your vaporizer plays a big role in how much THC or CBD you get from each pod. If you want more THC, set your device at a higher temperature; if you want more CBD, opt for lower temperatures.

Make sure your pod is filled with CBD e-liquid

Some people opt for CBD oil instead of using a pod. But this isn’t recommended because it can ruin the taste and flavour of your vape juice. If you want to vape CBD Juul pods properly, ensure that the pod contains 100% pure cannabidiol e-liquid (CBD).

Don’t overfill the pod with e-juice

If you want to ensure that your pod lasts longer, don't fill it with too much e-liquid. Instead, you should only fill it up halfway or less than half, so there's enough space for airflow inside the tank chamber. This will help prevent flooding, which might leak or gurgle when using the device.

Cautions to Check When Vaping CBD Juul pods

Vaping CBD has many benefits, but you need to be careful. Vaping CBD is a fast and easy way to get the benefits of cannabidiol without having to smoke weed. But just like any other product on the market, there are some cautions that you should be aware of before you buy your first CBD pod.

So, if you’re using CBD pods, then it’s important to know all the risks involved. Here are some cautions to check when vaping CBD pods:

  • Avoid eating or drinking anything while vaping. This is because the heat from vaping will cause the food or drink to burn your mouth and throat, which could lead to irritation or other health problems. So avoid any food or drink until after you're done vaping.
  • Ensure enough airflow around your pod, so it doesn't overheat while you vape. If your pod is getting hot while you use it, then there isn't enough airflow around it, and this could lead to an explosion or fire hazard if you don't take action quickly!
  • Check for oil leaks regularly on your pod cartridge by taking off its top cap and looking inside for oil leakage from anywhere on the cartridge (such as at the bottom of a tank).

What Medications Should You Avoid When Taking CBD Pods?

You need to watch out for the following medications

Medications that Can Cause Drowsiness

Some medications used to treat sleep disorders can cause drowsiness or sedation in some people. These include prescription sleep aids like Ambien or Lunesta and over-the-counter sleep aids like Unisom SleepGels. Taking these kinds of drugs while also taking CBD pods may cause drowsiness that could impair your ability to drive or operate machinery safely!

Macrolide antibiotics

Macrolide antibiotics can decrease the effectiveness of CBD. This can occur when you take them simultaneously as your CBD or shortly after. The antibiotic may also inhibit the breakdown of CBD in your body and speed up its breakdown.

Heart medications

Several heart medications may also interact with CBD, including beta and calcium channel blockers. These drugs treat high blood pressure, chest pain, irregular heartbeat, and other heart conditions. If you have been taking one of these medications for a while, it is best to talk to your doctor before starting any new treatment.

UK’s Leading Online CBD Shop

There's nothing you won't find at Flawless CBD. That is why we are one of the leading online CBD shops. We have a vast collection of CBD products from different companies. The most popular cannabidiol products in our catalogue include CBD honey, CBD gummies, CBD drinks and energy drinks, CBD water, CBD tinctures and CBD tablets, among others.

In addition to our extensive collection of CBD products, we are also a champion for quality in all cannabidiol products. We help all CBD companies dedicated to quality move their products. In addition to associating ourselves with reputable CBD companies, we also test all the cannabidiol products we receive from the suppliers before we make them available to our customers.

    CBD Vape Pods FAQs

    Is it legal to vape CBD?

    It's legal to vape cannabidiol as long as the CBD vape oil or additive you use is responsibly sourced and processed according to the law's guidelines. You can rest assured that all our CBD pods and vape oils are legal.

    Is it safe to Vape CBD?

    Other than mild side effects that have been reported by a few CBD users, like light-headedness, diarrhoea, and nausea, vaping cannabidiol is safe and considered safer than smoking. 

    Will I Fail a drug test if a vape CBD?

    You cannot fail a drug test if you vape CBD. Most drug tests check for THC, a psychoactive compound found in the hemp plant. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive and doesn't affect your state of mind.

    Some of our cannabidiol products made from full-spectrum CBD might contain trace amounts of THC. However, the amounts are minimal and can't be detected in a test. If you have concerns about vaping products with THC, you can look into our line of products made from CBD isolate, which is THC-free.

    Will I get high after vaping CBD?

    Vaping CBD will not make you high. Our CBD vape oils are extracted from hemp plants with low amounts of THC that will not impact your state of mind.

    What are the different CBD vaping pods?

    We have various CBD vape pods available. Each type of CBD vape product is designed for different types of users. Our range of pods includes vape kits, vape pens, pods, and vaporisers, refillable and non-refillable pens.

    How do vaping pods work?

    Even though there are different vaping pods, they operate in the same fundamental way. A battery powers a heating element that heats the coil and turns the CBD vape oil into an aerosol that you can inhale to deliver the CBD into your lungs.

    Can I use any E-liquid with my vape pod?

    Your CBD pod is probably going to work with other e-liquids, but it's not safe. CBD vape pods are designed specifically to vape CBD vape oil and CBD liquids. If you use different liquids, the performance and your experience of vaping might not be the best, and the pod could be damaged.

    How much CBD should I vape?

    That depends on your experience vaping and the strength of your CBD liquid. It's best to start low and build up your doses over time

    Which is the best CBD vaping pod?

    The best CBD vape pod differs from one user to the other. You can try different pods to get a feel and settle on one you’re most comfortable with. For those that are new to vaping, vape pen and starter kits are highly recommended. Recently, CBD JUUL pods are becoming very popular in the UK, they do the same function as a generic disposable CBD cartridge. CBD JUUL pods have become a favorite of many vapers.

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