CBD Moisturisers

CBD is touted for its numerous health benefits. As its demand increases, manufacturers are constantly coming up with new ways to help CBD lovers maximize the benefits of this natural compound. Initially, CBD oil was the only CBD product in the market. But now. That scope has widened to include CBD topical skincare products, including CBD Moisturisers.

For CBD users with sensitive skin, CBD Moisturisers are probably the best skin care product for you. They are gentle on the skin and often pack all the benefits of CBD and other natural ingredients known for their positive effects on the skin.

What is a CBD Moisturiser?

CBD Moisturisers are creams or oils engineered to help reduce water loss through the skin and keep the skin looking and feeling its best. The Moisturisers are infused with CBD and often have other soothing ingredients beneficial to the skin.

Besides being excellent hydration agents for the skin, CBD Moisturisers also carry the other benefits of CBD, including pain relief and reducing inflammation, making them an excellent product for CBD users looking for localized relief.

Benefits of CBD Moisturisers

CBD products always distinguish themselves in every category by offering a unique set of benefits that other products can't. The same is the case with CBD Moisturisers. While there are other Moisturisers in the market, CBD Moisturisers offer unique benefits that include:

Gentle for skin types

CBD Moisturisers don’t agitate oil production but the sebum glands under the skin, making them perfect for all skin types – even those that have difficulty balancing sebum production on the skin. CBD lovers suffering from skin conditions like acne, rosacea, and eczema can use CBD Moisturisers without any harm.

CBD Moisturiser take advantage of your skin’s natural composition

All mammals have the endocannabinoid system, which processes and assists with absorbing naturally occurring cannabinoids in the body. Some of the receptors found in the endocannabinoid system are under the skin. The CBD in CBD Moisturisers uses a naturally occurring system in the body to improve the health of the skin and enhance it.

Managing inflammatory acne

CBD has exceptional anti-inflammatory properties that can come in handy for CBD lovers with inflammatory acne. Using CBD Moisturisers can help reduce redness, pain, and swelling and improve the appearance of the skin.

Regulate oil production

CBD lovers with oily skin can benefit from using CBD Moisturisers because CBD helps in regulating the hormones involved in oil production and reducing excess sebum.

Reduce breakouts

Reduced inflammations, lower oil production and reduced skin aggravation mean CBD users with sensitive skin experienced reduced breakouts in general. It can also calm rosacea with its ability to reduce inflammation.

Soothing for the skin

CBD is great for soothing the skin. It’s not just ideal for soothing after a long day’s work. Even better, CBD Moisturisers also have other ingredients that help soothe the skin to prevent itching and flare-ups.

CBD Moisturisers are perfect for active people helping the skin remain healthy and functioning optimally.

It helps to balance the skin

The whole purpose of the endocannabinoid system is to maintain homeostasis in the body, which is also an important quality for healthy skin. With natural balance, your skin can regain its protective function, regulate temperature better, moisture balance, and absorb materials and nutrients. Regularly using CBD Moisturisers can result in radiant, healthy, and well-balanced skin.

What to Look for in Good CBD Moisturisers? 

Like other CBD products, CBD Moisturisers require caution and information when purchasing. For the best quality products and results, you need to know what to look for and the factors that make some CBD products a superior option over others. Some of the factors to consider include:


The concentration of CBD in every product determines its efficacy and potency. The higher the CBD concentration, the more potent the product is. But that doesn't mean that you should go for the highest CBD dosage you can find when buying CBD Moisturisers.

If you're new to CBD or this particular CBD product, it is best to start with a lower CBD dosage. This allows the skin to acclimatise and also reduces the chances of reactions.

For most CBD Moisturiser creams, the concentration is written in milligrams. Most low potency creams have 3mg or less, while high potent ones have 8mg per recommended application.

Environmental considerations

CBD is a booming product with high demand. It is important to ensure the CBD products you choose are made from organic ingredients. It's also important to consider how the hemp plants used to make the Moisturiser are sourced. Most CBD companies use sustainably grown hemp and use CBD extraction processes that are environmentally friendly and don't contain harsh chemicals that may be harmful to the environment.


Some CBD skin Moisturisers have a premium price tag. Sometimes, these products are worth the price, but it is important to consider the price range of the product before you make the purchase. It's not always that expensive products are of the best quality. We have a wide range of CBD Moisturisers from leading brands at different prices that will ensure you get the most value for your money and the best results.

Third-party testing

Third-party testing and results give you valuable insight into the composition of the CBD Moisturiser you're purchasing and its potency. When choosing which CBD Moisturiser you should buy, ensure the manufacturer has third-party testing done, and the results are easily accessible for viewing.  

CBD Moisturisers FAQs

Are CBD Moisturisers safe?

CBD is safe and well-tolerated by most people when used as a topical product or a supplement. However, as topical products, CBD is combined with other ingredients that are likely to irritate. It is advisable to do a patch test before using the product.

How do you use CBD Moisturisers?

There's no science to using CBD Moisturisers. Use as you usually would other creams. When using CBD creams, it's important to spend some time massaging the CBD into the skin to maximise absorption. You should also consider applying a more generous amount. One other tip that works with all CBD products is to always use the CBD products at the same time. This creates predictability for maximum absorption and easier monitoring of results.  

Can CBD be absorbed through the skin?

The skin has small pores where CBD can be absorbed through. There are also endocannabinoid receptors under the skin for the uptake of CBD once it crosses the skin's membrane.

What are the CBD Moisturiser side effects?

CBD side effects are hard to come by. But there have been instances where some users have had mild reactions to CBD Moisturisers like rashes and itching. In most cases, it is usually because the user is sensitive to one of the ingredients in the CBD Moisturiser. It’s important to always ensure you closely inspect the label and ensure you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients and also do a patch test before using the product fully.

Who can benefit from using CBD Moisturisers?

Anyone can benefit from CBD Moisturisers. But, those with dry, sensitive or oily skin stand to benefit the most. CBD Moisturisers have exceptional properties that help restore and rejuvenate the skin for the best results.

What other ingredients can you find in CBD Moisturisers?

The range of ingredients varies depending on the manufacturer and the purpose of the product. However, most manufacturers go with natural products well-known for their properties, like essential oils and vitamins, and others might add a few other ingredients to enhance that soothing feeling.

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