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Whether you’re a gym buff or regularly stick to your at-home workouts, you've heard about the need for consistency and discipline to achieve the desired results. However, the actual results of working out lie elsewhere, which is in the diet.

You can only convert the weights you lift into muscle by providing your body with the right nutrients. One way you can do this is through supplements, and any fitness enthusiast will tell you that pre-workout supplements are just as crucial as post-workout ones.

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Although many gym buffs consider adding pre-workout supplements to their routine, the consistency and taste of the supplements are usually a problem. This is because manufacturers often have to pack all the ingredients into a scoop of powder which ends up being slow to dissolve and hard to swallow. But there’s an easy fix that will make your pre-workout supplements easier to take down and tastier.

Why You Should Take Pre-workout Gummies?

Pre-workout supplements are a way to prepare your body for the upcoming exercise. The supplements are packed with nutrients that will prepare your muscle and other systems to manage the stress of exercise and come out on the other feeling and looking better. Some of the reasons why many people swear by pre-workout supplements include the following:

Increased energy

The ingredients used in the pre-workout supplements fuel your body throughout the workout. The body needs to hit peak output during the workout; achieving that after a night of poor sleep and a long day at work can be hard. These supplements can give you a short-term energy boost to get you started and sustain you throughout the workout.

Better athletic performance

In order to support exercise performance and energy output, your body needs a steady supply of certain nutrients and vitamins. Pre-workout supplements are the best way to deliver these nutrients. Taking the supplement can help you work harder for longer for better results. The ingredients used in the supplements are carefully selected to enhance muscle performance and reduce fatigue.

Focus and mental clarity

Pre-workout supplements are not just good for your muscles and performance. They are also valuable for your focus and mental clarity. Exercise requires intense focus and mental clarity, and the supplements have just what you need to remain laser-focused on the intense workout ahead of you. You need mental clarity to maintain the right form and also build your mental toughness in the process.

Faster recovery

Because of the support pre-workout supplements give the muscles during workouts, it's easier for them to recover. The recovery window is the most important and where the gains happen. With reduced muscle soreness and fatigue after the workout, you can return to the gym more frequently for better results.

The benefits and gains of using pre-workout supplements are beyond question. But still, not everyone uses them because they are not the best tasting and swallowing them is a challenge. Also, the absorption of the supplements, especially the powders, can be slow, delaying the release of nutrients when the body needs them. This is where pre-workout gummies come in handy.

What are Pre-workout Gummies?

Pre-workout gummies are a candy version of pre-workout powders and other formulas. Like their counterparts, the gummies are designed to boost your energy levels, enhance athletic performance and help with muscle recovery.

Instead of the dehydrated powder or pre-mix drink that most pre-workout supplements come in, the gummies come in gelatin that holds everything together. You can easily chew and swallow the gummies with ease. The gummies come in a multitude of flavours that make them more enjoyable.

The gummies provide a newer, more efficient way to enhance your performance and prepare your body by boosting endurance and energy to last you through the workout session.

What Ingredients are Pre-workout Gummies Made Of?

Pre-workout gummies come with an extensive range of ingredients. They can contain stimulants, additives, dyes and even banned performance-enhancing ingredients. You should always check the ingredients list and avoid gummies that use terms like “proprietary mix” or “proprietary blend.” The gummies must have a comprehensive list of ingredients and indicate how much of each ingredient has been used.

Some of the common ingredients you should expect to see in almost every gummy are: 


Caffeine is the primary ingredient in most pre-workout gummies. It helps to boost your energy levels, enhance mental alertness and clarity and also helps to raise athletic ability. However, when looking into caffeine, you should also consider its source and stick to what you're most comfortable with.


Creatine has many benefits for the human body. Its proven benefits include producing lean muscles, aiding in muscle growth, lowering recovery times, making larger and firmer muscles and enhancing hydration which is crucial for high-intensity training.

Moderate servings of creatine can make your workouts more effective and efficient. However, you should carefully observe how much creatine you take to avoid lowering its effectiveness.


This non-essential amino acid helps prevent lactic acid build-up in the muscles. With lower lactic acid build-up in the body, you can perform longer, harder and move more weight. It also makes muscle recovery easier and shortens the window. Going for gummies with beta-alanine allows you to work out longer and harder without the burning sensation in your muscles.


L-arginine is an essential amino acid. Unlike other amino acids in its class, L-arginine is found in diets like fish, nuts and wheat. When you supplement L-arginine, you can experience better muscle growth and more explosive movements.


Turmeric is a natural wonder food with numerous benefits that include anti-cancer properties. In fitness, turmeric is revered for its antioxidant properties, and it helps to keep your stress levels down. It can also help reduce muscle inflammation, soreness and pain from the workout.  

Citrulline malate

This is a naturally occurring compound in the body. It is also found in foods like watermelons. It is taken as a supplement to improve exercise performance and boost energy levels. When combined with caffeine, it makes a powerful aid that can help reduce the sugar crash associated with many stimulant sources. It can also help to reduce fatigue and enhance endurance levels.


Sucralose is an essential ingredient in pre-workout gummies. It is a zero-calorie sweetener that gives the gummies their characteristic sweet taste and makes them easy to swallow. It holds no nutritional value and does nothing for your workout performance. Its sole role is to help the flavour of the gummies.

It’s also worth noting that sucralose doesn’t get digested. It passes through your system unchanged. It’s a great ingredient that enhances your experience without causing any harm to your body or your performance.

Beef gelatine

This gel-like solid is derived from boiling beef stock. It is found in foods, supplements and candy. It helps the gummies stay formed and solid but also helps make digestion easier.

Beef gelatine is odourless, colourless and tasteless, so you don't have to worry about your gummies tasting like beef. Beef gelatine supports joint fluids, can cut down on recovery time and aids in digestion. Because it is made from animals, vegans should look for gummies made from pectin instead.

Beetroot powder

 Beetroot powder helps improve muscle blood flow and raises oxygen levels. It is also packed with antioxidants and dietary fibre that aids in digestion and overall health.

Not all pre-workout gummies contain these ingredients. Some have more, and others have less. You should choose the right one based on your goals and the benefits you want to enjoy.

What is the Best Way to use Pre-workout gummies?

It’s not enough for you to choose the pre-workout gummies with the right ingredients profile. You also have to know how to use the gummies.

The gummies are intended to be taken before every workout for the best results. The size or number of gummies you take is based on your required caffeine levels. The gummies already have the caffeine concentration pre-calculated, which makes it easy for you to adjust accordingly. 

You should eat the gummies 25-40 minutes before you start your session. This will give the gummies enough time to complete the digestion process and release the ingredients within the required time frame to help your body make one last push.

The gummies are easy to take. You simply chew and swallow on your way to the gym. No more blending, mixing, drinking or struggling to swallow powders.

You can also take the gummies on non-workout days when you want extra energy to push you through the day. However, when taking the gummies at this time, the concentration or number of gummies you take should be much lower.

Why You Should Consider Taking Pre-workout Gummies

Pre-workout supplement forms like powders have been around for ages, and their challenges are well documented. Although pre-workout gummies are the new kid on the block, they have plenty of benefits to offer and are proving to be the superior alternative.

Easier to take

Gummies are far easier to consume than powders or other types of pre-workout supplements. They don't require any mixing, blending, shaking or drinking. You also don't have to struggle with swallowing heavy powder that requires you to drink water afterwards. You simply take the number of gummies you want to take, place them in your mouth, chew and swallow. It's that simple!

Better tasting

It’s hard for manufacturers to make great-tasting products when they have to incorporate so many ingredients that naturally don't mesh together. That's why most powder mixes don't have the best taste. Gummies are designed to carry the same ingredients and taste great. Gummies are an excellent alternative if you struggle with powders because of their taste.

Faster acting

The soft shell of gummies is easy to break down in the stomach. Once broken down, the intended ingredients pass quickly to the bloodstream. The entire process is faster and more efficient than taking powders that are usually slower to absorb. With the fast-acting results, the gummies can deliver the necessary nutrients to the muscles faster for a more intense workout session.


Gummies might taste sweet and have a great taste, but they are sugar-free. Most of them use sucralose as the sweetener, so there is no added sugar in your diet.

It can be vegan-friendly, gluten and dairy-free

Most pre-workout gummies are made from gelatine which is an animal product. But you can also find gummies made using pectin, which is a plant derivative. The gummies can also be gluten and dairy-free. If you have any dietary restrictions, you can easily find gummies that support your fitness and health goals without much trouble. 

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