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CBD has been creating a buzz in the health and wellness circles. With increasing demand, CBD brands are looking for innovative ways.

CBD inhalers are one of these innovative methods. Previously, the only way to deliver CBD into your bloodstream was through vaping. However, some users are not comfortable vaping but still prefer the quick response and high bioavailability that comes with taking CBD through the lungs.

What is a CBD Inhaler?

CBD inhalers are very different from CBD vaporizers. The inhaler is a pressurized pump that resembles an asthma inhaler. When the pump is pressed, it releases a measured amount of CBD into the lungs which enter the bloodstream almost immediately.

CBD inhalers are designed to deliver a specific dose of CBD every time you press the pump. This makes it easy for you to monitor the amount of CBD you take.

Benefits of using a CBD inhaler

Why is the CBD inhaler catching on? There are a few reasons;

  • Easy to use – The CBD inhaler is easy to use. All you need is to place the pressurized pump around your mouth and breathe in at the same time you press the pump. You don’t need any fancy additional tools.
  • High bioavailability – Like vaping, CBD inhalers deliver CBD into your lungs. The CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream via the rich collection of capillaries around the air sacks. Because the CBD doesn’t go through digestion or filtering through the liver, most of it makes it into the bloodstream. This is one of the reasons why inhalers are preferred.
  • Immediate relief – The time it takes to experience the effects of CBD is relatively short. This makes CBD inhalers the perfect choice for CBD lovers after fast results and quick relief.
  • Affordable – CBD inhalers are affordable. You only need to buy the pressurised pump once. After that, you only need to buy refills. This saves you money in the long run especially when you buy a good quality pump.
  • Measured dosage – You can keep tabs on how much CBD you take per day. The inhaler pump is designed to release the same amount of CBD every time you press it making it easier to determine how much CBD you take in a day. All you have to do is read the label to know how much CBD your pump is designed to release.

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CBD Inhaler FAQs

What is a CBD nasal inhaler?

A CBD nasal inhaler is a CBD product is an aerosol product that delivers CBD into your body through the nose.

What are the benefits of using a CBD inhaler?

Although administering CBD or other medications through the nose doesn’t sound pleasant, it has numerous benefits. First, CBD inhalers are relatively easy to use. The effects of CBD are almost immediate and there is effective absorption of CBD. 

What are CBD inhalers made of?

CBD inhalers are very simple devices. the solution in the inhaler which is dispersed is CBD. Most leading CBD brands add CBD oil which is pumped at high pressure using the inhaler. Most of the ingredients used to make CBD are natural ingredients and are safe for human consumption.

What does a CBD inhaler do?

CBD inhalers disperse CBD in small easy to absorb particles. The CBD particles are absorbed through the capillaries in the lungs increasing effectiveness and absorption.

How to use a CBD inhaler?

CBD inhalers are easy to use. Start by shaking the inhaler a few times. Place your lips around the mouthpiece and press down the trigger. Immediately the CBD oil is released, take a deep breath and hold for about 10 seconds then breathe out. Wait about one minute before taking another dose of CBD. 

Does a CBD inhaler work?

CBD inhalers are relatively new products in the market, particularly in the UK. But those that have used the CBD inhalers have reported feeling CBD effects quickly and effectively.

How long does a CBD Inhaler take to work?

CBD is delivered into the lungs. For nasal CBD inhalers, the CBD is dispersed in the capillary network in the nasal cavity. The absorption of CBD is usually almost instant and you can start feeling the effects of CBD in several minutes.

Are there any side effects of using CBD inhalers?

CBD is well-tolerated in the body. Most CBD users take CBD without any complications whatsoever. However, there have been isolated cases where some mild side effects like reduced appetite, fatigue, drowsiness and dry mouth have been reported. In such cases, it is best to reduce your CBD intake or consult with your doctor before continuing to use CBD inhalers.

Will using a CBD inhaler make me feel high?

CBD is often confused with another popular cannabinoid found in the hemp plant which is THC. THC is accredited with causing psychedelic effects. CBD on the other hand does not cause any psychotic effects. Even for CBD inhalers made from full-spectrum CBD, the THC content is less than 0.2% which is not enough to have any effect or cause a high.

Does CBD inhaler work?

CBD has shown some promising results in clinical settings with its anti-inflammatory properties which could be further used to treat some symptoms of asthma. However, more human studies should be conducted to provide conclusive evidence.

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