There are numerous studies on CBD and how it may help with several health conditions. It has been suggested, but not proven, that CBD products like CBD oil drops can help. CBD, unlike its cousin THC, is non-psychoactive and does not get you high.

CBD has been marketed in various forms for example as CBD vaping e-liquid, CBD capsules, CBD edibles, and CBD hemp oil. CBD oil drops give you the extra reassurance that what you are taking has the pure effect of CBD as compared to other forms available.


Is there a difference between CBD oil from marijuana and CBD oil from hemp?

There’s no difference between CBD oil extracted from marijuana and CBD oil from hemp. However, industrial hemp has lower THC levels than marijuana making it more viable and economical.

Are CBD and Hemp Oil the same?

The two terms are often used interchangeably. But, CBD oil and Hemp oil are different products. Both products are extracted from the same plant but from different parts.

Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds and stalks of the plant while CBD is most commonly extracted from the flowers or buds of the plant.

Sometimes, hemp oil is used as a carrier oil for CBD oil to make it easier to absorb into the body. Hemp oil is also rich in fatty acids and vitamins.

Will CBD oil show up in a drug test?

No. CBD will not show up in a drug test for several reasons.

First, CBD is not commonly tested for because it doesn’t possess any mind-altering effects like its cousin THC. THC is the only cannabinoid tested for on a drug screen. Because our CBD oil products contain very little THC that is not detectable in tests.

Is CBD Oil Legal?

CBD products are strictly regulated under the law. We make sure all our CBD is extracted from licensed hemp farms and all our products are processed within the confines of the law meaning all our CBD products are legal.

How many milligrams of CBD oil should I take in a day?

The ideal amount of CBD to take in a day differs from person to person and also the reason for taking CBD oil.

10 -20mg is a good amount of CBD to start within a day then you can adjust depending on how your body responds. If you need to add, you can add in 5mg amounts.

How long after taking CBD oil will it start working?

The period it takes for CBD to start working depends on the mode of ingestion and the amount of CBD you take.

CBD products taken orally like tinctures and edibles take the longest time to kick in. CBD oil taken sublingually takes a shorter time to feel the effects.

How does CBD make you feel?

CBD oil effects are best described as calming, relaxing with a feeling of peacefulness and less anxiety. Unlike THC, CBD oil doesn’t cause a mental high or make you feel foggy. When taken in low doses, CBD can make you feel energized with a high sense of alertness.

 Can I give CBD oil to my pets?

Yes, pets can take CBD oil. CBD has been found to be effective in helping alleviate symptoms in pets as well as in humans. However, you don’t have to share your CBD oil with your pets. We have a full range of CBD oil products for pets that are more suitable and designed for easier administering in pets. 

What are the benefits of CBD Oil?

With the growing awareness of CBD oil, CBD oil lovers are starting to realise the many benefits associated with CBD. These include;

Anxiety relief

CBD oil can alter how your brain receptors respond to serotonin. With CBD oil, it can be much easier to handle high-pressure situations like giving a public speech. CBD oil can help to manage heart rate, induce sleep and reduce stress.


For the elderly who are more susceptible to neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke and Parkinson’s disease, CBD oil can help to reduce inflammation and ease the severity of symptoms.

Pain relief

The effect that CBD oil has on the brain’s receptors can also help in pain management. It can help in managing muscle pain, chronic pain, arthritis-related pain as well as MS pain.

Does CBD Oil get you high?

CBD is often misunderstood and confused largely because it is harvested from the same plant as THC. For most people, THC and CBD are the same. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t create dependability and it does not cause. Most people who take CBD oil products, especially broad-spectrum CBD have noted feeling calm and relaxed.

Some CBD products might contain small amounts of THC. But these are strictly regulated. The acceptable amount of THC in CBD products is 0.2% which is not enough to cause any psychoactive effects or result in a positive THC test.

However, for users that are extra cautious about THC consumption, there are products made from CBD isolate which doesn’t contain any THC.

How Does CBD Oil make you feel?

The feeling of CBD oil is different in different users. Some users describe feeling calm and relaxed after taking CBD while others say it gives them a higher sense of awareness, better focus, and an improved sense of well-being.

How you feel after taking CBD also depends on how much CBD you take. Starting with a smaller dose is always recommended as you acclimatize then you can revise your dose. 

Is CBD Oil Legal in the UK?

CBD is legal in most countries including the UK. However, it is closely regulated. Hence, only products that meet legal requirements can be freely sold.

Some of the requirements include the maximum THC content as well as the approved strains of the hemp plant where the CBD can be harvested. Only products that meet these and other requirements can be sold.

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Drop it under your tongue (sublingual)

To maximise the benefits that CBD oil can give to you, you need to know the process and dosage needed.

When dealing with CBD oil drops or tinctures, there is a suggested serving amount indicated in the packaging. Once the correct amount of CBD oil is determined, place a few drops under your tongue with the drops with the dropper. Hold the oil in place for a minimum of one minute, which will allow the oil will be absorbed through the blood vessels under the tongue; it will bypass the first-pass metabolism. After the one minute, swallow the CBD oil.

Since cannabidiol (CBD) is a main component of the cannabis plant, these substances have been among the most studied. CBD is one of over 100 compounds that can be found in the cannabis Sativa plant.

Though it is the cousin plant THC, it will not get you high. Being high is the responsibility of THC, but it would be important to note that it is all because of THC and not CBD. In THC, CB1 and CB2 nerve receptors found in the brain and throughout the body will be under a tight bond.

Since this is a natural supplement, it is legal, given THC content is kept at a minimum, traces or non-existent, i.e. less than 0.2%. We urge consumers to conduct their research, verify the lab reports and analysis and do their due diligence into the companies and brands.

CBD’s effect is not yet fully understood by researchers, and we’re certainly not in a position to make any definitive medical claims. These are suggested benefits; we recommend you try CBD out for yourself.

Benefits of Sublingual CBD administration

There are many ways to take CBD. With CBD oil, the best method is sublingual. Sublingual CBD oil administration is ideal for advanced CBD users. It offers plenty of benefits some of which include:

  • The CBD oil is in its purest form without any additives which promise better and faster results.
  • Taking CBD oil sublingually helps it get absorbed into the bloodstream because of the soft membrane under the tongue.
  • CBD oil tinctures have carefully calculated doses. It’s easy to calculate how much CBD you want to take.

The Levels of CBD and THC

CBD is legal given the right sources. But THC is illegal for it carries with it side effects in the short and long run. CBD Products in the UK must contain traces of THC (<0.2%) or zero THC.

CBD Oil is one of the most popular forms of CBD that is widely offered all over the market. It gives out the pure suggested effect of CBD and is convenient for the needs of many consumers. However, when you are making a purchase, it is quite essential to fully understand the process and dosage that is ideal for you. For first time users, you can try at least one and two drops of it under your tongue and see the effects of it on your body. If you think that you can have more, then you are free to adjust it according to your preferences.

CBD Tinctures Vs CBD Oil

CBD is widely recognised because of its suggestive benefits. At Flawless CBD, we always make sure that our consumers in having the best experience, so we offer every kind of CBD product you need, including CBD tincture. The CBD tincture was designed to be available in different doses, and most of the advanced users would prefer this to administer CBD according to their preferences and needs efficiently.

While both products contain CBD and the terms are regularly used interchangeably, they are not the same.

CBD tinctures and CBD oil are often confused. They share some similarities like the type of bottle they are stored in and the process of cultivating the plant.

The extraction process is what differentiates the two. Tinctures are made by soaking the cannabis plant in a solution of water and alcohol. To make CBD oil, the extract from the hemp plant is infused with a carrier oil like hemp seed oil, olive or coconut oil.

At Flawless Vape, we have a multitude of CBD tinctures from different brands. Most of them are largely the same. But, that’s not to mean that you shouldn’t do your due diligence to make sure you get the best quality tincture.

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