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The use of CBD is widely recognised globally. An all-new way to experience CBD's beneficial properties is now available as CBD oral spray! It is easier to use and more potent compared to the other CBD oil products that you can find.

It is the most flexible option that is recommended not only for advanced users but for beginners as well. It is conveniently sized bottles and often comes in different flavours like Peppermint and Vanilla. You can also find one that is unflavoured if you prefer it that way. With very natural fatty acids, Vitamin E and cannabidiol – it's a complete choice for all of your needs.

We offer CBD products in a range of forms, from CBD syrups to CBD patches, CBD honey sticksCBD gummies, CBD oils and more.

CBD oral spray is now well-known and established in the market, and it is a re-imagining of the ultra-popular CBD tincture that you've been using with a dropper. With a CBD spray, you get premium quality, extra-strong and all-natural CBD oil. It can be sprayed twice on your tongue and get the instant taste of all the goodness you can expect from CBD.

Why Choose CBD Sprays?

CBD spray is an evolved, new and upgraded version of the CBD drops and oil that you can consider for your needs. It comes now in spray form that is easier to use compared to CBD drops. There are many brands of CBD products that are using the same trusted formula that made the CBD spray a popular choice to many users today. It was changed to a modern and slick method of ingestion that is more convenient.

There's no need to worry about counting your drops or messing around with your droppers as the CBD spray allows you to use CBD in a matter of seconds. It is a fantastic entry-level product that is best for new people who are curious about the experience.

Aside from that, it perfectly fits the need of anyone that would like a convenient and quick way of getting CBD without any problems. The spray is affordable and portable, which includes the CBD punch that you need, especially for those who seek to improve their wellness and soothe their senses as well.

What to Expect?

Each CBD spray may contain different amounts of CBD concentrations, and you can manage to adjust the service and the amount of it depending on your preferences. The spray is convenient and ideal for ingestion so you can maximize its benefits of it and you'll enjoy each bottle for a more extended period. It's an all-natural way that helps to improve your wellness.

Regardless, we at Flawless CBD are not in the position to make claims on all the medical benefits of CBD products. As researchers are still in a continuous study to be familiar with and understand all of its benefits.

How to Use?

Just like what we've mentioned, CBD spray is a lot easier to use. You can directly spray two pumps of it on your tongue and immediately get the right effect. You can adjust the servings depending on your preferences and look for that sweet spot that will give you the maximum effect from it!

For the best results, we highly recommend you to use the product on a daily basis for about two weeks until your body will become fully accustomed to it. Make sure that you will store it away from light, heat and humidity to help in preserving the freshness and overall benefits.

On the other hand, if you are currently taking other medicines for the specific treatment of your condition, it is essential to consult your doctor in order to avoid complications with the use of CBD spray. There are indications that CBD might cause side effects when taken with other drugs. With that, you have to be careful and ask for your doctor's advice for you to consider making it

CBD oil vs CBD spray: The differences

There are several things that separate CBD oils and sprays from each other. Here are some of the most important differences between the two:

Dosing: Dosing with CBD oil is much easier than dosing with CBD spray. This is because you can precisely measure how much oil you need to take by using a dropper or syringe. With a spray, it is harder to measure how much you are taking at one time.

Flexibility: Another difference between these two products is their ability to be used in different ways. For example, you can mix your oils into food or drink. Sprays do not offer this kind of versatility. Instead, they are simply sprayed into your mouth and swallowed a few seconds later.

Effectiveness: In terms of effectiveness, oils have been proven to be more effective than sprays in several studies on animals and humans alike.

How Does CBD Spray Work?

CBD spray works in a similar way that other types of CBD products do: by entering the bloodstream through sublingual absorption. Sublingual absorption is when the blood vessels under the tongue absorb the product’s active ingredient, allowing it to enter the bloodstream quickly.

CBD spray provides a method for users to easily get the desired amount of CBD without having to precisely measure out dosages. Each spray contains a specific amount of CBD, so it’s easy to approximate how much you are getting per spray. Depending on which strength option is chosen, one spray can provide anywhere from 3mg to 10mg of full-spectrum hemp extract.

Myths associated with CBD spray

There are a lot of misconceptions about this product. Here are some myths associated with CBD spray:

It will get you high—This is not true because the THC level in CBD spray is very low. The amount of THC found in CBD spray will not make you feel high. It would require large amounts for you to feel intoxicated.

It has no medicinal value—This is false because the CBD in this product has been found to help with a number of conditions, including pain, anxiety, depression, and acne. It can also fight cancer cells and slow their growth.

Is CBD spray the best one for you?

CBD spray is a natural supplement that helps in relaxing the body and relieving the pain. As it is a natural product, it is safe to use without any side effects. It has been used by many people who have found relief from back pain, joint pain, arthritis, anxiety and other chronic conditions. The CBD spray can be used by anyone who wants to use it. This is not like any other drug or medication that needs a prescription for you to use it. The CBD spray is natural and very effective in reducing pain.

The best thing about this CBD spray is that you can use it anytime you feel like having some relief from back pain, joint pain, arthritis, anxiety and other chronic conditions. This will give you relief from the pain in a few minutes after using it. However, if you suffer from severe pains, do not expect that this spray will give you instant relief from all your pains, just like other drugs do. Instead of getting instant relief from joint pains and back pains, this spray takes a little longer to give you maximum relief but still works effectively even with severe pains or injuries.

UK's Leading CBD Distributor

Flawless CBD know how new consumers would enjoy the use of CBD oil every day and with that, we continue to promote the use of it in different forms and ways available. As one of the leading CBD distributors on the market, we assure you that our trusted reputation in the production of pure and quality CBD is something you need to consider.

We searched and selected the best CBD products that were manufactured by the top and trusted brands on the market and compiled them into a full collection. We want to make your experience more accessible so that you can shop from us with ease.

Why Choose Flawless?

All of our CBD oil products have been tested through rigorous standards and laboratory tests for safety and potency. We ensure that our consumers are getting the most trusted CBD products available. Recent research suggests the great benefits of CBD to people, and we want to share our knowledge and let more people enjoy it.

We believe that the future of CBD is undoubtedly unlimited. Through the responsible and innovative application of science, Flawless CBD will stay here to enhance the quality of all the CBD products and promote the well-being of our employees, customers and the whole community as well. On top of that, we are offering great perks for all purchases made through our shop as we provide you with a full collection of CBD products at great prices.

CBD Spray FAQs

What is CBD spray?

CBD spray comes in two varieties. There are CBD sprays you can take orally by spraying the contents inside your mouth, and there are topical CBD sprays. It is CBD oil mixed with a variety of vital ingredients like essential oils and packaged in a spray bottle for easier use.

What is CBD spray made from?

CBD sprays are made from CBD extracted from the low THC hemp plant. The spray also contains a variety of other ingredients like essential oils and various flavours and scents.

What are CBD sprays used for?

CBD sprays can be used for some health benefits like easing pain, and minor discomfort, reducing inflammation and even improving your sleep cycles.

How long does it take for the CBD spray to take effect?

The effects of a CBD spray can take between 10 and 20 minutes for the full warming and soothing effects to take place.

How long will the effects last?

Once the effects kick in, they can last for several hours depending on the strength of the CBD in your product and your rate of metabolism.

How much CBD is contained in one spray bottle?

The amount of CBD spray contained in the bottle varies depending on the brand. Our collection ranges from 300mg to 1500 mg in 30ml and 60ml spray bottles.

Does CBD spray contain THC?

Some of our CBD sprays contain THC because they are made from full-spectrum CBD. However, they are all within the set limit in the UK, which is 0.2%.

Will I fail a drug test after using CBD spray?

You cannot get a positive drug test for using CBD spray even when you use a CBD spray made from full-spectrum CBD. All our products maintain the set limit for THC, which is too low to result in a positive test.

Can I use the CBD spray topically?

Some CBD sprays are designed for topical use. You can check the packaging to determine how to use your CBD spray.

Can CBD spray be given to children?

You can use CBD spray on children. But, it's advisable to seek the opinion of your doctor first before using any CBD products on children.

How much CBD spray should I use per day?

The golden rule of using any CBD product is to start low and go slow. Increase the amount and frequency of use over time.

Are there any adverse side effects associated with CBD Sprays?

There have been a few reported adverse side effects that include nausea, lightheadedness and diarrhoea as well as redness and itchiness when used on the skin. Starting with low doses can help minimise exposure to such side effects.

Are there any benefits to using CBD Spray?

There are a few reasons that make CBD spray stand out. First and foremost, it's ready to use. You just point and spray. You also don't have to worry about measuring the doses. CBD sprays are also inexpensive and don't require you to have additional equipment.

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As a part of the Flawless family, we maintain the same commitment to quality, serving as a leading online distributor in the vaping industry. With retail locations in Leicester, Loughborough, Rugby, and plans for more, we're dedicated to offering convenient access and expert guidance. Your satisfaction and well-being are our priorities, and our friendly, knowledgeable team is here to assist, whether in-store or online. Join us on the path to wellness and excellence in CBD.

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