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Krill Oil

Krill Oil is extracted from a tiny crustacean, very similar to shrimp, found above all in the cold waters of Antarctica and constitutes a large part of the aquatic population. 

The hardy "krill" breed in the harsh Antarctic waters and are significant as they are considered a "keystone species ", an organism on which many Antarctic predators depend.

These semi-transparent crustaceans are concentrated in dense masses or patches that can colour the ocean's surface pink or red. 

People often wonder how it can help alleviate various pathologiess such as cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis or premenstrual syndrome. The answer is straightforward: it is a very effective anti-inflammatory.

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What does Krill Oil contain?

It is rich in antioxidants

Clinical analysis has shown that it has an impressive cocktail of antioxidants with powerful effects that provide extraordinary health benefits and keep you stable.

The antioxidants it contains prevent the "fishy" taste from being produced, which is sometimes noticeable in other omega-3 oils. (Installed fats tend to be highly susceptible to oxidation).

Includes a high concentration of Omega-3 Fatty Acid

You've undoubtedly heard about two fats in omega-3 fatty acids crucial to health: DHA and EPA. However, these compounds are not just essential for maintaining health.  

Scientific research indicates that they can also promote cardiovascular health, strengthen the immune system and improve mood. 

Consumption of omega-3 fatty acids in adequate amounts within a balanced diet helps prevent cardiovascular diseases due to their ability to lower LDL cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure and increase good HDL.

Several cholesterol studies show that a diet rich in omega-3 helps increase blood levels of adiponectin, a hormone with beneficial effects on metabolic processes. 

That's why Omega-3s can help stabilize blood sugar. In addition, in long-term human studies, higher adiponectin levels are associated with a lower risk of type 2 diabetes.

Benefits of Krill Oil

Among the benefits of Krill Oil, the most important ones that have been demonstrated through clinical studies stand out:

Reduces cholesterol

After taking Krill Oil for just 12 weeks, cholesterol is typically reduced by 13%, LDL by 32%, triglycerides by 11% and HDL by over 44%.

Reduces premenstrual syndrome 

After taking Krill Oil for 3 months: irritability decreases by 47%. Depression is reduced by 40%, fluid retention is reduced by 37%, and Abdominal pain decreases by 33%.

Relieves joint pain

After taking Krill Oil for just one week, joint pain is reduced by 24%, stiffness is reduced by 22%, and flexibility is increased by 16%.

It has many more benefits, and it has great potential to provide energy, tone the brain, protect the skin (sun protection from the inside), fight wrinkles, etc.

Some researchers believe that Krill Oil could be helpful for the treatment of various psychic disorders (depression, bipolar disorders, autism, for example).

Theoretically, the phospholipids contained in Krill Oil would allow the omega-3s that compose it to cross the natural barrier that generally prevents them from entering the neurons of the central nervous system.  

Several animal studies 8 indicate that this avenue might be of interest. However, due to a lack of human trials, it cannot be concluded that Krill Oil is effective in this regard.

Who can consume Krill Oil

Most people can consume the oil, except those allergic to crustaceans, since the raw material is extracted from krill. 

Also, among the audience that can benefit from the supplement are cyber athletes and e-sports practitioners.

This is because the supplement is a source of omega-3 (essential for the learning process and the health of the eyes, brain and joints), in addition to naturally containing astaxanthin, a potent antioxidant, and choline, important for cognition.

It is recommended to take two to four capsules daily (depending on the concentration), along with the main meals. However, like any food supplement, it is essential to seek a doctor's or nutritionist's guidance before starting use.

What are the differentials of Krill Oil?

Among the differentials of Krill Oil is the greater digestive comfort compared to fish oil, which represents a lesser aftertaste after ingestion. However, it still has better bioavailability for the absorption of specific cells.


Krill is a very nutritious and complete food, which makes its oil an exciting product. Kiki's Krill Oil is certified. Unlike those contained in fish oils, the omega-3 fatty acids in Krill Oil are mainly present in phospholipids, a state better assimilated by the body.

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