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CBD (short for cannabidiol) is found in the cannabis plant and comprises almost half of its extract. CBD is continuously undergoing research, and nothing has been proven yet. It comes in various shapes and sizes such as the most popular chocolate CBD, for users who have a sweet tooth.

We offer CBD products in a range of forms, from CBD paste to CBD bath bombs, CBD flowers, CBD oil and more.

Are you still afraid to try out CBD? For beginners, many will tend to wonder if it is worth the risk, especially since there is still no concrete research about the possible benefits that CBD can offer. It can be different from one person to another. As such, it’s best to try out something that can help you better discern what to expect, such as CBD chocolate. Quickly determine the effects on your body as you chew and enjoy the chocolate flavours that you always love in your mouth.

Who doesn’t like chocolate? CBD can be used differently. Imagine eating chocolates at home while watching a good movie or your favourite TV show, while on the bus or train on the way to work, or while reading a book in the library.

CBD Chocolate offers you a tasty, clean and easy alternative to the other forms of CBD. It’s the perfect choice for people who want to consume CBD with chocolate. Dark chocolate or Milk chocolate, at Flawless CBD we supply both.

What is CBD Chocolate?

Chocolate is one of the most beloved treats in the world. It marks some of the most popular holidays like Valentine's, and as you would expect, CBD users and brands have found a way to leverage the popularity and fondness of chocolate by adding CBD. The result is CBD chocolate.

CBD chocolate is an excellent product for both newbies and experienced hands looking for unique ways to take CBD without attracting unnecessary attention.

How is CBD Chocolate bar Made?

Surprisingly, CBD chocolate is not hard to make, especially when you’re only focusing on adding CBD extract. It only requires you to melt the chocolate, add a bit of fat and stir in the CBD. However, this doesn’t mean your CBD chocolate will taste the best.

Pure chocolate is just like CBD; it’s not the best tasting. To make the two products work harmoniously, you want to add some flavour to the chocolate such as vanilla flavouring or berry, which will also mean the CBD goes down more easily. The emulsifier, lecithin, naturally found in soya, acts as the binder of all ingredients in the chocolate.

Most CBD brands want to keep their products as natural and as organic as possible. As such, even the products they use to sweeten the chocolate are also natural. This is vital because it doesn’t water down the potency of CBD and makes it much easier for you to take.

How to Know the Right CBD Chocolate Dose?

The impact of the edible may depend from person to person, depending on the physical and environmental influences. There are still ongoing research and studies about the effects of CBD, but you have to be careful about the right dosage you have to take. As such, it is advisable to take a smaller amount of dose of CBD chocolate bars if you have never medicated or are medicating less than once per month. The full effect of CBD chocolate is often felt within 60 to 90 minutes of ingesting it.

What to look for when buying CBD chocolates

Buying CBD chocolates can be a bit difficult if you don't know what to look for. If you're looking for CBD chocolates that are tasty and easy to use, there's a lot more you need to do to tell about such a chocolate bar.


The last thing you want is for your chocolate to taste bad. So you'll want to find a company that creates delicious tasting chocolate with little or no sugar. In addition, if the CBD chocolates have a bitter taste, they may not be made correctly.


If you're trying to lose weight, it's important not to eat too many calories. For example, when eating CBD chocolates, try to find ones that have less than 100 calories per serving because anything more than that will lead to weight gain.


Thirdly, look for sublingual instead of pills or drops because they absorb faster into your system, and they tend to affect people quicker than other consumption methods.


It may seem odd, but sometimes the size of an item can determine whether it is considered a CBD product. For example, if a CBD chocolate bar contains more than 0.3% THC and has less than 1,000 mg of CBD, it is considered a food supplement in the United States and is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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We want you to enjoy your new-found CBD journey with a broad range of carefully selected and high-quality CBD products that are thoroughly tested. We are dedicated to the quality and adherence of all the CBD products we sell, and we ensure that we only deal with brands and suppliers that are registered and licensed to handle organic non-GMO foods and are TPD compliant.

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Known for our good reputation in the market, these are the main reasons why you must choose us:

  • We are the sister company of the biggest CBD suppliers in the market.
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CBD Chocolates FAQs

Is CBD legal?

CBD is legal in all parts of the UK. However, there are strict requirements within which it must be extracted, processed and followed by all brands and vendors.

Is CBD chocolate safe?

If you don’t have any allergies to chocolate, CBD chocolate is safe. They are made from quality and food-grade ingredients in highly hygienic environments with the utmost care and quality to ensure it is completely safe.

Does CBD chocolate contain THC?

We do have some CBD chocolate brands made from full-spectrum CBD that contain trace amounts of THC that are within the allowed maximum of 0.2%. We also have some options that are made from CBD isolate that is THC-free to ensure all CBD lovers are covered. 

Does CBD Chocolate taste different?

The difference in taste is often unnoticeable. The taste of chocolate is more powerful than that of CBD, hence the taste of the chocolate is often overpowering and more noticeable.

In recent years, dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids, sugar cocoa butter) infused with raw CBD oil has gained popularity in the UK.

Can I fail a drug test for taking full-spectrum CBD chocolate?

Our full-spectrum CBD chocolate bars have trace amounts of THC which are within the 0.2% acceptable limit. The amount of THC is not enough to trigger a positive result on a drug test unless you eat substantial amounts of the chocolate at once. 

Will I get high after eating CBD chocolate?

You will not get high after eating a CBD chocolate bar. The amount of THC is not enough to induce any psychoactive effects.

How will the CBD chocolate make me feel?

The effects of eating CBD chocolate differ from person to person and also the amount of CBD you take. For most people, the effect is often a relaxing and calm feeling when CBD is taken in more than moderate amounts. In small amounts, most users describe the feeling of a buzz, a sense of well-being and feeling energized.

Can I take too much CBD Chocolate?

Chocolate has an enticing appeal and you might find yourself munching on more than a few bars or balls in a day. The recommended amount of CBD chocolate to take per day is between one block to one bar per day. If you’re sensitive, you should be more cautious of the amounts of chocolate you eat because too much CBD can make you feel drowsy and nauseated and reduce alertness.

When is the best time to take CBD Chocolate?

There’s no specific time to take CBD chocolate, but we recommend taking it towards the end of the day and in the evening to help you relax when you’re at home.

Is CBD chocolate safe for kids?

Some of our CBD chocolate bars have very high amounts of CBD which might not be safe for children. Even for chocolates with smaller quantities, we recommend seeking a doctor’s opinion first before giving your child any CBD products.

Are the CBD products dairy-free and Vegan-friendly?

We work hard to make sure we have something for everyone. We have CBD chocolate varieties that are dairy-free and Vegan-friendly and we also have alternative varieties. Make sure you read the description and packaging of your CBD Chocolate bar to make sure you buy the right ones.

Are CBD chocolates intoxicating?

CBD chocolates are not intoxicating. They are made with an ingredient called cannabidiol (CBD), which is extracted from the cannabis plant. This ingredient has many health benefits, but it doesn't cause a high like marijuana.

CBD chocolates have been used for centuries as a form of alternative medicine. People believe that it can help treat various ailments, from anxiety and depression to chronic pain and epilepsy. But the FDA has not approved any CBD products for medical use in humans yet, so it's hard to say if these claims are true or not.

While there isn't much research on how CBD affects your body, some studies suggest that it might be beneficial for certain conditions like epilepsy and anxiety disorders. Other studies show that taking CBD regularly could lower blood pressure in people who suffer from hypertension (high blood pressure). If you're looking for information about how CBD affects you personally, talk to your doctor first before trying anything new!

Are CBD chocolates sleep stimulants?

CBD does not put your body to sleep directly. Instead, it helps your brain produce melatonin. Melatonin is what tells your body when it should fall asleep and when it should wake up. So by helping your body produce more of it, you effectively tell yourself that it's time to go to sleep! So in that sense, yes, CBD chocolate can help you fall asleep better and faster than you normally would without it.

When you consume any kind of chocolate (including CBD), the antioxidants are allowed into your bloodstream through the lining of your intestines. Once in the bloodstream, those antioxidants go on to do their job: scavenging free radicals wherever they can find them!

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