CBD Bath Salts

Nothing beats a nice, warm relaxing shower at the end of the day. CBD bath salts make that experience even better by adding ingredients known to help with relaxation. The bath salts are easy to use and filled with various benefits.

CBD bath salts are the perfect way to enjoy an aromatic bathing experience and the benefits of CBD without ingesting it as you relax inside your tub.

What are CBD Baths Salts?

Most people are aware of what bath salts are. They are luxurious treatments that feature some of nature's best ingredients, and they have been around for years. Bath salts are usually a mixture of exfoliating agents, essential oils and other natural ingredients pressed into a ball that dissolves in hot water, creating a relaxing, soothing and therapeutic bath.

CBD bath salts or bath bombs are an upgrade to these bath salts. In addition to the natural ingredients, essential oils and exfoliating agents, CBD bath salts also have CBD added for their vast range of benefits and beneficial properties.

The CBD bath salts feature numerous ingredients, which might vary slightly depending on the brand of bath salts you decide to use. The ingredients can include:

  • Essential oils
  • Epsom salts
  • Fragrances
  • Natural ingredients like lavender

How to Use CBD Bath Salts

CBD bath salts are very easy to use. First, you need to find a CBD bath salt with your preferred CBD concentration. If you haven’t, it’s best to start with the lowest dosage and increase gradually. Once you have selected the right bath salts, you can follow the procedure below on how to use CBD bath salts:

  • Fill your bathtub with warm water
  • Poor in the CBD bath salts. The amount you use might vary depending on the concentration of CBD you want and your preference.
  • Get into the bath tube and enjoy. Prolonged soaking helps to increase CBD absorption, but you should only do this for as long as you’re comfortable and relaxed.

Benefits of CBD Bath Salts

Like other CBD products, CBD bath salts have far-reaching benefits not only because of the incorporation of CBD but also the other ingredients used in the products. Some of these benefits include:

Anti-inflammatory benefits

CBD has well-known anti-inflammatory properties that can be helpful in the management of various skin conditions include pain and eczema. Dissolving CBD-infused products like CBD bath salts into hot water helps absorb CBD into the bloodstream through the pores on the skin to help combat inflammation.


CBD bath salts deliver minerals that help with the healing and management of soreness after a workout. CBD bath salts are excellent in providing relaxation and decompressing. They ease musculoskeletal pain and inflammation and sooth various aggressive skin conditions.

The addition of other ingredients like essential oils helps replenish skin reserves and provides additional therapeutic and relaxation benefits as you relax in your tub.

CBD Bath Salt FAQs

How Do CBD Bath Salts Work?

The principle behind how CBD bath salts work is very simple. When you add the bath salt to the water, it starts to fizzle because of Epsom salts. The fizzling releases CBD oil and the essential oils into the bathwater. If the bath salts are scented, you will also smell the aromatic and relaxing fragrances added to the bath salt.

When you soak yourself in the same bathwater you've added the CBD bath salts, the CBD and the other ingredients are absorbed through the skin to impact their benefits and properties. After soaking for a while and enjoying the benefits, you can rinse and dry yourself.  

Are CBD Bath Salts Safe for Everyone?

CBD is very well tolerated by almost everyone. It has low toxicity and is hard to overdose on CBD. However, some CBD uses have reported mild side effects on rare occasions, which include dry mouth, diarrhoea, and nausea, among others.

It's not clear how the other products would react with the skin. We recommend that, as with any new product, you test the CBD bath salt on a small, discrete part of your skin before fully submerging it.

We only stock CBD bath salts from reputable brands that use the best quality and safe ingredients for their products, guaranteeing the safety of the product.

Will CBD Bath Salts Get Me High?

Most of our CBD bath salts are made from isolate or broad-spectrum CBD, which doesn't contain any THC, meaning they can't get you high because CBD doesn't have any psychoactive properties. Even for the CBD salts made from full-spectrum CBD, the concentration of THC is regulated according to UK guidelines and is too low to cause a high.

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