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CBD Terpenes FAQs

Are terpenes and CBD the same?

Terpenes are volatile molecules that impart flavour, fragrance, and possible therapeutic qualities. CBD is a cannabinoid that is extracted from hemp. Both terpenes and CBD are obtained from the same plant.

What are terpenes used for?

Terpenes have various applications. They are often used to make multiple products. You can also use terpenes on their own for their potential therapeutic properties.

Is it safe to take terpenes?

Yes. You can take terpenes safely as long as you follow the instructions...

Are there other types of terpenes other than those found in CBD?

Yes! There are thousands of other terpenes from other sources. Each source produces terpenes that produce different effects.

Is it legal to take terpenes?

Like CBD, it is perfectly legal to take terpenes.

Do I need to worry about failing a drug test if I take CBD terpenes?

Our terpenes are completely safe and don't contain THC, meaning you cannot fail a drug test. However, you always need to check to make sure the terpenes, especially those extracted from cannabis, are tested for contaminants like THC and CBD.

How should I take terpenes?

There are various ways to take CBD terpenes. You can take them orally by dropping them on your tongue, sublingually by dropping the terpenes under your tongue or you can add a few drops to your food or drink.

You can also add the terpenes to some cosmetic products or your e-liquid if you're a fan of vaping.

How do I use terpenes?

Terpenes are similar to essential oils. You can use them for your skin or their therapeutic and aromatic properties.

Do terpenes contain THC or CBD?

Some terpenes are extracted from the hemp plant. However, they don’t contain any CBD or THC at all.

Are your terpenes tested?

All our terpenes are tested. There is a certificate available for every product that you can check on the manufacturer’s website to confirm.

Can I vape terpenes?

No. You cannot vape terpenes. However, you can mix a few drops of the terpenes in your e-liquid or CBD vape oil and vape the mixture.

How will I feel after taking terpenes?

That depends on the kind of terpenes you take. Terpenes extracted from cannabis Sativa provide an energetic feeling while those extracted from Indica often lead to a relaxed and laid back feeling.

How long will it take before I start experiencing the effects of the terpenes?

The period it takes before you start experiencing any effects depends on the method of administration. It can be anywhere between almost instantly for vaping to close to an hour when taken orally.

How long will the effects of the terpenes last?

Once ingested and absorbed into the bloodstream, the effects of the terpenes will last between four to eight hours depending on the product they are used in.

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