CBD Vape Additives

Popular CBD products are now available in various different forms. You will find CBD eatables, balms and ointments, tinctures, tablets and capsules.

All these products are to provide CBD users with a different way to ingest CBD.

Vaping, which is the other recent craze has not been left behind. As CBD buyers look for better, faster and most potent ways to enjoy CBD, vaping has turned out to be another preferred method. Unfortunately, while brewing companies have worked double-time to make CBD vape juices, the flavours are not nearly as diverse as what the CBD-free vape market has to offer.


Vapers who prefer to vape have to completely turn their vaping experience around and contend with new flavours that might not settle well with their palettes.

But, that is now in the past with the introduction of CBD additives. CBD additives are a unique, raw and flavourless blend of CBD that you can add to your current vape juice.

Using CBD Additives

CBD additives are meant to be simple and easy to use. All you need to do is have enough room in your drip bottle to add the CBD additives.

In some cases, the two products might have a different consistency and create a sort of separation. After addition of the CBD, leave enough room to vigorously shake the contents of the bottle to merge them.

Before every vape, make sure the bottle is vigorously shaken, so you get a blend of products when you add the mixture to your vaporiser.

The amount of CBD additive you add to your e-juice depends on the brand and strength. Some brands recommend adding half a tincture to a full bottle of e-liquid while others have more precise measurements on the quantity you should add.

When using CBD additives on RDAs, the instructions vary slightly. Instead of adding the additive directly to the e-liquid bottle, some brands suggest that you lay down a little flavour (most preferably containing no nicotine) and then add the CBD additive on top of the coils and cotton. This method is more accurate especially to vapers that are concerned about the dosage.

Do CBD additives Alter the Flavours of the Liquid?

As much as CBD additives are flavourless and the different brewers try as much as possible to make a product that will not change the flavour of the e-liquid, the interaction of the two compounds leaves the taste slightly out of sorts.

While the additives don’t necessarily change the original taste of the e-liquid, most vapers have reported that it leaves an after taste. The description of the after taste varies from one vaper to the next and perhaps also depending on the flavour and type of e-liquid.

Some vapers describe the after taste as reminiscent of used coffee grounds while others describe it as the smell of lawn cuttings or earthy tea.

Despite the different descriptions, one thing is certain - the after taste is not bothersome enough to affect your vaping experience or leave a bad taste in your mouth.

For vapers that cannot stand the after taste, the best solution is to go for the highest strength of CBD possible, so you use less product with the same potency and fewer chances of getting the after taste.


Cannabidiol affects people differently based on a variety of factors. As such, the dosage differs from person to person. Most CBD vape additives brands only have suggested dosages. It’s up to you to find a dosage that gives you the desired effects.

The best method to use when using CBD vape additives is to use a syringe. With accurate measurements down to a millimeter, you can easily calculate your dosage. Once you calculate the first dosage, subsequent mixtures are much easier since it’s a matter of repetition.

Advantages of CBD Additives

Every CBD product offers different advantages. For CBD additives, the added task of shaking and mixing might seem like a takeaway.

  • Cost efficient – when you decide to you CBD vape juices, you have to invest in new vaping hardware that's compatible with the CBD infused juices. It also means that you have to keep a steady supply of both vape juices and CBD vapes which can be expensive. With CBD vape additives, you use the same equipment. What’s more, one CBD vape additive bottle can serve multiple vape juice bottles.
  • Your experience is not compromised – the most significant challenge with vaping CBD is the lack of vapour clouds which is a big concern particularly to cloud chasers. CBD additives allow you to enjoy the effects of CBD without taking away your vaping experience. You get to enjoy the same flavours you've become accustomed to and the same results.
  • You enjoy the benefits of vaping CBD – Vaping CBD is quite popular because it makes the compound more potent, the effects kick in faster and no CBD is lost like is the case during digestion. Using CBD vape additives allows you to enjoy the same benefits that come with vaping CBD.

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