CBD Syrup

A widely talked miracle ingredient on most products – CBD is highly recommended to many people today. This is also the main reason why it becomes easier to find them in a variety of health products. Aside from the gummies, chocolates or the most common oil drops, it is now available in syrup! If you are someone who is not good at taking tablets, then CBD syrup is a great alternative to consider.

We offer CBD products in a range of forms, from CBD patches to CBD honey sticks, CBD creams and more.

CBD syrup is a concentrated CBD product that is suggested to come with a number of health benefits including pain reduction, anxiety relief, sleep support and mood management. Also, it comes with natural ingredients that create long lasting relaxation. Whether you want to take the syrup on its own or mix it with your favourite drinks, you’ll surely enjoy this without the worry of having a medicinal taste. ...

A Little More Information

CBD syrup is a potent concentrate that comes with CBD-derived therapeutic benefits. It allows you to have manageable servings that can fit your own needs. It is recommended for the mixer and infuse the CBD blend to any drink and let you achieve complete relaxation. The CBD syrups were sourced from organic and premium-grade hemp and had been raised from the trusted non-GMO farms.

This CBD product can offer maximum effect and let the user enjoy the right result they need. It is made to encourage mood enrichment and provide lasting relaxation. Other benefits that it can help with includes stress, pain, and improved natural sleep. Additionally, it is environmentally conscious compared to the manufactured products of the pharmaceuticals and is offered for a reasonable price.

The Right Dosage of CBD Syrup

The preferences of each person may be different depending on their age, metabolism, and weight. With that, it is essential to determine the right dosage of CBD syrup that is more convenient for your needs. If you are suffering from chronic pain, then it is suggested to go over 20 mg by mouth daily. However, when it comes to other conditions, it is ideal to ask for the advice of your doctor, especially if it is schizophrenia and epilepsy.

It’s ideal to find the right dosage that works best for you, and it can easily be determined as soon as you notice changes on what you are feeling. CBD syrup is actually produced to work as a natural sleep remedy and often comes with other ingredients such as melatonin and natural herbs. Melatonin is a sleeping aid that influences the wake and sleeping cycles.

If you like different flavours, then you can enjoy CBD syrup even more. Some brands offer different flavours such as strawberry, mango and grapes.

Medical Conditions Addressed by CBD Syrup

Just like what we’ve mentioned earlier, CBD syrup is designed to address a different condition that affects human health. According to some suggested studies, it can help with the following below:

    • Sleeplessness. The CBD syrup can aid people who are having a hard time sleeping. It can be a great choice if you are suffering from insomnia. You can expect maximum effect in such a period.
    • General Fatigue. Do your muscles feel sick and tired? It can be a sign of general fatigue, and with CBD syrup, there is nothing to worry about staying all day in bed when you can quickly regain your energy from this syrup!
    • Restlessness. Without sleep and significant fatigue, your body will feel restless. The CBD syrup help to let you think the best condition and regain your relaxation without problems. You’ll feel energized and give you the best experience.
    • A headache. This is very common to many people, and it can affect your productivity for the day. CBD syrup can let you avoid the series of headaches and feel healthier than ever!
    • Anxiety. CBD is best known for getting rid of anxiety associated with stress and depression as well. It’s an excellent treatment to help you with feeling better and improving your wellness.

However, we at Flawless CBD would like to remind you that researchers don’t fully understand the benefits of CBD yet and there are ongoing research and studies about it. With that, we are not in the position to make claims about what it can do, and the possible effect might vary from person to person.

Can CBD Get You High?

CBD syrup will not get you high. CBD content on most of the products was sourced from the Industrial Hemp and is branded as well. It comes with pure CBD content and does not contain traces of THC. As such, you can expect that the CBD Syrup is made to achieve a peaceful and calm state of your mind.

Can You Mix CBD Syrup?

There are different CBD products available on the market today, and the most common reason why people would prefer CBD syrup is because it can be mixed in different drinks. You can have it in smoothies, juices and other beverages that you can think of. It makes the whole process of ingestion easier and let you have its full effect.

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