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Kiki health marine collagen beauty blend is a product that was developed to promote optimum natural beauty, allowing you to go by in years so gracefully without you even noticing that you are ageing.

This product is chosen meticulously and ethically processed to maximize the benefits derived from using it. This can be achieved by ensuring that the nutritional content is kept as near the original as possible, retaining its full potential.

If there is one thing that humans wish to have for as long as they live, it is to have beautiful skin that doesn't fade with age. All across the different generations in human history, it is a major concern on issues with ageing and how to live without being visited by this sad reality.

Ageing: the concept that brought the need for marine collagen in humans

Ageing is caused by the weakening of a hard, insoluble, and fibrous protein called collagen, which makes up one-third of the protein in the human body. Collagen is a structural component for the formation of skin, gums, teeth, bones, tendons, cartilage, and blood vessels.

This collagen is located in an intricate network of macromolecules that determines the physical properties of body tissues. Unfortunately, this collagen weakens with age, and an individual's genetic makeup can also affect how fast the degradation of the collagen takes place. When this collagen weakens, it leads to wrinkles, and consequently, ageing sets in inevitably!

You will agree that the youthfulness of your skin goes a long way in how you see yourself and your general self-esteem in matters relating to beauty, especially when you are in your 60s and 70s but still looking like someone in their 30s. You have this feeling of self-love for yourself, knowing that you are still "a sweet sixteen" in your clique. To achieve all of these, all you need is a kiki health marine collagen beauty blend.

KIKI health product ranges

  • KIKI HEALTH Organic Mushroom Extract 60 vegetarian capsules
  • KIKI HEALTH Pure Marine Collagen
  • KIKI HEALTH Marine Collagen Beauty Blend

What are the benefits of using the KIKI HEALTH range of products?

You may be tempted to ask if using the KIKI HEALTH products blend is that they will prevent you from ageing. They won't take away ageing because it is nature's way of making us count our days by numbers, but will keep you younger than your age says you are. Asides from that, there are other benefits.

KIKI HEALTH Marine collagen Beauty Blend is rich in vitamin C, which helps stimulate collagen synthesis to maintain collagen levels and balance the natural decline that occurs with age.

This product helps keep the skin flexible and helps the skin regain its shape.

How does the KIKI HEALTH Marine collagen work effectively?

To ensure that you get the optimum result that is obtainable from the kiki health marine collagen beauty blend, you must discipline yourself against the following:

  • High sugar consumption.
  • Too much exposure to ultraviolet rays. etc

How do I use the KIKI HEALTH Marine collagen beauty blend?

It is made for adults, and they are to take within 1-1.5 teaspoons per day or twice daily, depending on the consumer's personal and lifestyle needs. You can also experience KIKI HEALTH MARINE COLLAGEN in your tea, smoothie, juice, or any other drinks of your choice.

How do I store the products?

The best way to store KIKI HEALTH products is in a cool and dry place. You might think of refrigerating. However, refrigeration is not required. Also, keep away from direct sunlight.

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