Orange County CBD

Orange County CBD has its roots in Northern California and has made its mark by producing high-quality CBD products in a certified state of the art accredited facility.

The brand uses cutting edge equipment and methods in the quality control process to ensure its market base not only gets affordable CBD products but also the best quality. Each of the products from Orange County CBD goes through rigorous testing and examination and passes third party testing with flying colours.

Orange County CBD has come a long way and provides its customers with an extensive and comprehensive collection of CBD products to suit various needs.

Product Range

Muscle and Joint Rub

The muscle and joint rub from Orange County comes in a compact and secure tub with a push pump. It has a minimalist design and formulated to stimulate deep penetration into the skin and combine the therapeutic benefits of the various natural ingredients used to make the rub like rosemary and cinnamon.

Besides being effective, the rub has a distinctive smell making it an ideal option for all-day muscle and joint pain relief.

Vegan Gummy Bears

There is a growing need for a healthy diet alternative, and more people are becoming vegan. To support this excellent cause, CBD brands are offering vegan-friendly CBD options to allow CBD lovers to make a smooth transition.

Orange County CBD makes its contribution through its offering of CBD infused gummies. The gummies are infused with nature's best ingredients, all of which are grown naturally and without pesticides or chemicals. 

The brand also offers small CBD gummy rings, which are also vegan friendly and are coated in organic sugar to make them taste appealing.

These CBD gummies and gummy rings make the perfect supplement to your primary CBD product, and you can snack on them during the day.


Orange County CBD makes its CBD products using the best-sourced hemp and the highest industry standards. The CBD oil is CO2 extracted and processed using rigorous procedures. Orange County's CBD oil is full-spectrum and offers a fantastic experience complete with the entourage experience that comes with taking the full range of terpenes in the hemp plant.

You can place the CBD oil directly in your mouth or mix it with food or a beverage, and you will love its excellent authentic taste.

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