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CBD Oil and Testosterone

CBD Oil and Testosterone

What hormone in the body is responsible for the fat distribution, muscle size and strength, and the production of red blood cells? Testosterone is popularly known for its role in sex drive and the reproductive health in men. But, it has a variety of other functions as mentioned.

In women, testosterone improves sex drive, bone density and enhances muscle strength. However, in women, only minimal amounts of testosterone are required. If the amount of the hormone is high, it can lead to women exhibiting male characteristics, baldness and infertility.  

Without enough testosterone, men can become infertile because testosterone is critical in the production of mature sperm.

The brain and the pituitary gland control the level of testosterone. However, various factors contribute to low production and secretion of the hormone.

Effects of Abnormal Testosterone Levels

Like other hormones in the body, the production of the testosterone has to remain balanced. It shouldn’t be too high or too low in both men and women.

Effects of Low testosterone levels

Erectile dysfunction

Low testosterone levels can make it difficult to get or maintain erections. Testosterone stimulates the production of the nitric oxide in the penile tissues which set off a chain of reactions that lead to an erection.

However, it's vital to note that low testosterone levels are not the only cause of erectile dysfunction. Other factors like high cholesterol, smoking, alcohol consumption and diabetes, among others, can cause or worsen the condition.

Hair loss

Research has shown that one of the reasons for hair loss in ageing men is the reduced production of the hormone. This was affirmed by placing testosterone implants that supported the regrowth of hair in women showing symptoms of sex hormone deficiency.

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Reduced bone mass

Testosterone plays a vital role in the production of bone tissue and maintaining bone volume. As a result, low testosterone volume means reduced bone mass which can result in increased chances of fractures and breaks.

Sex and reproduction-related problems

Considering the important role of testosterone in sex and reproduction, its obvious low production of the hormone can have drastic effects.

These include reduced production of semen, larger testicles, and a lower sex drive. Each of these challenges can have drastic effects on reproductive health.

Other challenges of having low testosterone levels include difficulty sleeping, hot flashes, increased body fat and hot flashes.

Effects of high testosterone levels

High testosterone levels in both men and women can lead to various challenges and health problems.

Aggressive behaviour

High testosterone levels can lead to aggressive and irritable behaviour. As a result, there are increased chances of getting injured.

High testosterone levels have also been linked to acne, oily skin, sleep apnea, increased muscle mass and lower sperm count.

Generally, the ideal normal range of testosterone among males is about 270 to 1070 ng/dl with males hitting peak levels at about 20 years.

Seeing the effects of having high or low levels of testosterone emphasises the need for homeostasis in the body’s processes. 

What is CBD?

There are thousands of cannabinoids in the hemp plant. CBD or cannabidiol is one of them. In recent years, CBD has become extremely popular. However, the confusion about CBD has also increased with most people believing that CBD and hemp are the same. 

CBD and THC are both cannabinoids. However, they are different. THC is the more popular of the two largely because of its psychoactive effects, but CBD doesn't have the effects.

Hemp is the plant that CBD is extracted from. Other than THC and CBD, the hemp plant also has a multitude of other cannabinoids and terpenes.

CBD Oil Administration Tips

There are various tips you can use to get the most effective results from your CBD oil therapy. Some of these tips include:

  • The first tip to getting effective results from CBD oil therapy is determining the right amount of CBD to take.
  • You should make sure you take your CBD at the same time each day. Taking CBD at different times will yield results but not the best results. Being consistent helps to ensure reliable sustenance of CBD oil in the body for the best results.
  • It’s important to have an accurate method calculating your CBD dose once you determine the right amount of CBD you should be taking. Taking accurate amounts each day is vital in ensuring you can experience the same effects. Fluctuating your CBD intake can yield inconsistent results.
  • When purchasing your CBD products, opt for products that have been cold pressed. Cold-pressing preserves the most potent CBD attributes ensuring you get the best results.

Will Taking CBD Get Me High?

There’s always concern about getting high when taking CBD oil. However, CBD doesn’t have the same psychoactive like THC. It’s important to purchase quality CBD products that have been third-party lab tested. It is the safest way to ensure you preferred CBD products have the right amounts of CBD and most importantly, the THC levels are within the acceptable amounts.

CBD products that have the right THC amounts cannot get you high because the THC content is too low to cause you to get high.

Types of CBD Products

There are numerous types of CBD products in the market with more being invented every day by CBD brands. 

The diversity in the types of products makes it easy for CBD lovers to choose what works best for them.

CBD oil

CBD oil is one of the most preferred methods of taking CBD. This is because CBD oil uses the least possible number of additional ingredients and ensuring the CBD stays as pure as possible. CBD oil can also be taken in a variety of ways which include sublingually, orally or by mixing it with foods and drinks, which is a great plus.

CBD drinks

If you’re into physical activities and you’re looking for a way to boost your energy levels and your CBD intake, energy drink are the best. The CBD infused drinks provide a seamless blend that allows you to continue with rigorous training while ensuring your CBD concentration remains high.

It goes without mentioning that CBD energy drinks are also quite refreshing, just like their conventional counterparts.

How CBD Works in the Body

Now that you know what CBD is and what it’s about, you must be wondering how it works. CBD doesn’t introduce something that is not already there in the body.

All mammals produce cannabinoids naturally and as such have a built-in mechanism called the ECS (Endocannabinoid System) that helps to manage and process the cannabinoids.

Because CBD is a cannabinoid, it goes through the same system. This system has cell receptors located in different parts of the body like the CNS (Central Nervous System) some parts of the reproductive system as well as the spleen and other major organs.

The CBD is received at the different cell receptors and broken down by enzymes then absorbed into the bloodstream.


Over the years, CBD has shown to have low toxicity levels and it's favourable to users maintaining vegan diets as well. Even though CBD is relatively safe, talking to your doctor before taking CBD is highly recommended. 

This is especially vital when you have pre-existing health conditions, or you’re taking other types of medication.  

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