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How Old Do You Have to Be to Buy CBD?

How Old Do You Have to Be to Buy CBD?

There's a lot of mystery that surrounds the buying and selling of CBD. For a product that doesn't cause a high or psychological effect, you would expect the purchase process to be more open.

However, based on the fact that CBD is extracted from the Cannabis plant, which contains compounds that are illegal in the UK, it's easy to understand why CBD is tightly controlled. The only concern is, some people might use CBD for medicinal purposes and might not be of legal age to buy the product on their own. That begs the questions, "How old should you be to buy CBD?"

What Is The Legal Age to Buy CBD?

The age limit for buying CBD is a grey area. While CBD is legal in the UK and in some cases has been administered to patients dealing with epilepsy as young as two years, buying CBD might still not be as straightforward.

It's worth noting that you don't need a prescription from a doctor, which should make CBD products relatively easy to obtain, but that's not the case.

It’s still possible for CBD buyers to be turned away in shops or be required to have adults accompanying them when buying CBD products.

What's more, some CBD shops, especially those dealing with vaping products, may require you to show an ID before buying any products.

Considering that CBD is a legal product with no psychological effect, there shouldn’t be an age limit per se. However, most shops will require you to have an ID before selling any CBD products to you. Simply put, that means you have to 18 years old and in some other countries, up to 21 years old.

Is it Illegal to Purchase CBD If You’re a Minor?

As mentioned earlier, there are no requirements for purchasing CBD products, and since CBD is legal, it shouldn't be illegal to buy CBD even if you're a minor. There are even CBD products designed for children and pets.

Unfortunately, while it might not be illegal, CBD shops and outlets reserve the right for entry and service, and they can use these rights not to sell any CBD products to underage customers.

Bottom Line

The bottom line with regards to the legal age limit to buy CBD is complicated. Legally, there are no limitations written on paper. But that doesn’t mean you can walk into any CBD outlet as a minor and walk out with the desired products in your hands.

For some CBD products, particularly the vaping products, most companies will have an age limit on the packaging. Usually, 18 years in the UK and most smoke shops won't sell to anyone under 18 years.

Your best bet is to wait until you're of legal age. If you're using CBD for health-related reasons, it's best to have a parent or guardian accompany you or purchase the products for you. Once purchased, there's no age restriction on most CBD products.


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