CBD Performance

Many CBD lovers use CBD as a supplement. There are tonnes of CBD products and brands that focus on health and wellness. However, there is another class of people that would benefit from using CBD products but find it hard to find the right products. These are athletes and active people.

Whether you’re a gym enthusiast who loves hitting the gym to stay fit or you’re actively competing, the right CBD products can help your body recover faster and enhance performance.

If you’ve been looking around for CBD products tailored for people leading an active lifestyle without any luck, your search might have come to an end.

CBD Performance is a unique CBD brand that focuses on making CBD products suited for active CBD lovers.

About CBD Performance

The CBD Performance brand was born after positive personal experiences with CBD from the founders who strongly believed in the power of CBD. Together, the founders came up with a brand that focused on CBD performance products. The brand is easy-to-use, with 100% natural and vegan CBD supplements.

CBD Performance’s mission is to help as many people as possible globally by providing them with the finest quality and trusted CBD supplements courtesy of a passionate, skilled and expert team that ensures you can get the best out of every CBD product.

CBD Performance is dedicated to delivering premium innovating, industry-leading wellness products and sharing their passion through education. With over a decade of experience and knowledge, you can rely on the quality ad research that the brand has put in its product to ensure the best all-around performance.

CBD Performance Product Range

CBD Performance has a vast range of CBD products. Their diversity makes it easy for CBD lovers to find the products they love in the right strength and flavour. However, the brand also understands that variety can also make it harder for new users to find the right products.

That is why CBD Performance CBD products are organised into categories that allow shoppers to find products depending on their goals.

Sleep Support

CBD shoppers with sleep-related challenges can shop for their CBD products under sleep support. This is a range of CBD products designed to help improve sleep patterns and sleep quality. Each of the products is carefully designed to help you get better, regular and quality sleep.

This range of products includes;

  • Spray oil – CBD Performance has different CBD oil sprays that come in different concentrations and flavours. The sprays also contain other vital ingredients that can help sleep quality while masking the taste of CBD like honey. The CBD spray also comes in a peppermint flavour for CBD lovers that love the cool menthol breeze.
  • CBD oil – This CBD oil is a daily essential with all the goodness of CBD. It has added benefits of lemongrass to enhance well-being, sleep cycles, and recovery processes. A high-quality vegan blend, this CBD oil has a fruity blast flavour that makes it an excellent addition to your CBD collection.
  • Wellness bundle – The wellness bundle is a nice touch from CBD Performance that allows its loyal customers to save while enjoying the best quality CBD products in the market. The Wellness bundle comes in two varieties. The first is the 1200mg bundle that features a CBD oil Spray and CBD multi-vitamin oils. This bundle is perfect for seasoned CBD users or those with severe sleep problems. There’s also the 500mg wellness bundle. It features CBD night sprays and multi-vitamin oils. The sprays and oils come in various flavours. It is perfect for newer CBD users who are still trying to find the right CBD concentration and prefer lower doses.

Pain and Recovery

Every active and competitive person understands that pain is a common part of their life. Whether it is from injuries or muscle soreness, you need an effective and easy-to-use remedy that can help you get back on your feet sooner, stronger and better.

CBD Performance has a range of CBD products designed to help you combat pain and enhance recovery. These include:

  • CBD muscle gel – The CBD muscle gel is an easy-to-use product that nourishes and conditions muscles with impressive muscular pain relief. Gently apply and massage the oil to the affected area to soothe tired and aching muscles and joints.
  • CBD infused protein powder –This vanilla flavoured protein powder contains 1000mgs of CBD. The protein used in this product is harvested from different vegan protein sources to ensure it is safe for consumption by all people and offers complete nutritional support. You can add the protein powder to your favourite shakes and juices and take it before and after your workouts. If you're looking for something with a little more flavour, CBD performance also has a CBD protein Powder with chocolate chips that are perfect for athletes and fitness buffs.

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