Collagen Capsules

Collagen is an essential protein that’s responsible for healthy skin, muscles, bones, ligaments and other connective tissues. However, over time as you age, your body starts reducing the amount of collagen produced, although many other issues can cause this, such as excessive sunlight and smoking.

So, collagen capsules are essential dietary supplements that help increase collagen in the body when its production drops. However, with the increasing ageing population and growing demand for natural and organic products, it is important that you get to know what to look for when buying these products. Read on to learn about this and much more, including the different types and the overall benefits.

Types of collagen capsules

Collagen capsules are available in different types depending on their composition and the source of the collagen. However, a multi-collagen supplement will contain these types to ensure overall body health and wellness.

These types of collagen capsules include:

Marine collagen capsules

As the name suggests, marine collagen is made from a fish's skin, bones and scales. Marine collagen is rich in type I collagen for healthy hair, skin and nail health. The good thing about marine collagen capsules is they are more sustainable and eco-friendly than the other market types today.

Bovine collagen capsules

Bovine collagen capsules are extracts of cowhides. They are rich in type I and III collagen for better skin, bones, and joints. This type is considered the best quality because of its natural source, which is easily absorbed into the body.

Porcine collagen capsules

Porcine collagen capsules are products of collagen extracted from pigs' skin, bones, and cartilage. However, due to different companies' varying extraction and formulation procedures, you must ensure you look for high-quality porcine collagen capsules from a reputable brand. These collagen capsules are rich in type II collagen.

Chicken collagen capsules

Chicken collagen capsules are made of collagen extracts from chickens' skin, bones, and cartilage. The capsules are rich in type I and II collagen. If you are also concerned about taking collagen from sustainable sources, chicken collagen is the best option because it’s the most affordable compared to other animal sources of collagen.

Benefits of collagen capsules

Are you considering collagen supplements in your diet? Here are the different benefits of collagen capsules that you need to know of:


Collagen capsules are quite easy to take at home or on the go. This means you can incorporate the capsules into your general schedules and still take them easily without any struggles. In addition, their convenience comes with a consistent dosage where you don’t have to struggle to measure the supplements to know what dosage you are taking.

It’s also easy to keep track of your consumption by checking the number of capsules in the container. Moreover, the collagen capsules are not time-consuming since you can take them with a little sip of water, although it's best to drink enough water when swallowing these capsules.


High-quality collagen capsules are often free from allergens and are formulated with clean ingredients that ensure the utmost effectiveness of the capsule.  So without the allergens, collagen capsules are the best option for anyone on a restricted diet or having sensitive digestive tracts that are easily affected by slight changes in the diet.

For example, some collagen capsules may contain additives or fillers that could trigger an allergic reaction or exacerbate an existing intolerance. A pure collagen supplement should contain only the active ingredient and be free of common allergens.


Collagen capsules are often perceived as pricey until you compare them with other collagen supplement forms such as powder and drinks. However, the capsules have a guarantee of long-lasting effect which offers your money value, more so when you imagine of the consistent intake of equal measures of the supplements in capsule form.

However, the cost per serving of collagen capsules depends on various brands, among other factors, but these capsules are still cost-effective.

Improved athletic performance

Collagen capsules are helpful in connective tissue recovery, which is quite beneficial for athletes who need fast muscle recovery after vigorous exercises. In addition, by strengthening the connective tissues, the product also helps reduce the chances of injury for athletes. The capsules also help build energy blocks for the body, supporting muscle growth and improving the athlete’s endurance level.

What to look for when buying collagen capsules?

To get a high-quality collagen capsule there are different factors you need to consider when buying these capsules. These include:

Type of collagen

You need to look for a collagen capsule that specifies the collagen type it provides to the body. There are different types of collagen, including Types I, II, III, V, and X. So you need to check and confirm that the collagen capsule you choose is rich in either of these types of collagen.

However, the most significant driving factor, in this case, is your individual needs for the collagen capsule. So you must remember to look for collagen that matches your needs.

Source of collagen

This is an essential factor because it determines the quality and effectiveness of the supplement. The product can be extracted from various sources, including chicken, cow hides, fish and pigs. So while checking for either of these, you must consider their purity, safety, and sustainability.

It’s also important that you look for high-quality capsules that are sourced from well-regulated sources. You also need to confirm that these sources have been tested for purity by independent third parties.


Collagen capsules come in various dosages as labelled on the container. This means you must confirm that the option you are picking has the appropriate amount of collagen according to your needs.

Although collagen capsules are generally safe and well tolerated, it is best to consult a healthcare professional who will guide you on the best dosage for the collagen supplement. This is most important if you have any underlying medical condition or are taking some medicine.


Absorption is an important factor to consider when buying your collagen supplements because it determines how fast your body will effectively break down the capsule and absorb the supplements. So you want to look for a collagen capsule with additional ingredients that are meant to enhance absorption.

Brand reputation

Supplements brands are increasing worldwide, so you have to be careful to buy from a brand known for high-quality product supplements. This is possible if you can read other customers’ reviews about the brand and also check for compliance with the regulatory certifications. Look for third-party certifications, GMP, and Standard quality trademarks on the product’s labels before paying them off.

How to take collagen capsules?

The correct procedure and dosage for taking collagen capsules vary based on different factors. First, however, you must visit a doctor or qualified healthcare professional who will guide you appropriately about taking the collagen capsule.

Here are some basic guidelines to follow when taking collagen capsules:

Stick to the recommended dosage

The appropriate dosage varies based on individual needs. However, it is important to consider what your doctor prescribed or the instructions on the product's label. In addition, if you notice a considerable time has elapsed without any changes, consult your doctor before switching to a different collagen capsule.

Take with water

For faster and easy absorption, it is important that you take the collagen with water. This will also help the supplement move easily through your digestive system without discomfort. In addition, drinking water with the supplement will keep you hydrated, which is an important state for your overall well-being.

It is important to note that taking collagen capsules with beverages such as coffee and juice is highly discouraged since these can hinder the absorption rate of the supplements into the body.

Think about pairing it with vitamin C

Taking collagen capsules with Vitamin C, whether it's some food rich in vitamin C or its supplements, is helpful for an easier breakdown of the collagen supplement. You might want to consume Vitamin C-rich foods such as citrus fruits, strawberries, and leafy greens. These will help the overall effectiveness of collagen supplements.

However, you need to be careful about exceeding the daily rate of Vitamin C because it may lead to various negative health issues such as kidney stones and iron overload.

Learn to be patient

Everyone takes collagen capsules with different needs. Some people may experience their expected effects almost immediately, while others may take longer. It may be several weeks to months. But with consistent use, you can be sure of gradual changes.

You, therefore, need to be patient with the supplement and take the capsules consistently as guided for guaranteed results.

Side Effects of the collagen capsules industry

Collagen capsules are generally safe for most people, with rare side effects experienced. However, if abused, here are some side effects you can experience:

Stomach upset

Some people may experience mild digestive issues and stomach upsets when taking collagen supplements. This often results from taking the supplement on an empty stomach. You can see it in symptoms such as diarrhoea and bloating.

Allergic reactions

This is quite rare, but in some cases, a few individuals may be allergic to certain sources of collagen. The reaction will also vary from one individual to another. If not managed in time, this may lead to various symptoms, such as hives and difficulty in breathing in some people.

Increased calcium levels

Marine collagen supplements sometimes have increased calcium levels that can lead to hypercalcemia if taken in excess. With this condition, you can see symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, constipation, and abdominal pain.

Factors influencing the collagen capsules industry?

Different factors push the collagen capsules industry to grow globally. These factors include:

Consumer demand

With more consumers becoming aware of the collagen capsule industry, the demand for the product is likely to increase. However, consumer preferences and trends also play a significant role in shaping this industry.


The collagen capsules market is growing increasingly competitive with newer products emerging. While this can impact pricing and marketing strategies, it significantly increases innovation.

Research and development

Many countries are consistently researching more benefits of collagen supplements. This means there will likely be new formulations and innovations from the ongoing research.

Regulations and standards

The laws and standards set by different regulatory bodies can affect the general formulation processes of collagen capsules. This can hinder the growth of some brands while making other brands that comply with the laws more popular and helping them build trust with the consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to see results after taking collagen supplements?

The time it takes to see results after taking collagen supplements varies from one individual to another, and the benefits you seek. Some people may experience their changes within the first few weeks, while others may take several months of consistently using the supplements.

Are collagen capsules suitable for vegetarians?

Collagen capsules extracted from collagen in cowhides and pigs that are unsuitable for vegans. But you can have plant-based collagen capsules extracted from algae or fruits. These are suitable for all your vegan diets.

How do I store collagen capsules?

Store collagen capsules in cool and dry places away from direct heat and sunlight. However, different manufacturers have their preferable storage measures for collagen supplements. Ensure you read the labels to know the manufacturers' preferable way of storing these capsules.

Can I take collagen capsules during pregnancy or when breastfeeding?

It is best that pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers consult trained and qualified healthcare professionals about the possibility of using collagen capsules. Remember, while these products are considered to be entirely safe, they might not be safe for infants and newborns.

Are there any drug interactions with collagen capsules?

There are no known drug interactions with collagen capsules. However, it is best that you consult a doctor before starting with these capsules.

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