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Collagen Drinks

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Collagen is an essential protein relative for maintaining the structural integrity and functionality of your skin, joints, and connective tissues across the body. It is collagen supplements that restore youthful and vibrant-looking skin even after one has hit old age.

But do you believe it is possible to turn back the clock on your skin’s ageing process?

The Magic with Collagen Drinks

Collagen drinks are formulated with hydrolysed collagen peptides, small particles of collagen that are easy to absorb into the bloodstream. However, you must know the exact results and period for the onset of the effects of collagen drink varies in different humans.

A collagen drink is the liquid form of collagen supplement, the protein found in a human being’s connective tissues. However, due to various hormonal changes, as the body ages, some physiological processes get impacted. One of these processes that is affected in an ageing body is the production of collagen.

This is where collagen drink comes in to supplement the drop in the natural collagen levels in the body. However, since the idea came that one can maintain and extend their youthful appearance despite their real-time old age, this has fueled the popularity of collagen drinks.

How to Make Collagen Drinks

Considering the growing demand for collagen supplements, there are various forms of supplement that you can choose to use at your convenience. However, of every other form of collagen, the drinks option has emerged as more convenient because of their formulation with hydrolysed collagen.

So, if you took a collagen drink, your body is likely to absorb the collagen peptides in the drink much faster compared to someone who took a solid form of collagen.

The satisfying news is that you don’t have to rely on store-bought collagen drinks, as you can DIY create your own at home with little knowledge on the same.

Here is our perfect guide to help you through every step and get you collagen drinks that meet your taste and dietary preferences.

Selecting the Perfect Collagen

There are different types of collagen drinks you can have, each with unique aspects from the sourcing to the composition. In this step, we’ll need to get you the best collagen powder that aligns with your needs.

You can have either bovine, marine, or chicken collagen. These come in Types I, II, and III collagen since they are the most common in the human body. Type I covers slightly over 90% of the tissues in the body, so it’s the primary type you can have for hydrated skin with a boost in its elasticity.

Type II collagen is good for repairing and restoration of your connective tissues across the body. It also covers the joints and other connective tissues, ensuring you can move around with no pain, especially if you are of age.

Type III collagen performs almost the same functions as Type I, except that it is not as spread across the body as is the case for Type I collagen.

Not sure what collagen to choose between marine, bovine and chicken?

Bovine collagen is rich in types I and III, so it’s the best you can have for all your skin and nail needs. The collagen is sourced primarily from cow bones and other byproducts.

Marine collagen is richly known for type I collagen, which plays a key role in your skin’s health. The collagen is mainly sourced from wild-caught fish and not any endangered species. The collagen peptides from fish are also known for their high bioavailability.

Chicken collagen is rich in Type II collagen and meets your all-time requirements for strong joints and general support for your connective tissues.

When sourcing each of these extracts, the source products are taken through diverse cleaning processes to remove impurities and every other form of contaminant. The cleaning processes may change from time to time, depending on the source of the product.

Once cleaned, they get boiled in water to break down the collagen into a soluble form. However, the boiling is strategic to also sterilise the animal part to ensure it can deliver a collagen-rich solution. The extract is then dried and ground to form a powder form of the supplement.

However, the effectiveness of each collagen varies depending on several factors such as lifestyle, genetics, diet and the respective issues that cause the need for the supplement.

Choose Your Flavour Combinations

At this stage, you’ll need to gather all relevant ingredients that you can get creative with for an elevated taste of your collagen drink. You can choose to get refreshing ingredients such as lime juice, lemon, and citrus extracts or infuse the refreshing tone with some mint.

Alternatively, you can decide to sweeten the concoction with a fruit puree or honey, remember, you need to choose ingredients that align with your expectations. If, for instance, you want to boost your skin’s hydration levels, you should go for cucumber or coconut slices, as they have the best raw hydration twist.

If you need a rich experience with a boost in the drink’s benefits, you can add antioxidant-rich ingredients such as green tea or berries. Both of these will also help in delivering an attractive flavour and aroma, making your collagen drink more enjoyable.

Carefully Measure Each Ingredient

The ingredient measuring part is to ensure you don’t just have a tasty drink but one with consistent flavour and nutritional content. Moreover, by measuring the ingredients, it will be easier to know what ingredient to adjust in the next formulation in case you don’t achieve your desired taste.

So, for a satisfying collagen drink, take time and measure little portions of everything from the collagen powder to the water and every other additive you want. This approach also helps to prevent wastage if the first mixup gets too earthy or bitter. You can also note down what portions you used to help readjust the ingredients in future for a more balanced and effective homemade collagen drink.

Blend or Mix Your Ingredients

The aim of this stage is to create a smooth mixup of all your solid ingredients. Once you have a smooth and consistent texture of the ingredients, add collagen powder and mix until it is dissolved and evenly distributed in the drink.

If you want a cold serving, you can refrigerate before serving. Alternatively, you can add ice for an extra touch of elegance.

At this stage, your collagen drink is ready for consumption. If you have to store it, shake or stir well before serving again.

How Long Do You Have to Wait for Results?

The time it takes to see noticeable results after taking your collagen drink can vary, especially if you have taken a homemade concoction. Some factors involved here include your consistency of taking the drink, the severity of the issue you needed the drink to help solve, as well as other internal body factors.

On average, it will take several weeks to months of consistent usage to see noticeable results. However, some people may get early signs in about 5 to 6 weeks. But the period is not guaranteed!

Who Can Benefit from Collagen Drinks?

The effectiveness of collagen may also vary from one person to another, and in some cases, you may need a doctor’s help, especially if you haven’t seen any results despite consistent usage of the supplement.

In general, here are some groups of people who will enjoy the benefits of collagen drinks:

Ageing Adults

As you age, you are likely to experience frequent joint discomforts whenever you exert the slightest force on your joints. At this stage, your skin also develops noticeable wrinkles and may sag depending on your age.

Taking collagen drinks, therefore, eases the pain and reduces the appearance of wrinkles on your skin. Although it may not hide all wrinkles or sag lines, it helps hide their depth and also makes your skin more elastic.

Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts

You don’t have to reduce your workout hours because of the pain in your joints when out at the gym or the field. Take your collagen drink every time before heading out and after the workout to help with your joint recovery after the burnout out there.

Anyone with Weak Nails

Should you go artificial because your nails are not growing as you desire? Whether you are afraid of their peeling pattern and the pain that comes with it or possible exposure to potential infection, collagen drinks can help you solve this. You need a little patience and consistency in taking the collagen drinks for guaranteed results.

Other people who should join the collagen drink group are persons with joint discomfort and beauty enthusiasts. But you should not use the supplement as a medicine. You must also avoid taking the drink with any medication to avoid adverse reactions that may worsen any health conditions.

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Need Assistance?

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