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Intune is one of the new CBD brands that are making their presence known. The brand specialises in making refreshing, delicious drinks. The company has been unforgiving in its approach to making great tasting CBD drinks while preserving the great benefits of CBD.

Intune is not about creating hype for their products but also walk their talk. The brand has won numerous awards for the excellent taste of its CBD drinks. It shows you the lengths they are willing to go to achieve the best flavours and taste for their drinks.

Intune Product Flavour Range

Intune makes its CBD drinks from vegan friendly, ethically sourced, low sugar CBD without any artificial ingredients or additives. Above all, the products are full of flavour and come in three distinct flavours.

Grapefruit and mint

This unique flavour features the tartness of grapes and the refreshing coolness of mint. It's designed to provide a cool refreshing experience while delivering up to 10mg of CBD per can of CBD drink. The subtle floral notes are what wins it for this flavour. They keep the taste simple yet exciting and refreshing.

Elderflower and Hops

Made from the best of mother nature, the Elderflower and hops CBD drink is one for lovers of exotic flavours. It features a variety of nature's best ingredients, which include beet sugar, natural rose and Elderflower, and hop flavourings. If you're looking for a new experience, you can't go wrong with the Elderflower and Hop CBD drink from Intune.

Pomegranate and Ginger

Ginger is considered a superfood in many circles, and it certainly adds its power and benefits to this drink. It also brings its iconic taste to the drink with that herby and earthy feel. It's an excellent choice for CBD lovers keen on the foods they take and prefer to focus on powerful foods with comprehensive benefits.

You can get to enjoy all these flavours and more from Intune CBD drinks at Flawless CBD. If you'd like to try all three, we offer a bundle that will give you that opportunity and save you some money.

Leading Online CBD Shop

One of the secrets of enjoying CBD products and all the benefits that CBD offers is choosing a reputable and reliable supplier. At Flawless CBD, we have been providing CBD lovers with quality and third-party tested CBD products for many years. We have risen to become a leading online CBD shop recognised all over the UK.

Our diverse range of CBD products and quality customer support is what keeps our customer base growing and many of our regulars coming back. We are the home of Intune CBD drinks and hundreds of other CBD brands from all over the world.

Why Choose Flawless CBD?

There are many reasons why you should buy your CBD from Flawless CBD, but we will narrow them down to a few:

  • Quality CBD products made from ethically sourced, organic CBD.
  • Thousands of CBD products available. We are always adding new products to our collection.
  • Unbeatable, competitive prices for all our CBD products.
  • Responsive and courteous customer support to help you with any challenges you might face while shopping.
  • Next workday delivery for orders within the UK.

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