The story behind some of the best CBD brands are heart-warming and bring out the passion in the minds of those behind the brands. Provocan is not one of those brands. It’s a CBD brand built purely on research.

It is a flagship project of the cannabis-based research firm CiiTECH. CiiTECH is a UK-registered cannabis and biotech company and partners with Israel’s Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Provocans product range is based on the knowledge and expertise extracted from CiiTECH researchers. With researched-based products, the brand delivers an unparalleled level of quality and standard in every one of their products.  

With Provocan, every CBD lover is assured of the best quality CBD products, highest standards of productions, and complete transparency in the composition of every CBD product you buy from Provocan.

Provocan CBD Product Range

Other than its dedication to quality and high standards of production, Provocan also takes diversity in its products seriously. Over the years, the brand has developed an excellent range of CBD products. These include: 

Provocan CBD oil

Provocan CBD oil is the most popular of its product range largely because of its potency and competitive pricing. The CBD oil comes in various CBD strengths starting at 300mg and going all the way to 2500mg ensuring all CBD lovers are covered.

Provocan CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are an exciting, fun and tasty way of taking CBD. CBD gummies are growing in popularity each waking day. Provocan gummies come in 10mg CBD concentration providing you with one of the best ways to keep up with your daily CBD demand.

Provocan CBD Capsules

For CBD lovers that like to keep CBD as natural as possible but find the taste disturbing, Provocan has a range of CBD capsules in various CBD concentrations to help you keep your CBD intake as natural as possible without the bitter taste.

Provocan CBD capsules come in 6mg, 24mg, and 96mg CBD concentration per capsule. No matter how high your demand for CBD is, you have capsules that will keep up.

Provocan CBD Vape Oils and E-liquids

You can join the vaping trend with Provocan’s range of full-spectrum vape liquids and vape oil. The vaping products are rich in terpenes and other cannabinoids. You can vape the e-liquids on their own or mix them with your favourite e-liquids. The CBD concentrations in these products range from 30mg to 600mg.

Provocan CBD Edibles

Provocan takes a unique twist to CBD edibles in the form of lozenges. The lozenges come in different flavours which include orange, lemon, blackcurrant and peppermint.

Provocan CBD Vape

This collection of CBD products is not complete with some beginner-friendly vaping hardware. The collection includes terpene CBD vape PODs and a vape pod to get you started quickly and easily.

Provocan CBD Isolate

If you like to try some DIY CBD recipes, Provocan has 1000mg, and 5000mg CBD isolates that you can incorporate into your homemade CBD recipes like cookies. 

Provocan CBD Topicals

For all your skincare needs, you can try out Provocan CBD topical products which include CBD balm, CBD bath salts, CBD massage oils, lip balm, blemish control, age control eye cream, and shampoo among others.

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Flawless CBD is the link between CBD lovers and all their favourite CBD products and brands. Together with some of the best and famous CBD brands like Provocan, we make it possible for you to find all your CBD products in one, easily accessible place.

In addition to work with the various CBD brands, being one of the leading online CBD shops, we take up a quality control role. We conduct random tests to ensure the products we receive are of the best quality and safe for our customers.

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