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TAAT Cigarettes

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    TAAT's patented Beyond Tobacco exclusive plant-based alternative with ZERO Nicotine and ZERO Tobacco will help you quit smoking tobacco cigarettes....

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    Original price £14.99 - Original price £14.99
    Original price £0.00
    £14.99 - £14.99
    Current price £14.99

    Earn 187 reward points

With the dangers of tobacco cigarettes, you are only safe with a nicotine-free product. But as a traditional smoker getting the taste and smell of the hemp plant isn’t easy without smoking. However, this is where TAAT cigarettes come in.

TAAT cigarettes are an upgraded tobacco-free alternative aiming to give cigarette addicts a tobacco and nicotine-free smoking experience. This non-addictive alternative comes in various satisfying flavours for your senses, including American Spirit Blue, Marlboro Red, and Winston.

Read on as we explore the key features, benefits, and everything you need to know about TAAT cigarettes.

TAAT Cigarette Value Preposition

TAAT cigarettes have unique features distinguishing them from traditional cigarettes and several other alternatives. These features include:

Beyond Tobacco

The fact that TAAT cigarettes are nicotine- and tobacco-free means that smoke addicts looking forward to using the alternative may struggle with the new tobacco-less alternative. Beyond tobacco is, therefore, an important blend of natural ingredients whose main function is to replicate the taste and smell of real tobacco.

With this feature infused in your TAAT cigarette ingredients, you’ll enjoy the smoking experience without nicotine and exposure to harmful tobacco effects.

MHRA-approved Food-Grade Ingredients

The MHRA regulates medicines, healthcare products and other consumables, including tobacco products. On the other hand, the food-grade materials are meant to deliver the same vape format but with different ingredients that will mimic a conventional tobacco feel without the actual tobacco in it.

As a result, your TAAT cigarette will have almost the same feel as a tobacco cigarette would. From identical packaging and the crackling sound upon lighting to the smoke volume, hand-to-mouth motor habits, and tobacco-like scent when burning, TAAT cigarettes have no noticeable difference from a conventional cigarette. Moreover, you can flick ashes like you would tobacco ashes.

Perfect Pricing

Because of their nicotine addiction, smokers are always willing to pay higher prices for cigarettes. Most times, the prices increase due to increasing taxes on tobacco products, which is why TAAT cigarettes are much cheaper than traditional cigarettes.

In the long run, TAAT cigarettes won’t burden your finances despite the urge to smoke more frequently. This means while reducing your expenses; they will also help reduce your consumption of harmful nicotine and other products.

TAAT Cigarette Flavours

As of the time of writing this collection, these are the common TAAT Cigarette flavours:


If you need a cool classic flavour alternative, this is the best option for you, especially if you want a familiar experience as what you would get from the original tobacco. As a result, the Original flavour is a perfect transition tool and the best alternative for reducing nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Although the exact taste may vary from one individual to another, the sense of familiarity delivers a calming and satisfying experience that tastes like the real thing.


This flavour offers a mild and smoother experience compared to the original tobacco flavour. This is especially perfect for anyone who prefers a less intense taste without leaving out the real feel of tobacco.

When inhaling the smoke, the flavour is more gentle on your throat and lungs, making it the best for reduced harshness that comes with nicotine. The milder taste would also make the best option for a potential transition from conventional cigarettes.


Menthol flavours are known for their cooling effect that activates your mouth and throat receptors delivering a mildly sweet and cooling sensation. The flavour is also your best option if you want to break the monotony of a traditional tobacco flavour, as the menthol has a distinctive taste and aroma.

Moreover, the flavour’s soothing effect provides a smooth inhalation feel that’s so refreshing for your throat.

Benefits of TAAT Cigarettes

While every vaper has individual experience and preferences for TAAT cigarettes, the product is the best alternative for any smoker looking to cut off their tobacco consumption. Here are some reasons why you should consider using TAAT cigarettes:

It Tastes like the real thing

Your favourite cigarette pack often has this sensory aspect that’s too satisfying to let go. But with TAAT cigarettes Beyond Nicotine ingredients, you are assured of a close taste to an original tobacco experience. This is too beneficial, especially if you want to avoid the addictive properties of nicotine.


Conventional cigarettes are quite addictive because of the nicotine substance in them. TAAT cigarettes, on the other hand, have no nicotine. This makes the latter your best option if you enjoy the smoking sensation without the cravings associated with nicotine.

Best Gift

Trying to get someone to stop their tobacco addiction? TAAT cigarette is the best gift to get them. Whether it’s for Christmas, a birthday or Thanksgiving, TAAT cigarettes are a suitable gift to show you care about their health.

In addition, TAAT cigarettes come in various flavours that can provide your loved one with a unique vaping experience different from the usual tobacco feel. If you know your lover's tastes, you can personalise the gift just as they like it and allow them to explore new smoking alternatives.


Although the pricing of TAAT cigarettes may vary, they are not as high as traditional cigarettes. This is major because TAAT cigarettes don’t contain highly taxed nicotine products. This makes the cigarette the perfect option for anyone seeking an affordable and convenient smoking alternative without addiction and nicotine craving issues.

Available Online

With the heightened regulations on tobacco products, locating a physical store selling your favourite cigarette may not be a walk-in-the-pack experience. But with TAAT cigarettes being available online, it means they are easily accessible to you. In addition, buying online accords you the advantage of knowing what other smokers say about specific flavours.

This also saves you time since most online stores have delivery services. This way it is possible to order the TAAT cigarette and still get it delivered without affecting your work schedule.

Relaxes your senses

TAAT cigarette smoke often has an aromatic, calming and soothing smell. The different aromas based on your choice of flavour also stimulate your senses bringing up an overall calming effect. So from the taste and throat sensation to the cooling and warming sensations, you are assured of an overall relaxing experience.

Ingredients and Manufacturing Process

TAAT cigarettes comprise 98% organic hemp and water; the remaining percentage is made of food-grade ingredients. The MHRA-approved food-grade ingredients include the Beyond Tobacco ingredients designed to replicate the original tobacco smoke you are used to.

TAATs are derived from HEMP, originally sourced from farmers who have maintained the set regulations on growing and harvesting tobacco products. The manufacturing process involves preparing the ingredients after sourcing from the farm. The preparation may include blending and processing some of them based on the manufacturer’s needs.

Adjusting them to the perfect ratios, the processed ingredients are then formulated into various flavours. Here the manufacturers may need to make a few more formulation adjustments to ensure they have the desired taste.

Quality control is the last process after everything is set up and the ingredients are rolled into sticks. With the quality control process, the manufacturers either test the final products independently to ensure each roll is safe for human consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are TAAT cigarettes Tobacco-free?

Yes, TAAT cigarettes are tobacco-free alternatives to conventional cigarettes. They are aimed to mimic the same taste and experience you get from traditional cigarettes but without tobacco and nicotine.

Are TAAT cigarettes less harmful than conventional cigarettes?

TAAT cigarettes are advertised as less harmful than traditional cigarettes because they lack tobacco and nicotine. However, it’s important that any form of smoking comes with its own risks, so you must smoke responsibly. Most importantly, you should consult a healthcare professional who will advise you accordingly after conducting a health checkup.

Are there different flavours of TAAT cigarettes?

Yes, TAAT cigarettes are available in different flavours. These flavours may, however, vary over time, depending on the manufacturers. At the moment of writing this content, the present flavours were Smooth, Menthol, and Original.

Can TAAT cigarettes help me quit smoking?

TAAT cigarettes are a great alternative if you want to quit smoking because of their tobacco and nicotine-free ingredients. Instead, TAAT cigarettes use the Beyond Tobacco ingredients that mimic your favourite cigarette taste and experience. However, quitting smoking is a different journey; it takes an individual decision and effort to do it. This is because a TAAT cigarette will help you reduce your nicotine intake, but it may not help you stop the smoking act. Therefore, it is best to seek a healthcare professional’s advice for assurance about quitting your smoking addiction.

How do TAAT cigarettes taste?

TAAT cigarettes are designed to closely replicate the taste and feel of an original tobacco cigarette. However, the tastes vary depending on the user's perception.

Where to Buy

Because of their authentic and quality products, flawless Vape Shop in the UK is an authorised retailer of your favourite TAAT cigarette flavours. Moreover, the shop is an online vendor, which means the TAATs are easily accessible online, as you can purchase them at your convenience and have them delivered to your doorstep.

In addition, compared to many other vendors, the Flawless Vape Shop is one of the few retailers with competitive prices, thus a guaranteed value for your money. With our responsive customer support, we also guarantee you an up to par customer service and assistance at all times with any concerns.

Our shop is also a reputable store that’s quite reliable for quality products. You can confirm this from the different reviews and ratings we’ve got from our previous customers.

About the TAAT Cigarette Community

The TAAT cigarette community is an amazing platform that you don’t want to miss out on for the awareness they create about the product. The community could also provide a conducive environment; moreover, there are many other things you are guaranteed to benefit from the platform, including:

Support and Encouragement

One of the huge selling points for TAAT cigarettes is their mimicking a real tobacco taste and experience. With a considerable of TAAT customers being smokers trying to escape the addiction to conventional cigarettes, this platform is a fantastic place for smokers struggling to drop their nicotine addiction.

This is also a cool space for smokers to share their experiences and exchange knowledge about TAAT cigarettes.

Social Engagement

The TAAT community helps bring persons of similar interests together, providing an opportunity for joint fun and social engagement. This encourages and helps create a sense of belonging and connection among smokers.

TAAT Feedback and Improvement

In such forums, smokers air out their recent experiences and observations about TAAT cigarettes. Here the manufacturers can easily collect the findings and implement them as compared to how it would be if they had to visit different avenues for insight into what their customers say about the TAAT cigarettes.

Health and Safety Information of TAAT Cigarettes

While TAAT cigarettes are great alternative products to conventional cigarettes, you should be aware of many health concerns about the latter. While this helps you to understand the risks and expectations regarding TAATs, it will also help you know your limitations in matters TAATs.

Here are some important facts to note about TAAT cigarettes:

Tobacco and Nicotine Free

TAAT cigarettes are marketed as Tobacco and nicotine free, which is indeed true; these addictive ingredients are absent in the product. This means anyone looking forward to limiting their favourite cigarette can use TAATs and be free from tobacco effects. However, in matters of stopping smoking as a whole, TAATs are also smoked, so it may need more than using the product to stop the act.

Reduction in Harmful Chemicals

By not using tobacco and nicotine, TAAT cigarettes are indeed helpful in reducing the harmful effects of these products. Although to help people addicted to the said products, TAAT manufacturers use Beyond Tobacco ingredients that replicate the tobacco and nicotine feel.

Individual Sensitivity

While TAAT cigarettes come tobacco and nicotine-free, the overall smoking experience varies from one individual to another. For instance, one person may find it quite exciting and satisfying, and another may find it very irritating than smoking traditional cigarettes.

Consult Healthcare Professionals

Consult a certified healthcare professional if you are unsure about the specific health implications of smoking TAAT cigarettes. This way, you can be sure of a personalised health check and advice regarding the product compared to what you’ll hear on the streets.

Need Assistance?
Need Assistance?

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