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The CBD industry is growing at a rapid pace. CBD entrepreneurs are looking to be part of this amazing journey by offering various CBD products. Unfortunately, making quality CBD products requires time, resources and research, things most entrepreneurs don’t have.

If you're looking to sell your brand of CBD products and have all the plans laid out but don't have CBD products yet, we can help. We offer white label CBD products that you can buy, re-brand and sell to your customers at a markup.

Equipment and facilities to make high-quality CBD goods shouldn’t hamper your dream of owning a CBD brand. With our white label service, you have quality, tested and tried CBD products that will propel your brand as far as you want to take it.

What is white labelling?

The concept of white labelling is pretty simple. You purchase CBD products from a reputable CBD manufacturer, brand them and sell them as your own. Because of our experience in CBD, you get products that have been tested and proven to be effective, giving your brand the proper foundation that will create a positive reputation and connection with your brand, helping you grow exponentially.

Benefits of White Label CBD

Why should you consider white label CBD products instead of making your own CBD products from scratch?

You don’t need a manufacturer’s license

The greatest headache of starting your own CBD company is getting the manufacturer's license. You have to comply with all the laws surrounding the manufacture of CBD to obtain the license. By working with a white label CBD partner like Flawless CBD, you skip the licensing requirements and avoid the bottlenecks. You can jump straight into the business.


Setting a business requires time. Numerous aspects of the business require your time and attention. White labelling allows you to focus on what you’re good at as your partner focuses on what they are good at. The splitting of duties frees up your time and lets you focus your energy on growing your brand while your white label partner focuses on getting the formulars right, hiring the right technicians and sourcing for the ingredients.

It is cost-effective

Manufacturing your CBD products requires an intensive financial commitment. You have to invest in a facility and equipment which can hamper your cash flow for an extended period. White labelling saves you from spending money on manufacturing. It is more cost-effective to purchase ready-made products and label them.

Quality assurance

Flawless CBD is a reputable CBD brand that is well-known in the UK. That means when you partner with us, you’re assured of the best quality products. Each of the products is subjected to rigorous quality tests, so you can rest assured knowing you are selling quality CBD products to your customers.

Why You Should Partner with Flawless CBD

Finding the right white label partner is critical to the success of your business and the growth of your brand. Choosing to partner with us means you can leverage on our years of experience and proven track record, among other benefits, which include:

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