What Happens When You Mix CBD Oil and Alcohol

What Happens When You Mix CBD Oil and Alcohol

CBD has taken the health and wellness market by storm. The market is filled with CBD-infused products like oils, body creams, patches, bath bombs, protein powder and sports and energy drinks.

The alcoholic beverages market hasn’t been left behind. There are CBD-infused shots and other alcoholic beverages. Unfortunately, these CBD-infused alcoholic products have not been received with the same enthusiasm as the CBD products.

Many CBD users are questioning the effects of combining CBD and alcohol and if it is safe.

What is CBD?

To understand the interaction between CBD and alcohol, it’s best to start with what CBD is.

CBD is a compound found in the cannabis plant. Unlike the main component of the cannabis THC, CBD doesn’t have psychoactive properties and doesn’t cause a high.

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CBD is extracted from the plant and mixed with a carrier oil which makes it easier to absorb into the body. The preferred carrier oils include coconut oil, hemp seed oil, or olive oil.

They may amplify each other’s effects

Alcohol causes a feeling of relaxation and reduces inhibitions. Research has shown that CBD can also reduce anxiety and cause a feeling of calm which are the same effects as alcohol. Mixing CBD and alcohol might amplify these effects. Some of the effects of mixing CBD and alcohol might include increased sedation and sleepiness.

It’s also possible for some people to experience a change in mood and behaviour after mixing CBD and alcohol. These effects could a result of impairment in motor performance and an altered perception of time as evidence in a recent study.

CBD May Inhibit the Negative Side Effects of Alcohol

There’s plenty to find out about the interaction between alcohol and CBD. However, preliminary research shows that CBD might prevent the adverse effects of alcohol in a few ways.

  • May prevent cell damage and disease - Excessive alcohol consumption is associated with increased cell damage which increases the risk of inflammation, liver disease, pancreatitis and some types of cancer.
    Based on animal studies carried out, it was found that CBD can help to decrease brain-cell damage caused by alcohol consumption by up to 49%.
    Another study suggested that CBD can help protect against fatty liver disease caused by alcohol consumption.
  • May reduce blood alcohol levels – A high blood alcohol levels mean greater loss of cognitive function and motor control. In a study, people who took 200mg of CBD with alcohol were found to have lower blood alcohol levels compared to those that consumed alcohol with a placebo.
  • Maybe help with alcohol addiction – Several studies suggest that CBD might help in managing a variety of alcohol withdrawal symptoms. In one study conducted in rats, it was found that CBD can help prevent relapse, reduce alcohol intake and reduce the urge to consume alcohol.

Despite the research, it’s not clear what the exact effects of mixing CBD and alcohol could be. For CBD lovers that might be motivated to continue mixing CBD and alcohol, it’s highly advisable to stick to very low amounts to minimize risks and if possible, consult with a medical professional.  

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