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CBD products are becoming more popular for their therapeutic effects. One of these that is now quite common amongst CBD users is CBD face creams. These are excellent additions to the face for their calming and moisturising effects and many other benefits that address many skin concerns.

The problem, however, comes in when you use poor-quality CBD face creams. This will not only deprive you of the expected effects and expose you to possible side effects that may be too harsh on you. So, to avoid any adverse reactions, it is important that you source high-quality CBD face creams from reputable manufacturers that can account for the source of their products.

It is also important to patch test before using the product on your face. Read on to learn about the benefits of CBD face creams, the ingredients used in their production, how to use them effectively and much more.

What is CBD face cream?

CBD face cream is a skincare product infused with CBD, a mildly psychoactive compound in cannabis plants. These creams are useful to promote radiant, moisturised skin as well as improve its texture.

CBD face creams come manufactured in various formations, including Full spectrum CBD, Broad spectrum CBD and CBD isolate. Full-spectrum CBD face creams have every natural compound present in cannabis plants, including THC, cannabidiol, terpenes and many others.

Broad spectrum CBD face cream is often passed through various processing that removes THC, the psychoactive compound, from the list.  On the other hand, Isolate CBD face creams only contain CBD compounds in them.

However, for the face creams to be effective, they are often infused with many other ingredients, including shea butter, aloe vera, and other essential oils. All these work together to ensure your skin has maximum benefits and reduced side effects.

So, to use CBD face cream, test patch a small area of your skin first to ensure you won’t have any allergic reactions with the formations. You can then apply a small amount of the cream to your face and gently massage it into the skin. CBD face creams are designed for daily use, although different skin types react differently. Some may achieve the desired results much faster, while others may take some time.

Benefits of CBD face creams

There are different benefits of using CBD face creams. However, you must know their working period depends on different factors from the type of cream in use, the concentration of CBD in it, as well as the age of the user. Sometimes it also depends on the absorption rate of the cream into the bloodstream. But here are some guaranteed benefits of CBD face creams:

Improving skin texture

CBD works by regulating oil production in the skin, which reduces the appearance of pores in the skin, generally improving the overall skin texture. The product also boosts collagen production, improving the elasticity and firmness of your facial skin.

Some people also believe that face creams reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and other ageing results on the skin. But there is a need for more research to confirm these benefits and many others.

Hydrating the skin

The formulation of CBD face creams with shea butter and aloe vera helps to nourish and moisturise any hydrated skin. Some face creams also contain natural oils such as argan oil and jojoba oil, which are rich in fatty acids responsible for nourishing the skin.

CBD face creams also regulate sebum production in the body. Sebum is a natural body-produced oil that, when produced in large amounts, it makes your face too oily and can lead to breakouts. When underproduced, it makes the skin dry, therefore, dehydrating it. So CBD face cream regulates its production to ensure it is balanced for well-nourished skin.

Promoting relaxation

CBD often has a calming and relaxing effect which reduces stress. This means when used on reactive skin, it promotes a sense of well-being and calmness, thus soothing the skin and reducing stress-related breakouts.

Some people also take CBD face creams as a self-care ritual that can reduce stress and promote relaxation. This makes them take time to care for themselves and engage in activities that reduce stress by promoting mental wellness, making the body counter-react to any stress lines on the face.

How to choose the right CBD face cream for your skin?

There are hundreds of CBD face cream manufacturers in the market today. But your option will either nourish your skin or break it and expose you to various side effects. So here are some of the things you want to check out when choosing your CBD face cream:

Determine your skin type

There are different skin types, from dry and acne-prone types to sensitive and oily ones. This means you’ll need to look for a matching formula that’s best for your skin type. For instance, if you are a dry skin person, you want to go for a richer cream guaranteed to hydrate your face. On the other hand, if you have oily skin, you want to get a light cream that won’t clog your pores.

In addition, you may also want to look at the ingredients if you are familiar with their relative effects. For example, anyone with dry skin is better off with a CBD cream infused with natural oils such as argan and avocado. You must avoid harsh chemical ingredients in your cream if you have sensitive skin. Instead, go for gentle, non-irritating options that won’t trigger any sensitive reactions.

Look for other beneficial ingredients

CBD face cream manufacturers are obliged by the law to be transparent on the source of their products, the extraction processes involved, and the results from independent testing of the products. This means most face creams will have their ingredients on the products’ labels.

So you want to check out for any beneficial ingredients on you preferred choices. Some of these ingredients include hyaluronic acid for hydration, vitamin C for brightening, or ceramides for strengthening the skin barrier. However, these were the current skin-nourishing ingredients at the time of writing this article, so there may be many others that you may need to familiarise yourself with.

Check the concentration of CBD

Different manufacturers have different aims with their CBD face creams. This means that these products are likely to have varying CBD concentrations. So you need to look out for concentrations that will work for your skin. This is because some products will contain trace amounts of CBD while others will contain concentrated amounts.

You may want to start with small cream capacities to help you taste out for preferable CBD concentrations that work for you.

Read the customer reviews

Customer reviews explain the experience of previous customers with the CBD face cream you are considering buying. This means you may want to check through several reviews for a clear view of any brand whose creams you haven’t used before.

Ideally, it is best to look for reviews from people of the same skin type and concerns as you.

How to use CBD face cream?

It’s quite simple and easy to use these face creams. However, you must beware that different manufacturers have specific guides on how to use their products for the utmost effectiveness. But if the cream of your choice has no usage instructions, here are some key things to guide you:

Clean your face

You want to start by cleaning off your face by clearing makeup, dust, and any other oily substances on your skin. The best way to clean your face effectively is to wash it with warm water and pat it off with a dry towel.

Apply any toner

This is not a necessary prerequisite, but if you use any toner, apply it before you apply your CBD face cream. Best-quality toners will often help balance your skin’s Ph levels while preparing the skin for CBD face cream.

Apply the CBD cream

Apply a small amount of the cream to your face and neck region while avoiding the eye region. Next, gently massage your face in circular motions to absorb the cream into your skin.

You should allow a few minutes for the skin to absorb the cream completely before applying any other products if necessary.

Apply any additional product

This also is not a necessary step, but it generally depends on your skincare routine. The additional products can be serums, eye creams or moisturisers. But they should be added only after the CBD face cream.

Apply sunscreen

If you are using CBD in the morning, you may need to apply sunscreen before stepping out to help protect your skin from UV damage. If, however, you are applying the face cream while going to bed, sunscreen is not a necessary option.

Safety and Quality assurance of CBD face creams

When choosing your CBD face cream, it is important that you consider the safety and quality of the product.

You may want to check for some certifications on your face creams. Remember, the creams do not have to specifically have been certified by each of these, but it is best when the certifications match a few of what’s here.

It’s also important to note if you are from the UK, CBD face creams are regulated by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency(MHRA) as well as the Food Standards Agency (FSA). However, there may be no specific certifications or testing requirements for CBD products. But here are some general certifications and tests to look out for if you need a safe and quality product.

Third-party testing

This is a compulsory check for any reputable brand. Their CBD face creams have to be checked with a third-party test laboratory to verify the potency and purity of the product. These tests will help detect contaminants such as pesticides and ensure the product contains the correct CBD concentration as it is on the label.

If you need a quality CBD face cream, this is a must-have certification on the product.

Europian Union Organic Certification

If your CBD face cream contains any organic ingredients, this certification confirms that the product meets the EU standards for organic farming and production practices.

However, for the face cream to have this certification logo in the UK, the product must contain less than 0.2% THC. Some manufacturers may also fail to meet the demands for this certification because it also demands that the ingredients in the product be 95% organic.  It’s not a necessary certification when writing this article, but if you spot it, the face cream has a better organic percentage, which is good for you.

Vegan Society certification

This certification verifies that the CBD face cream contains no animal ingredients and has not been tested on animals. This is a good and satisfying sign for anyone who extends their compassion to animals’ wellbeing.

Good Manufacturing Practice certification

This certification verifies that the CBD face cream is manufactured in a facility that adheres to strict quality and standards. It also means that the basic health guidelines for safe extraction and manufacturing have been followed throughout, marking the face cream as safe for use. It’s not a compulsory certification at the moment, but it’s a great addition if available on any CBD face cream.

In conclusion, it’s important that you consider every other necessary feature when choosing your CBD face cream. These include checking for a reputable brand, reading customer reviews, confirming the product has been through an independent third-party testing lab and many other features. This will help you ensure that you use a safe and quality product with guaranteed effectiveness.

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