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The disposable vape market is buzzing. Manufacturers are taking advantage of the easy-to-use devices that most vapers are leaning towards. A majority of the disposable vapes on the market are designed for vapers looking for a better alternative to smoking but want to retain that nicotine hit.

There are also those manufacturers who are producing CBD-based disposable vapes, which are equally in demand. Hyla caters to the third category of vapers who just want to enjoy the experience without any nicotine or CBD.

This exceptional range of disposable vapes designed in Los Angeles, United States, offers an exhilarating vaping experience for vapers looking for something a little different and just want a calming and relaxing time.

The demand for quality in this sector is as high as any other. Hyla has done an exceptional job of providing its customers with the best quality disposable vapes with quality E-liquids that come in sumptuous flavours that you're going to love.

Why Hyla?

Unique designs

Hyla disposable vapes come in unique and elegant designs. The devices are colour coded using bright and bold colours depending on the flavour of the device. The vaporisers are sleek and futuristic, with sharp lines and flat surfaces. They are highly portable and will easily fit into your pocket without a bulge.


Hyla specialises in disposable vapes, which are known for their simplicity. Hyla vaporisers are draw-activated, don’t require charging or refilling. Once you get the device, all you have to do is remove it from its packaging and draw. Every device is packed with up to 800 puffs to ensure you get the most out of the device before you have to replace it.

Natural ingredients

As a vaper, one of the main concerns you have when purchasing vape liquids is the quality of the ingredients. Hyla has taken a simple and transparent approach that ensures you know what is in every disposable vape pen you buy.

The vape liquid is made using vegan formulas, simple and real ingredients that you can easily identify.

Wide range of Hyla flavours

Although this range of Guarana-inspired vaporisers is not as mainstream as CBD or nicotine-infused vaporisers, it doesn't mean you have to settle for a limited flavour variety. Some of the flavours available under this brand include:

  • Banana+Mint – This guilt-free, aroma filled flavour blends the functional guarana plant extract with the buttery and sweet notes of banana with the icy touch of mint to give the flavour a burst of freshness towards the end. Like every other Hyla flavour, Banana+Mint is a gluten-free formula.
  • Strawberry+Lavender – Enjoy the benefits of one of nature’s most heralded plants, Lavender and the sumptuous sweetness of strawberries in this artistically blended Hyla flavour. It features 10% Guarana for that refreshing and relaxing feeling.
  • Blackberry+Hibiscuss – This is an epic flavour for those hot summer days. It has a careful balance of tart and sweetness. It is full of aroma and packs plenty of benefits from the functional guarana plant extract.
  • Watermelon+Mint – For a watery experience with a light, cooling aroma, pick the watermelon+mint flavour. It delivers the ultimate tropical experience and cleaner, relaxing vape sessions.
  • Peppermint – Inspired by another of nature’s best herbs, this flavour is designed to revitalise, refresh and invigorate. It has a stunning burst of freshness and an authentic flavour that most vapers with a unique palette will love.
  • Black Cherry – The black cherry flavour makes an excellent all-day vape. It is a light and juicy flavour packed with aroma and a mythic berry flavour that is hard to resist.

Hyla has a variety of other authentic and irresistible flavours that you’re going to love. The decision to use mainly natural ingredients makes these disposable vapes stand out and appeal to an ever-growing fan-base of vapers who also want to enjoy the benefits of the guarana plant extract.

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