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Oxygen Pro

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    OXYGEN PRO is a canister of cooled high-purity breathable oxygen and premium CBD, designed to aid in the recovery of a variety of physiologically s...

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    Original price £25.00 - Original price £25.00
    Original price £0.00
    £25.00 - £25.00
    Current price £25.00

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Life comes with different levels of physiological and mental stress. Whether in the formal or informal sector, there are moments when you can’t just get yourself doing some activities normally as you would despite having good health. This is when Oxygen Pro comes in.

According to Nasa, the air we breathe contains about 21% of oxygen, enough for optimal functioning of all body parts. However, Oxygen Pro introduces you to about 99.5% of cooled high-purity oxygen infused with CBD. The good news is Oxygen Pro is manufactured in the UK and, therefore, adheres to the strict regulations about CBD products in the UK.

Read on to learn why you should have an Oxygen Pro inhaler with you, what it takes to manufacture the product, how to use it, and much more. 

When to Use Oxygen Pro

Oxygen Pro is your best aid when having fatigue issues or a lack of concentration. The fact that the canister comes with infused CBD as well guarantees an energy boost and an overall refreshing experience. But what times or situations are the best to take Oxygen Pro?

During your workout activities

Oxygen Pro helps boost oxygen levels in your muscle during and after intense workout activities. This helps reduce fatigue and ensure your muscles attain optimal performance, allowing you to push yourself further during the workout.

In addition, after a workout, the CBD-infused Oxygen Pro is essential to help reduce muscle soreness, promoting fast tissue repair and recovery.

When you need to improve concentration

Repeated physical and mental exhaustion easily leads to fatigue over time, especially if you are doing the same activity over and over again. This can be tiring, moreso when you need to study or work on an important project. Using Oxygen Pro before either activity helps enhance your focus and overall concentration levels. You don’t need to struggle with any mental draining activity anymore; Oxygen Pro is all you need.

When travelling overseas

If you travel frequently, you may have experienced jet lag or the discomfort of travelling to high-altitude areas. These sometimes result from changes in oxygen levels, especially with air travel. Oxygen Pro, however, is a proven remedy to help stabilise oxygen levels and manage any jet lag symptoms, such as mild anxiety and changes in appetite.

When struggling to sleep

Are you struggling with insomnia or just having a hard time falling asleep? The combined oxygen and CBD-infused inhaler reduces stress in your body and induces a relaxing state. This is quite helpful in preparing for your sleep as it alleviates discomfort, thus promoting a more comfortable sleep.

When you need to unwind after a long day

If you need a perfect relaxation and relief remedy, Oxygen Pro is your best go-to option. The fact that the inhaler combines CBD ingredients with pure oxygen provides an entirely soothing experience. Moreover, deep breathing promotes an overall calming and relaxing sensation as it reduces strain on your muscles.

Benefits of Using Oxygen Pro

Despite the individual goals and needs, here are some of the benefits of using Oxygen Pro:

Convenient and Portable

Oxygen Pro products come in light, easy-to-use and portable parts that make the kit accessible at any time of convenience to you. This is especially important for everyone who wants to incorporate inhaler usage into daily activities. The Oxygen Pro is the best inhaler for you, whether travelling or going on other outdoor adventures.

Improved Breathing

If you struggle to work in dirty or poorly ventilated environments, Oxygen Pro is your best aid to ensure your body parts keep functioning at their peak rate. The CBD-infused inhaler also helps manage asthmatic conditions by reducing your stress and anxiety levels.

Recyclable and Environmental Friendly

Oxygen Pro manufacturers emphasise the need for a clean and conducive environment by using recycled products in manufacturing. This means by using the inhaler; you are supporting an eco-friendly brand that prioritises the environment and overall wellness.


The CBD-infused ingredients with pure oxygen in the inhaler also help reduce fine lines on your body, thus enhancing elastic skin. However, in addition to using the inhaler, there are many other antiaging activities you’ll need to do for overall elastic skin.


Oxygen Pro offers various inhaler options that can be used in different situations. These include the mask & tube as well as the inhaler cups, all providing a versatile solution for your infused CBD and oxygen needs. This also means whether you are out for a trip or working from home, there’s a present solution that’s more conducive for you.

How to Use

Oxygen Pro inhalers are designed to be very easy to use for utmost convenience. However, the exact usage may vary slightly depending on the inhaler, but they are all straightforward to use.

Here are some general guidelines for using Oxygen Pro:

Read the instructions

Each Oxygen Pro may have different usage instructions, so you must read and follow each instruction carefully.

For instance;

How to use the Mask & Tube Oxygen Pro Model

This version includes an oxygen canister, a medical mask and a tube.

Attach one tube end to the oxygen canister and insert the other into the medical mask. Place the mask in position, ensuring its covers your mouth and nose, then secure the elastic band at the back of your head to hold the mask in position.

To inhale, hold down the button on the oxygen canister and release it when exhaling. Ensure you inhale as normally as possible. Repeat the procedure at least 2 to 6 times, then take at least a 10 minutes break before continuing the inhaling.

How to Use the Inhaler & Cup

Place the cup over your mouth (covering your nose and mouth), and position your hand where it comfortably touches the trigger. Press the trigger gently and regulate the oxygen flow according to your needs.

Ensure you inhale as normally as possible when pressing the trigger and only release it when exhaling. Then, repeat for about 3 to 6 breaths as you would want and take a 10 minutes break before using the canister again.

Further instructions

Store the canister in a cool, dry place away from direct heat and sunlight. It is also important to keep them away from children and pests. You must also follow any other guidelines as outlined by the manufacturer on the canister’s manual guide or instruction label.

If you are on any medications or have health concerns about Oxygen Pro, you should contact trained medical personnel before using the product.

Factors to Consider When Buying Oxygen Pro

Oxygen Pro offers various benefits; however, before buying the inhaler, here are some factors you need to assess and consider some factors.

Individual Variations

People react differently to Oxygen Pro depending on age, health, and medical conditions. This means what works for one individual may not work for another. So you should not base on other people’s achievements with the inhaler to buy it.

Reaction with Medicines

If you have any medical conditions, it is important to consult your doctor before using the inhaler. This is because certain medications may overreact with Oxygen Pro and its constituents leading to more harmful effects.

Individual Needs

You want to ensure you consider your needs and goals when thinking of using Oxygen Pro. Most importantly, ensure the inhaler’s benefits match all your desired outcomes, whether about reducing stress or boosting your overall stamina.


Ensure you buy quality Oxygen Pro from reputable and reliable sources that guarantee the product’s safety. Among the different things you should check for when buying the CBD–infused inhaler are independent third-party lab testing, relevant certifications, and regulations compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Oxygen Pro?

Oxygen Pro is a portable pure oxygen canister infused with CBD, designed to help recover physiological and mental stress and stimulate the body to operate at its peak. It’s also the best aid for individuals interested in the benefits of CBD and those looking for supplemental oxygen; however, a doctor should be involved in your decision-making about using it.

Is Oxygen Pro safe for use?

If used according to the set guidelines, Oxygen Pro is safe for most people to use. However, seeking further guidance from a professional healthcare provider is important, especially in any underlying health conditions.

Can I use Oxygen Pro for medication?

No, Oxygen Pro is not meant to treat, diagnose, or prevent any medical condition. Neither is the canister a medical device, and therefore, it should not be used as a substitute treatment for doctors’ prescriptions.

How long do infused CBD Oxygen Pro canisters last?

As at the time of writing this, Oxygen Pro canisters offered 15 litres of oxygen in the inhaler cup. This is meant to last for about 50 inhalations before you have to replace the canister. However, the exact period may vary depending on different factors, including inhalation techniques and general usage patterns.

Are there side effects of using Oxygen Pro?

The side effects of using Oxygen Pro are not guaranteed, but if there, they may vary among individuals. For example, some people may experience light and mild effects, such as slight irritation in the mouth or nose irritation. If, in any case, you experience adverse side effects, it is best to discontinue using the canister and visit a health facility.

Environmental Credibility and Sustainability

Oxygen Pro manufacturers designed the canister to be beneficial to the users with minimal impact on the environment. With optimal performance in mind, the canisters are meant to be refillable and reusable to increase their usage cycles before they reach the disposal period for recycling.

Here is a breakdown of their environment-sustainable parts:

The Oxygen Mask

This Eco mask features the latest manufacturing technology that combines non-PVC materials. The body is a clear, soft, rigid material with more sustainable points than a PVC mask.

The Rubber Tubing

The connecting tube is a durable and non-toxic silicone rubber that’s safer for human health and the environment than most plastics. While resisting oxidative deterioration, the tube can withstand extreme temperature changes without cracking or melting. As much as it's not a biodegradable, silicone rubber is recyclable by grinding and mixing the material with fresh silicone.

Inhaler Cup

The inhaler cup is a polypropylene copolymer used for making disposable syringes for many other medical appliances. The material is chosen for the inhaler cup because of its softness and low density. This is why the inhaler cup can be the only preference for the oxygen mask.

The Canister

This is an aluminium high-pressure casing that can be refilled or reused. So the manufacturers prefer returning empty canisters by depositing them at specified collection points where they can be reused. However, in cases where the canister is damaged beyond repair, it can be recycled and aid in manufacturing other aluminium products.

Health and Safety Information

It is best to consult your doctor about your health status before using the Oxygen Pro canister.

Additionally, you need to check the canisters labels for more manufacturer safety guides. Some of these include:

Avoid exposing the oxygen canister to higher temperatures beyond 50 degrees Celsius or using it around open flames, candles, cigarettes and cigarette lighters.  It is also essential to keep all combustible materials away from the canister because, despite oxygen being a non-flammable gas, combustible materials are likely to ignite much more easily when exposed to concentrated oxygen.

Keep off the canister from sunlight. Instead, place it in a cool and dry place.

Where to Buy

Flawless Vape Shop is a reputable and trustworthy retailer known for its wide product collection. The shop also sources its Oxygen Pro products straight from the manufacturers, so you are assured of top-quality products when buying from the shop.

At Flawless vape shop are also knowledgeable staff members who will guide and advise you accordingly based on any issue you may need concerning Oxygen Products. In addition, the fact that the shop is an online retailer makes the products easily accessible to anyone around the UK. Generally, the shop is your all-time stop for all your CBD products in compliance with UK laws.

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Need Assistance?

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