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Can CBD Oil Give You Energy?

Can CBD Oil Give You Energy?

The sleep aid market has been on an upward trend because of increased incidences of sleep disorders and lack of sleep among people of all ages. As a result, fatigue and lethargy have also taken a toll on the working class.

Now everyone is looking for a spark from anything as common as coffee or even an energy drink. The only problem has been most of these aids and energy boosters come with side effects and require to be used regularly.

Some of these side effects can also make your days long and uncomfortable. They include headaches, light-headedness, drowsiness and even memory problems.

CBD has emerged as a potential solution to people wanting to have a jolt of energy to push them through the day without the effects that come with other solutions. While regular CBD users have reported increased activity, alertness and energy, the question of whether CBD increases energy has been asked regularly.

What is CBD Oil?

There's a lot of misconception that surrounds CBD. To avoid any of that, it's important to understand that CBD is and distance it from other substances it is usually confused with.

CBD is extracted from the stalks and the seeds of hemp. It is a natural compound that not only features the CBD oil but also other nutritious materials like omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids, chlorophyll and vitamins to name a few.

The most important thing to note is, while CBD interacts with the receptors in the central, peripheral and nervous system, it does not induce a sense of euphoria.

CBD comes in a range of shapes and forms, from relaxation CBD tea to CBD oil drops to place under the tongue. The world is finally accepting CBD and starting to see the benefits.

Does CBD Increase Energy Levels?

Most people and even athletes are considering adding CBD to their daily nutritional supplements because of its beneficial ingredients and compounds relating to sport.

Unlike energy drinks or coffee that achieve this by adding a foreign compound that alters nerves and receptors, CBD works by supporting the cells that make you sluggish and sleepy. This is achieved through the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Through this system, CBD oil is able to affect a variety of biological processes.

How Does the Endocannabinoid System Work?

To understand how CBD supports the body, you have to understand how the endocannabinoid system or the ECS system works.

Cannabinoids in general work to improve the health and wellness of the body by using the body's self-regulatory network which is called the ECS system. Through this system, the body is able to regulate a wide variety of functions which include:

  • Appetite
  • Sleep
  • Mood and anxiety
  • Metabolism and energy balance
  • Production of hormones
  • Immune and pain system response
  • Stress
  • Learning and memory

A healthy ECS system keeps all the functions working optimally leaving you feeling strong, healthy and alert. If any external factor causes the function in the ECS system to go out of balance, it can cause a variety of effects. These include feeling fatigued, demotivated, sluggish and generally tired.

This is achieved through the compound interacting with the endocannabinoid receptors by stimulating and offering support through supplements to keep the functions balanced and at their best performance.

How to Get the Most Out of CBD

People are different and each person responds differently to CBD. It is highly recommended that you keep track of your CBD supplement intake as well as the benefits and effects you experience while using the supplement.

Some of the details you should include in your daily record include:

  • The type of CBD supplement you take.
  • The amount of CBD intake in milligrams you use in a day.
  • The time of day you take your supplements.
  • Any changes, effects or sensations you experience when taking the supplement.
  • Changes in sleep patterns and energy levels.

With the information in your records, you can better adjust your CBD intake to better support your body.

The biggest reason why CBD has been preferred in the place of energy drinks and caffeinated drinks is its ability to work within the system without leaving behind adverse effects like light-headedness and headaches. CBD oil supplements work within the body for the body and provide support for different functions of the body.

How Much CBD Should You Take?

Taking the right amount of CBD oil is vital for the right effects. In most cases, the average dose is about 25mg of CBD oil per day.

The right dosage varies from person to person depending on their body weight, metabolic rate and the reason for taking CBD. It’s crucial to find the right amount of CBD that you should take.

For first-time users, it’s best to start with the lowest dose, then increase slowly, while monitoring the signs and symptoms until you experience the desired effects.

What Are the Best CBD Products to Take for Energy?

You can choose from a variety of CBD products designed to stimulate energy. Some of the available options include:

  • CBD energy drinks – CBD energy drinks feature several ingredients known to increase energy like caffein and sugar paired with CBD to provide a jolt of strength through out the day. CBD energy drinks are the surest way to stimulate energy.
  • CBD water – Water can help to increase metabolism and the body’s energy production. CBD sparkling water products can help to maximise the production of energy ensuring you are not only rehydrated but feeling energetic at all times.
  • CBD coffee – There are several CBD coffee products to choose from depending on your preference. The most common one at Flawless CBD is Colombian Coffee. The caffein contained in coffee is pivotal in striking an energetic feeling making this an ideal morning drink that will get your day started on the right footing.

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