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What Are Shisha Pens?

What Are Shisha Pens?

Smoking CBD is one of the most immersive and effective ways of delivering CBD into the bloodstream. There are numerous methods of smoking CBD products, among them dabbing, and now, there is also CBD shisha which can be smoked using a hookah. If you're looking for a more portable device to smoke CBD shisha, shisha pens are the best option.

What is a Shisha Pen?

CBD Shisha pens are a more portable alternative to hookah smoking. The shisha pens look similar to e-cigarettes and provide an experience that is similar to smoking regular cigarettes. The pens are easy to use, only requiring you to load the pen with a capsule of your choice, powering the pen on and it will create the vapour when you draw.

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Like vaporisers, shisha pens don't have the toxic chemicals found in regular tobacco products like tar or carbon monoxide, making them an ideal option for smokers looking to transition from cigarettes.

How Do Shisha Pens Work?

On the surface, shisha pens look sophisticated, but how they work is surprisingly simple. Unlike regular cigarettes, there is no fire involved in the operation of a shisha pen. Instead, the pen turns liquid into vapour when you inhale.

A shisha pen has three main components; the battery, a chamber with the vape liquid and the heating element. 

The battery supplies power to the heating element, which converts the power into heat that heats the liquid in the tube. The pen heats the liquid to a temperature where it can be inhaled as a gas.

When you draw from the shisha pen, you activate the battery. It warms up the heating element, which heats up a small amount of liquid. The liquid turns into a gas and flows through the mouth and into the lungs providing the user with a pleasant and satisfying experience.

Although the batteries in a shisha pen provide a substantial amount of power to the heating element, the batteries are designed to deliver over six hundred puffs. That should last you a couple of days, depending on your tendencies.

Most shisha pens also come with an LED to tell the user when to puff and when the device is getting a little too hot. The LED uses a colour-coded system which might differ slightly but often features red for stop and green when it is okay to smoke from the device.

Benefits of a Shisha Pen

Shisha pens are not only a unique way of smoking, but they also have numerous advantages, which is why they are growing at such an exponential rate:

  1. They don’t have toxins

 Shisha pens create clean and pure vapour that doesn't contain carbon monoxide, tar, or other harmful toxins produced when smoking regular cigarettes. Unlike hookahs and cigarettes, shisha pens don't combust anything and therefore don't create any of the problems experienced with the other products.

  1. There is no nicotine

Nicotine is a highly addictive stimulant found in regular tobacco cigarettes and hookah tobacco. Although nicotine is not entirely harmful, it creates addiction and dependency. For smokers that just want to enjoy the flavour, this can be a problem. Shisha pens don’t contain any nicotine whatsoever.

  1. No smoke restrictions

Cigarette smokers are often restricted on where to smoke because of the dangerous smoke produced by cigarettes. Shisha pens produce vapour instead of smoke. It allows the pens to be used in places where cigarettes are often frowned upon.

  1. No second-hand smoke

The vapour produced by shisha pens dissipates rapidly within seconds. The vapour is clean and pure with minimal contaminants. Because it dissipates so quickly, there is no “second hand smoke” that others can breathe in. This is why using a shisha pen is tolerated in places where tobacco is not.

  1. Shisha pens are cheaper

On average, a shisha pen will last you for about 600 puffs. When compared to cigarettes, shisha pens are much cheaper to use compared to regular cigarettes. You not only have a better experience, but it Is also cheaper.

  1. No lingering smells

Cigarette smokers have a distinct smell that lingers after smoke caused by the harmful chemicals settling on their clothes and skin. Because shisha pens don't contain tar or similar additives, there is no smell of smoke, which many people, especially non-smokers, find undesirable.

  1. Easy to use

Shisha pens are far much easier to use compared to hookahs that require a lot of setting up. With shisha pens, there’s no setting up required or coals to fire up the hookah. It is just puff and enjoy!

  1. Shisha pens are small and discrete

Shisha pens or e-hookahs are small and discrete. You can easily carry them around in your pocket or put them in your purse for easy on-the-go use. With the Shisha pen, you can bring your shisha pen experience with you always. The devices also have a deceptive design that doesn’t attract much attention and often looks like a pen.

What’s the Difference Between a Shisha Pen and an E-Cigarette?Eliquid, Ejuice, Electronic Cigarette

Shisha pens or e-hookahs share similarities with e-cigarettes but also have a few differences. The pens are constructed the same ways as e-cigarettes and use the same fundamental technology of using a battery to power a heating element that heats a liquid to produce vapour.

The differences are in how you use both devices and the types of liquids they heat. Shisha pens are purely for recreational purposes and fun. E-cigarettes are often designed for people with nicotine addiction. However, some users are also picking them up for relaxation and fun.

E-cigarettes often require more maintenance and servicing because they are used more often than shisha pens. Also, some e-cigarettes are reusable, while most shisha pens are disposable. You buy them, use them, then dispose of them.

Do Shisha Pens Contain Nicotine?

A vast majority of shisha pens don’t contain nicotine. They are a safe and fun way to enjoy flavourful puffs without worrying about the health risks associated with nicotine addiction. If you're interested in an option that contains nicotine, you should consider e-cigarettes that have vape juice varieties that contain nicotine.

Are Shisha Pens Reusable?

Shisha pens are not reusable. They are designed as a disposable product that you can enjoy then dispose of or send for recycling. An e-hookah will last you over 600 puffs which makes them cheaper than cigarettes or a real hookah.

If you want a reusable option, you should consider an e-cigarette. It has the functionality of a shisha pen, and you can occasionally use it with e-liquid containing nicotine.

Are Shisha Pens Safe?

Shisha pens are manufactured from approved food-grade materials. The liquid contained inside the pen is made from propylene glycol, flavouring and glycerine. The devices work by vaporisation instead of combustion, making them entirely safe for use compared to other methods of smoking tobacco or shisha, which use combustion and release harmful toxins.   

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