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Can You Vape on Antibiotics?

Can You Vape on Antibiotics?

As more people embrace vaping, different issues about possible vape interactions with other substances arise. Among these is the potential for antibiotics to react with vapes. While little is known about vapes, this article brings you on board the vaping world and tells you what to expect from vaping and taking antibiotics.

Cannabis and Antibiotics

Although CBD is a milder and safer alternative to THC, it may react with certain antibiotics, causing harm. This is especially because antibiotics are in different groups based on the pathogens and microbes they are to treat.

Moreover, antibiotics are only prescribed in case of infections. So, as much as there’s no evidence of their reaction to CBD, a potential interaction between the two may cause harm and a higher risk of adverse effects.

Additionally, CBD can alter how the body breaks down antibiotics by affecting the production of certain enzymes in the liver. This, in turn, may affect the speed at which the body metabolises antibiotics.

So, with a slowed antibiotic breakdown, its levels will pile in your bloodstream, risking multiple side effects. However, more research is needed to confirm the exact effects of taking CBD and antibiotics.

Is it Safe to Vape When Using Antibiotics?

Vaping may not cause problems when you are taking antibiotics, but there’s a chance they could interact, especially considering the complex human system.

For instance, if you vape while taking metronidazole, the propylene glycol in the vape juice may not break down completely, therefore causing it to pile in the system. Although this is not extremely harmful, it may leave you with headaches, nausea, vomiting and other hungover feelings.

Although more research is needed about this, vaping can reduce the effectiveness of antibiotics, leading to delayed recovery and unforeseen complications. It may also make your body resistant to antibiotics, leading to a change in medication and exposing you to much stronger antibiotics.

Best Way to Vape When Taking Antibiotics

While vaping itself may not necessarily interact with antibiotics, it is important to be cautious.

Here are some tips to ensure your safety:

Consult Your Doctor

Consult your healthcare provider for personalised advice before taking that puff when on antibiotics. They will guide you based on your medical history and the strength of the antibiotics prescribed.

Prioritise High-Quality Products

Ensure you pick quality vape products from reputable sources where you are not afraid of heavy metals or other contaminants reacting with the antibiotics. Go for CBD products that have been tested for purity and potency.

Be Vigilant for Side Effects

You must monitor your body for unusual symptoms when vaping. If you note any adverse reactions, visit a hospital for an immediate checkup.

Consider Alternative Methods

Inhaling clouds of CBD vapour is quite satisfying and has an instant onset of CBD effects. But if you are afraid of potential interactions, consider alternative methods such as CBD gummies or CBD capsules. While these would bypass the respiratory system, you still need to monitor your body's potential CBD-antibiotics reactions.

Stay Well Hydrated

Both vaping and antibiotic medication risk causing dehydration. So, drinking plenty of water flushes out excess toxins from your system. Aim to drink more water, especially when feeling dehydrated or experiencing any side effects from vaping and using antibiotics.

Keep Track of Your Symptoms

Monitor and keep track of the specific symptoms before and after vaping when using antibiotics. This will help you know when to seek help if the symptoms worsen.

When to keep Off Vapes while Using Antibiotics

If you have to vape when on bacterial medication, do it in moderation. Here are situations when you should not attempt vaping if taking antibiotics:

When Taking Treatment for Severe Infections

Your body is often weak when fighting bacterial infections. And it’s worse when battling severe infections such as blood infections, pneumonia, or liver infections. So, you must keep off the vape device for the body to focus entirely on fighting the infection without distractions.

History of Allergies

If you have a sensitive body system, it is safe to stay off vaping until you complete your course of antibiotics. These medications are often prescribed for 7 to 10 days, so you may need to wait till then before resuming vaping.

Underlying Health Conditions

Some underlying health conditions, such as respiratory issues, may be worsened by vaping or possible interactions with antibiotics. So, in case of such, it is best to stop vaping until you have fully recovered from the infection.


If I’m on antibiotics, can I still vape?

No, you cannot vape while being on antibiotics. This may not only cause side effects but also slow down their effectiveness, therefore worsening your health condition. While more studies about this are ongoing, remember both the act of vaping and cannabis respond differently to the users. So treat them cautiously.

How does vaping affect antibiotics?

Vaping can interact with antibiotics, affecting their effectiveness, though it depends on the type of antibiotics. The chemicals in the vapour may also impact your body’s ability to fight infections.

Can vaping worsen an infection?

Yes, experts believe vaping may worsen an infection. However, individual response varies. The e-cigarette vapour you inhale may interfere with the composition of the white blood cells, leading to the severity of the infection.

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