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Different Types of CBD Products

Different Types of CBD Products

Thinking of joining in the CBD fun? There are a number of options you can consider both topical and ingested. One of the ways to improve your CBD experience is to understand the different products on the market and picking the ones that will offer the best results for you.

Considering there are dozens of types of CBD products with more being released each day, it's safe to say, you're spoilt for choice, but this guide should help you sort through the variety with relative ease.

Core Products

Every CBD product is made from a CBD extract or an isolate. They are usually referred to as the core products. In addition to being the basis for most other types of CBD products, core products are often sold as standalone products.

CBD Extracts are oily in consistency and colour varies from dark black shade to a honey-brown. Some of the materials contained in extracts include cannabinoids and fatty acids. Extracts are usually packaged in a syringe when sold as a stand-alone product or in a similar small container. It makes it easier to get the doses right.

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On the other hand, CBD isolate is a crystalline substance. They come as either a slab or powder. They have high potency and most people prefer them because they contain no THC, so you don't run any problems in case you have to take a drug test.

Beauty and Skin Care Products

There are numerous CBD inspired beauty products in the market at the moment. These products are designed to provide the traditional benefits but pack the additional benefits that come with having CBD as an ingredient. Some of the types of CBD products that fall under this category include:

For CBD Balms and Creams, visit our category page.


There are other ways to enjoy the benefits that CBD has to offer other than ingesting and inhaling. The skin is the largest organ on the body and has a rich supply of nerves and nerve endings which makes it a great avenue to administer CBD.

Capsules and Tablets

Tablets and capsules are made from a form of the CBD extract. They are best used as a supplement and are swallowed. The capsules come in a soft gel that is easy to swallow or can come in a two-piece capsule. Some of the capsules contain CBD in a liquid form while others are oil-based and others contain a powder.

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Regardless of the nature of the contents inside of the capsule or the tablet, the ingredients inside are the same with the same functions.

To make the capsules effective, the contents might include a few other ingredients other than CBD to maximise on their benefits. Some of these ingredients include herbs and other supplement additives.  

Capsules are usually preferred by CBD users because:

  • They are easy to use
  • They are discrete
  • There’s no taste of earthy aftertaste
  • The dosing is accurate since each tablet contains the same amount of CBD
  • The effects last longer


Products falling under this category are known for their potency because they have a high level of Cannabidiol. The type of concentrate depends on the source of the extract and the method used to extract the CBD.

Concentrates should be smoked or dapped. The most effective way of smoking concentrates is by using a wax pen vaporiser. 

Like the tablets, concentrates also vary in types and forms. Some of the types of concentrates are:

  • Wax
  • Terpsolate
  • Shatter
  • Crumble

The kind of concentrate depends mostly on the method of extraction. For instance, shatter concentrates are created by infusing terpenes into the slabs of isolate.

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Edibles are a perfect way to add some fun to your CBD regimen. They are usually food products that have been infused with a CBD extract or isolate.

They are particularly prevalent when they are in the form of baked goods or candy. You can find edibles in the form of chocolates, cookies, gummies, suckers and brownies. They are preferred by people who take CBD regularly because it helps to mask the taste of CBD making it easier and fun to take. That makes it easier for first time users to try CBD without holding back.

We stock a wide range of CBD Edibles to choose from.

Edible CBD types of products include:

    Vape Products

    Vaping CBD is yet another type of CBD. In recent years, the popularity of vaping has grown which has led to an increase in demand for vaping CBD products. With these types of CBD products, the isolate or extract is vaporised through a vaping pen or a mod and the smoke is inhaled.

    Of all the methods of taking CBD and types of CBD, this is the most effective and the results are felt almost immediately.

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    Some of the CBD products you will find under this category include;

    CBD e-liquids and oils also contain other ingredients to improve consistency and make the product more vape friendly. Such ingredients include thinners which include MCT oil, fractionated coconut oil and vegetable glycerine or Propylene Glycol mixes which act as a carrier.

    The products also come in different flavours so you should expect them to have flavouring. If you prefer to vape the unflavoured varieties, they are also available.


    Tinctures are often just referred to as CBD oil. They are ingested sublingually by placing under the tongue. Tinctures come in small bottles with a dropper for easier dosing and administering. Other than the CBD, tinctures also have a few other ingredients.

    • Carrier oil – the carrier mixes with the CBD extract or isolate for better-balanced potency which ensures the CBD and other molecules are delivered to the user. Hemp and MCT oils are the most commonly used as a carrier. They help the CBD to be absorbed through the walls of the stomach and other membranes within the body. Vegetable glycerine and alcohol can also be used.
    • Additives – other than CBD extracts and carrier oils, some tinctures might also have a few optional additives like flavours, sweeteners and terpenes. Each of the additives serves a different role. However, the compilation of the additives differs from one brand to the next.

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    Tinctures work relatively fast and are quick acting. It takes about 20 to 40 minutes before you can start feeling the effects. Once the effects kick in, they can last up to 6 hours.


    You can choose from a wide range of topical products which range from salves and balms.

    As the demand and applications for CBD grow, it's expected that there might be new types of CBD products that will be introduced into the market.

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