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CBD Vape Benefits

CBD Vape Benefits

Cannabis is something people are quick to conclude about. Whether good or bad, people don't have enough knowledge to make objective judgements already. The internet recognises it mainly as a psychoactive drug because of the THC component responsible for inducing “highness”. There is also Cannabidiol (CBD) which accounts for up to 43% of the marijuana plant extract.

But what exactly are the benefits of the seemingly miraculous chemical component CBD when it is inhaled as an electronic cigarette? Read on to the end of this article to discover what you stand to gain by inhaling CBD vape.

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How does CBD vape act?

When inhaled, the CBD vapour is taken to the lungs, where the CBD chemical is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. CBD in the bloodstream acts on the cannabinoid receptors within the endocannabinoid system present in the human body. It stimulates the receptors to produce endocannabinoids which can regulate different functions of the human system. These functions include the immune system response, pain sensation, sleep, and appetite.

CBD vape benefits

Now that we know how CBD acts in the human body let's look at some of the known benefits of vaping CBD.

  • Available in plenty of options

One of the top advantages of consuming CBD as vape products is that it is available in plenty of flavours and designs. There are currently several types of CBD vape pens, personal diffusers, pods, and cartridges you can purchase. Some of the CBD vape flavours available include cola, strawberry, and mint.

The availability of CBD vape products in a wide range of options means you can't be bored from repeatedly using the same product. You can mix and match flavours to find the one that appeals the most to you.

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However, it is worth noting that although you are free to choose the type of CBD vape product you want to consume, you ought to pay attention to the company supplying it. You should therefore research the company's customer reviews to get an idea of what consumers are saying before purchasing the product. 

  • Offers flexibility

The problem facing most CBD consumers is the inability to use CBD products whenever they want for fear of attracting judgement from strangers. However, that isn't the case with CBD vape products, as you can use them wherever you are, even away from home. With many people vaping nowadays, you won' attract any special attention by vaping CBD products. You only need to confirm that it is legal to vape CBD in the area you are in before consuming the product.

  • May relieve pain and inflammation

CBD activates serotonin receptors, which reduces the neurotransmitter serotonin, causing a reduction in the amount of pain felt in the body. A study in 2015 showed that 30% of patients who used CBD felt a decrease in the intensity of pain after using CBD. University researcher Martin made Vita conducted a series of experiments and concluded that the pain relief felt by subjects was both pharmacological action and psychological effects-driven. Studies also show that CBD has anti-inflammatory effects because it causes the body not to release chemicals that cause inflammation.

  • Lowers the side effects of chemotherapy treatment

Animal-based studies show that CBD regulates nausea and vomiting. And with nausea and vomiting being common side effects caused by cancer-induced chemotherapy, it can be said that CBD may help reduce the side effects of chemotherapy. CBD works by limiting the secretion of serotonin, resulting in the feeling of vomiting suppressed. The discoveries above were published in a 2013 review by the British Journal for Clinical Pharmacology.

  • It may help smokers quit

Addiction has become a norm these days. Researchers have found CBD helpful when you want to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes. It helps soothe the cravings instead of indulging in drugs with dire consequences and side effects. A 2013 report reflected that it might be a potential treatment for nicotine addiction. The subjects reduced the number of cigarettes smoked by 40%. Another similar study also concluded that CBD helped reduce the urge to smoke, helping smokers quit or reduce tobacco consumption.

  • It may reduce insomnia

Sleeping problems will soon become a thing of the past. Scientists have proven that CBD can induce drowsiness and eventually sleep in people suffering from sleeping disorders such as insomnia. However, it is worth noting that the effectiveness of CBD in inducing sleep is usually related to the amount you take. A small dose will make you alert, while a more significant quantity will make you sleepy.

An experiment conducted on animals in the 1970s showed the drowsiness effects associated with CBD intake. The results of feeling sleepy are experienced both in insomnia and non-insomnia patients. The calming effect that comes with its consumption may help you find sleep.

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  • Fast onset of effects

Vaping CBD is the fastest way of realising the effects of CBD. This is because inhaling the compound through the lungs allows it to reach the bloodstream faster. As such, it is normal for users to feel the effects of CBD within five minutes of vaping it.

The fast onset of CBD effects when vaped makes vaping a go-to method for people seeking to realise the benefits of the cannabinoid within minutes. This is especially the case with people using CBD to relieve stress or pain.

Final thoughts

In conclusion,  the popularity of Cannabidiol has increased due to its undeniable benefits. It is an all in one miracle. Many people have started investing in CBD research as there is more to know about this cannabinoid. Most benefits known are due to their short term effects, and long term effects are still being studied.

Due to the technological and research advancements in recent times, it will not be long before we know the full capabilities of CBD.

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