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Discrete CBD Products to Take at Work

Discrete CBD Products to Take at Work

Finding ways to stay calm, focused and productive in today’s workplaces is no longer an option; it is a necessity. Most work environments' fast-paced, technology-driven nature demands effective strategies to enhance your workday. This comes when CBD is more popular for its wide range of potential benefits.

However, there are many unanswered questions about CBD's effectiveness and productivity effects. But what matters most is, can you make it to use CBD products at work unnoticed?

Whether you need an option to help manage stress or stay focused in meetings, there are different CBD products designed for discreet use at work. Read on and explore these discreet products meant for work use. You will learn of CBD’s potential cause of positive drug test results, its regulatory compliance at workplaces and much more.

Understanding CBD

CBD, cannabidiol, is a molecular compound extracted from hemp, a species of cannabis. Other than CBD, there are many other compounds present, including THC, CBC, CBG, terpenes and hundreds of cannabinoids.

CBD and THC are the most popular but have varying effects based on their present levels during extraction. THC is what gets you high when using cannabis, but it's available in trace amounts in the hemp plant. CBD, on the other hand, has various therapeutic benefits, from anxiety management to improved focus.

Although CBD is intentionally extracted from hemp plants for the lesser THC levels, governments regulate its production to 0.2% THC. The regulation aims to mitigate its potential risks and ensure your safety.

How to Choose Discreet CBD Products for Use at Work

Choosing the appropriate CBD product for work usage needs careful consideration. This helps ensure you enjoy the benefits of the products without drawing employers' and coworkers’ attention.

Here are some facts to consider:

Go for Products with Minimal THC Content

THC is responsible for the psychoactive effect of cannabis. When using your CBD products at the office, you must ensure the product has minimal to no THC. This ensures you stay in compliance with the legal regulations about THC while also avoiding unwanted psychoactive effects.

Otherwise, such products may hinder your job performance from decision-making to productivity. It may also affect your alertness and energy levels, leading to drowsiness and fatigue.

Consider the Formulation of the CBD Product

Easy-to-use and discreet CBD products need no complex preparation methods. You must go for CBD products that you can take without raising eyes. Some of the most common examples are CBD tinctures, softgels, and capsules that you can take unnoticed with a glass of water.

Pay Attention to the Packaging & Portability

Go for CBD products whose packaging won’t attract attention. You also need a product that’s easy to carry without extra accessories or space for complex equipment.

Think About the Effect of Duration

For a normal workday, you need a CBD product with a clear dosage and predictable duration of its effects. In general, a product with moderate dosage and prolonged-lasting effects should be your best choice.

Extra Key Factors to Consider About CBD

For an effective CBD experience at work, here are additional factors you must have in mind about the nature of CBD.

CBD from Hemp or Marijuana?

CBD products for use at work should be extracted from hemp rather than Marijuana. CBD from hemp has higher cannabidiol compounds with lower THC. This means little to no psychoactive effects compared to CBD from Marijuana, which has higher THC content.

So, CBD from marijuana is most likely to induce its psychoactive effects and impair your cognitive functioning at work.

Potential Drug Test Concerns

Does your field of work require consistent drug tests? If you take Broad Spectrum CBD consistently, chances are high that your body may retain certain detectable compounds that may trigger the test results despite complying with the 0.2% THC UK regulations.

On the other hand, CBD isolate consists of a pure CBD compound that’s free from other cannabinoids. Consuming this at work means you are less likely to get detected on a drug test because all potentially detectable THC amounts have been extracted from the compound.

According to your company’s drug test rules, you are better off with a CBD isolate product. It remains undetected even after using it for a prolonged period.

Best Practices for Using CBD Products at Work

You are expected to maintain a professional environment at work at all times. So, incorporating CBD at your workplace requires following best practices to ensure you have a positive CBD experience.

Here are some key practices you should maintain:

Know and Understand Your Company’s Policies

You must familiarise yourself with the company’s policies regarding substance use, especially CBD. Some companies may have specific guidelines or restrictions regarding using CBD products. So, complying with these policies ensures you don’t have potential conflicts with the human resource manager and fellow employees.

Always Choose Discreet Products

Choose CBD products that you can take at any time unnoticed. Ensure you don’t pick a CBD product with strong odours or one whose packaging may attract attention. Ideally, choose a product that can be taken discreetly, especially with water or food.

Be Mindful of the Effects

While CBD is popular for its calming and improved focus effects, the potential response varies in different people. So, pay attention to how CBD affects you in an office setting. It would be best to use a CBD product that you have used before and understand how it interacts with your body.

The key effect to be careful about is how CBD products affect your energy levels, mood, and overall well-being.

Avoid Mixing with Other Substances

You may be tempted to use CBD with other substances, such as alcohol and other drugs. The pressure for its benefits may also push to use the products while on medication. But be warned, CBD can interact differently with various substances. So avoid mixing it to ensure you are free from its negative interactions.

Drink More Water

CBD usage may have potential dehydration effects depending on the body nature of the individual using it. So, you must always stay hydrated to mitigate any potential effects the products may have on you.

Ideal Discreet CBD Products for Use at Work

Here are some discreet CBD products that you can use in any workplace, depending on your preferences:

CBD Capsules

CBD capsules & softgels are ideal and the most convenient way to take in your CBD extract. Consume the capsules with water as you would with any supplement without drawing attention. Whether you need the calming effects or its enhanced focus, you can take the capsules in the morning to start your day or at midday to manage anxiety.

CBD Tinctures

CBD oil tinctures are easily absorbed compared to the capsule form. This is because the tinctures bypass the digestive system and are absorbed through the sublingual glands in the mouth. The tinctures come in small portable bottles and with droppers for precise consumption.

You can also add the oil tinctures to your midday beverages or morning coffee without worrying about attracting a colleague’s attention.

CBD Topicals

For CBD topicals, the cannabidiol compound is infused in creams, lotions, and skin balms that won’t raise attention. Moreover, the topicals are significant for localised relief, so they won’t affect the whole body.

The topicals also come in small, compact packages that you can carry in your bag or store in your drawer.

CBD Gummies

CBD gummies resemble your favourite candy gummies except that they are infused with CBD oil in them.  Although the gummies form may take longer to effect, they are the most convenient and easy to consume. Additionally, the gummies have prolonged effects compared to other CBD products. These also come in various flavour options and are the best for specific dosages.

CBD Vape Pens

In a world where vaping has been on the headlines for long if your workplace permits vaping, this can be your ideal option for fast-acting effects. Vaping CBD introduces the cannabidiol compound into your bloodstream through the alveoli in the lungs.

While CBD vape pens are discrete and convenient, you need to be mindful of your colleagues' preferences, especially if your workplace has unclear rules about vaping.

You can pack various CBD products for use in the office based on your needs. But you must go for discreet CBD products to avoid problems at work. You also need to follow the best CBD practices to ensure you get a positive experience without affecting your colleagues’ peace at work.

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