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How Long After Taking CBD Oil Can I Drink Water?

How Long After Taking CBD Oil Can I Drink Water?

The growing demand for CBD globally has led to its users turning a blind eye to some key factors, such as the exact procedure of taking CBD. But we are here to help you appropriately & ensure you don’t have challenges taking CBD oil.

Firstly, CBD, the main compound found in hemp plants, is made available in different products once extracted. These include CBD tinctures, vapes, topicals, gummies, and capsules. Most of these have clear information on how to take them effectively to realise the desired benefits.

However, there’s lots of misinformation on how to take CBD as each user believably does what they think is right. Like medicine, some people believe CBD products with food or water, while others are staunchly against the idea.

This article updates you on how best you can take CBD oil and how long you can drink water once you take CBD oil.

What is CBD?

CBD is one of the key compounds found in cannabis plants. However, the cannabis plant variety often contains higher THC, the substance responsible for the psychoactive effect of marijuana. However, you can also get CBD from the hemp plant, which is the main source of most CBD products in stores today.

The difference between CBD from the hemp plant and that from cannabis is CBD from the hemp plant has little quantities of THC, making it the most preferable option for everyday CBD products.

So, once CBD from the hemp plants is harvested, it is processed into oil, while in some cases, it can be processed to powder form.

Upon consumption, CBD oil is digested, and the extracts are released into the blood, where they are made available at the endocannabinoid system in the central nerves of the body. There, CBD influences different regulatory effects that help maintain a perfect state of balance in the body.

Typically, your body would absorb all the CBD oil you take, but that is never the case. The onset of the effects of CBD oil largely depends on the body’s metabolic rate and its bioavailability in the bloodstream. Although human bodies vary, the type of CBD oil you consume and your method of consuming the CBD oil play a key role in determining how fast you see its effects because of the cannabinoid content in the oils.

The most common types of CBD oil are:

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

The full spectrum CBD oil has all the compounds present in the hemp plant, including flavonoids, terpenes, and other cannabinoids apart from CBD and THC. It is believed that the unison of each of these compounds delivers an entourage of effect which boosts the therapeutic properties of CBD and increases the chances of its bioavailability in the body.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Broad-spectrum CBD oil is what looks like full-spectrum CBD oil in terms of the presence of terpenes, flavonoids, CBD, and multiple other cannabinoids except THC. The absence of THC affects the entourage effect that you receive from the full spectrum option. So, with this CBD oil category, you’ll have a slight boost in CBD effects, but there won’t be an exact synergy of effects as with the full spectrum CBD oil.

CBD Isolate Oil

The isolate CBD oil is a pure CBD extract with no flavonoids, terpenes, or other cannabinoids. Ideally, this is a 99% pure CBD oil, which may give you exact CBD effects and is also believed to be much easier for the body to absorb.

Understanding CBD Oil Absorption

The absorption rate of CBD extracts after consuming CBD oil largely depends on its bioavailability in the blood. And here is where drinking water after taking your CBD comes in.

Drinking water helps hydrate your body, ensuring easy flow of the CBD extracts across the bloodstream and facilitating its bioavailability. However, the time you drink water matters, for instance, after it is okay to drink water after vaping CBD oil, using it topically, or consuming it orally.

But if you take the CBD oil through sublingual administration, you should not drink the water or anything else. This is because you need to give at least 30 to 60 seconds for the essential extracts in the oil to be absorbed.

So, if you were wondering about the best time to drink water after taking CBD oil, the best answer is there is no exact timeframe. This is due to different factors, such as your method of consumption and the exact concentration of the CBD oil.

Advisably, it is best to drink water at least 15 to 30 minutes after taking CBD oil. This time ensures that whichever means of consumption you take, the body will have had time to absorb it, especially in sublingual administration.

Here is a brief ranking of the bioavailability of CBD based on the different methods of consuming CBD oil;

Inhalation or Vaporisation of the CBD oil

Vaping CBD oil is considered the most efficient and fastest way to absorb CBD straight into the body. Compared to most other consumption methods, vaping has a rapid absorption rate that delivers a fast onset of its effects.

What happens when vaping CBD oil is that the CBD oil is heated to vaporisation, and then the vapour is inhaled, where it enters the bloodstream through the lungs. This method, of course, bypasses the digestive system, hence the fast effects, but vaping has its own set of side effects which may not come with other consumption methods such as sublingual consumption.

In this case, drinking water may not directly help absorb CBD oil, but it will help soothe the throat and keep the mucous membranes moist. This is because some ingredients, such as glycerine and propylene glycol, may dehydrate the body.

Sublingual Administration

This process involves placing a drop of CBD oil under the tongue, which will be absorbed through the mucous membranes. This method, too, has a fast effect timeframe because it bypasses metabolisation by the liver and instead delivers the CBD extracts straight into the liver.

However, you must remember to have clean teeth for the sublingual administration to be effective. Ideally, brushing your teeth before administering CBD oil under your tongue helps ensure fast and efficient absorption.

Oral Consumption

Oral consumption of CBD, compared to other intake methods, has a very low absorption rate. This is because the CBD has to be subjected to the digestive system, where the metabolisation rate varies in different persons.

Despite the low bioavailability rate, oral consumption of CBD oil still delivers your desired CBD effects. Moreover, drinking water, in this case, may help speed up the absorption process, but it is not guaranteed that the process will be as fast as in the other intake methods.

Potential Ways to Take CBD Oil and Water

While water is important to ensure you stay well hydrated, drinking it after taking CBD also helps enhance the absorption of the CBD, depending on the specific consumption method.

But you don’t have to stress out on how much longer should you wait to drink water after taking CBD. We discovered some alternatives to taking CBD oil while still remaining well-hydrated.

These include:

CBD-infused Beverages

You can take your favourite beverage infused with CBD oil without going through much hassle in its preparation. For instance, if you are a fan of herbal tea, you can brew it early in the morning with a few drops of CBD oil, then give it a few minutes to steep before serving.

CBD-infused Smoothies

Smoothies are convenient meal replacements when taking something light but nutritious before heading out. Whether you are going for a workout or need some new energy boost to finish the remaining part of the day in a hot afternoon, blend CBD oil into your smoothie and enjoy it.

This is best for your favourite fruits, vegetables, and other topicals, such as coconuts. For instance, the extra fats that come with the coconuts will help improve CBD absorption in the body.

CBD-Infused Celtzers

Are you a fan of sparkling or fizzy water? This is your best chance to enjoy the CBD oil intake since you only need to add drops of CBD oil and a few flavours to enhance the taste.

Other hydration tips that you may need to know about taking CBD oil are:

You don’t need to wait to take water after taking CBD oil. You also need to drink water before taking CBD oil, as it helps prepare your body for absorption.

Be mindful of the CBD formulations you consume since some may necessitate the need for more water intake. This is often due to the varying cannabinoid levels in the CBD concentrations.

When taking CBD oil and other products, don’t wait until you are thirsty to take water. Instead, make a habit of staying hydrated throughout, as it also helps with your overall well-being.

You also need to remember that as much as taking CBD oil infused in your beverages, smoothies and other meals is convenient. It has lower absorption rates, so you may have to stay for a while before enjoying its effects.

In conclusion, there is no specific time to take water after consuming CBD oil. But it is best to give a spun of 10 to 20 minutes, depending on your administration method.

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