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How to Store CBD Oil?

How to Store CBD Oil?

Most CBD users focus on getting the best CBD products the market has to offer but rarely take time to understand the right way to store CBD oil.

By storing CBD properly, you ensure your CBD oil doesn't go off or go stale. Learning the best storage methods for your CBD oil is critical when you want to take the oil.

Store Your CBD in a Cool Dry Place

CBD doesn’t get along well with heat. Exposure to extreme heat for an extended period can easily damage your goods and cause it to degrade and break down.

When looking for the ideal place to store your CBD, make sure there are no heat-producing appliances around like an oven, a heater or a drier.

Unless you live in an extremely hot area, CBD doesn’t have to be refrigerated. If you have to place the bottle inside the fridge, you will note that the juice inside thickens. If this happens, place the bottle inside a bowl with warm water for a few minutes.

The bottle will be ready in a few minutes.

Most CBD lovers like to carry their CBD products with them. It makes it easier to take it on the go. However, you should remember not to leave CBD in the car for too long as temperatures can be hot. Leaving CBD oil in hot places can damage the composition of CBD.

A golden rule of thumb to follow in this case is to keep the CBD in the coldest place possible, but still making it easy for you to take.

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Keep Away from Direct Sunlight

Cannabinoids last longest in a dry, dark and cool surrounding. Direct sunlight has the same effect on CBD as with other neutraceuticals.

Prolonged exposure can cause the CBD to lose its efficacy. That is why most CBD packages comprise of thick and opaque bottles to reduce the intensity of light the product is exposed to.

You shouldn’t store CBD oil near the window. You should also avoid storing CBD in transparent containers. If possible, try as much as possible to store the products in their original packaging.

Avoid purchasing CBD oil in transparent packaging. While the packaging might be aesthetically appealing, it also means that your CBD will degrade much faster.

Don’t Leave the Products Open

Just like heat and light, air can also cause CBD products to degrade. This is the reason why most CBD products come in airtight containers.

Before putting your CBD products away, always double-check to make sure the cap is tightly in place to keep the air from entering.

When purchasing CBD, make sure you choose products that come in appropriate containers that are airtight.

Keep the CBD Away from Children

This is not so much for the well-being of the CBD, but more so for your children. CBD might be natural and have low toxicity, but you need to follow the recommended dosages for children and not exceed them.

You have to practice responsibility when using CBD products to ensure safety for your children and pets.  

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How Long Does CBD Last Once You Open It?

Even if you store your CBD in the best conditions, it’s important to note that once you break the seal, the shelf life of the product is dramatically affected.

To achieve that long shelf-life, you have to make sure you store the CBD in near pristine conditions.

How Do You Know if CBD Has Gone Bad?

In most cases, you will go through your CBD way before the sell-by date. But, with so many products to choose from, it's possible that you forget one of them somewhere. It's critical to know how to identify when the product cannot be consumed.

The first test is a smell test. A good bottle of CBD should have a herbal and aromatic smell. If the CBD has gone bad, the aromatic scent is no longer there. 

The Takeaway

Storing your CBD oil the right way is just as important as finding quality CBD products. By storing your CBD products in the right conditions, you can prolong the life and ensure the vitality of your CBD products over a longer time.

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