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Ideal Morning Regime

Ideal Morning Regime

No matter what plans you have, an ideal morning routine will determine your course for the day. Unfortunately, the best way to prop up your morning routine takes more than a five-minute hack. But here are 12 ideal morning routines that inspire success.

Get Enough Sleep

A good night’s sleep is half a milestone to conquering the morning battles. For many people, 7 to 8 hours of undisturbed sleep is enough, but getting quality rest requires little planning. Firstly, digital devices should be kept away at least an hour before your bedtime.

While it’s tempting to check out the latest memes and what’s trending, the blue light from these devices affects the production of melatonin, a sleep-regulating hormone. This makes the body interpret the blue light as daylight, signalling wakefulness.

For quality sleep, you need to take a warm bath, turn off the TV, read a book, or tune in some soft, calming music to induce sleepiness. Similarly, you may use CBD sleeping aids to help you decompress, especially after an activity-filled, tiresome day.

Remember to set your alarm correctly for 8 hours of sleep.

Wake Up Early

You don’t have to be a morning person to have a productive day. In his productivityist blogs, Mike Vardy talks about how, despite being a night owl, he can still have a perfect morning routine giving him a productive day.

The most important factor is not what time you wake up; it is what time your body’s clock best gets in sync for a perfect routine. So, you need to set a consistent wake-up time that your body gets accustomed to. Once your body becomes accustomed to its routine and timing, you won't struggle with hitting the snooze button every time the alarm goes off.

The time you wake up is largely determined by when you go to bed. If you're not asleep by midnight, waking up at 5 am will probably be a challenge. So, find out when it’s most convenient for you to wake up without forcing your body out of bed.

Hydrate for a Healthy Start

Water is an essential component of different fluids in the body. So, having stayed for 6 to 8 hours without replenishing these fluids makes it crucial to hydrate as soon as you wake up. The glass of water you take also kickstarts your body’s metabolism and helps flush out any toxins that may have formed while you were asleep.

Although reaching for a cup of tea or coffee first is tempting, create a routine of hydrating every morning. You can add a refreshing twist of lemon, herbal tea or CBD sparkling water. The CBD infused in the water has various therapeutic benefits, including creating a sense of calm and regulating your mood every morning you take it.

Practice Meditation or Mindful Exercises

Take a few moments for meditation and self-mindfulness every morning after you wake up. Instead of reaching for your phone, this is your time to organise your thoughts and plan the day.

Meditation isn’t about how long you sit but the attention and focus you give. The deep breathing exercise generally ensures you start the day with a peaceful and positive mindset. 

Journaling is also a beneficial mindful exercise you should incorporate into your routine. It involves a self-reflective practice of writing down your thoughts, feelings and experiences. This helps set your intentions for the day and express gratitude through prayer or contemplation. Consistent journaling also reduces worries and gives a focused and purposeful approach to your day.

Take Time to Self Care

A refreshing shower and a few pages of your favourite book contribute to a positive and relaxed mindset. However, there is no specific rule about your definition of self-care. This is the time for whatever is special to you. It could be some skincare routine with CBD topicals or a soothing CBD-infused bath.

Ensure what you do at this time uniquely brings joy and rejuvenates you.

Move Around

Any physical activities you incorporate in your morning routine help your body to wake up fully and enhance blood circulation. You don’t need a gym subscription for this; the idea is to do stretch exercises to get your blood pumping and increase energy.

You need an activity that you can turn into a habit. Whether yoga, stationary bike riding, or simple push-up exercises, the key fact is establishing a disciplined routine.

Prepare a Nutritious Breakfast

Fuel your energy and healthy state with a nutritious breakfast. This needs to include carbohydrates, proteins, and fats that will provide the energy you need to maintain focus and remain productive.

Other people believe intermittent fasting in the morning is the best approach to boost your cognitive functions. The choice, therefore, depends on your health goals. If eating breakfast helps fuel your body with the needed energy, focus and boost in memory, ensure you take nutritious-filled meals.

Similarly, if not having breakfast achieves the same for you, the ultimate decision is with you. Alternatively, you can take various CBD products, such as CBD gummies, to help you feel more awake and alert. However, remember CBD products have varying dosages that depend on different factors to ensure their effectiveness.

However, there is no universal CBD dosage for specific morning routine needs. You must consult with a healthcare expert who will optimise the best dosage for your requirements.

Prioritise Important Tasks

You need to identify and prioritise the most important tasks for your morning routine. Handling the most crucial tasks first will help set the tone for the remaining part of the day. This also contributes to a sense of accomplishment with a stress-free and relaxed mind.

The best approach to identifying crucial tasks first is by creating a to-do list where you will rank the tasks in the order of their importance. This helps you make the most out of your morning routine since you can visually organise your responsibilities based on what needs immediate attention.

Extra Morning Ideas for a Productive Day

Once your body gets used to the key strategies for an ideal morning routine, you may feel the need to try additional practices that contribute to improved productivity.

Here are some extra morning ideas you may need to enrich your morning:

Speak Positive Affirmations to Yourself

Starting your day with inspiring and motivating affirmations helps set a confident and optimistic tone for any challenges ahead. This also reinforces the beliefs about yourself and your capabilities.

In the long run, the affirmations enhance your self-love, as they help you recognise your worth and value. This further makes goal setting easy as it helps you stay focused on your objectives and motivates you to work towards them.

Listen to Soul Lifting Music

Music uplifts your spirits and energises you, promoting a feeling of relaxation. Choose your favourite artists or music that gets your body and mind working together in sync. Listening to music while performing routine tasks makes them feel less tiresome and more engaging.

Some upbeat and rhythmic music also makes you feel more awake and ready for the day from the stimulated energy in the body.

Subscribe to a Podcast

Podcasts are a great way to push and remind yourself the direction you are heading. But you need to subscribe to not any podcasts but those that align with your interests and goals. Whether it is from someone you aspire to be like or one in your area of work, choose podcasts tailored to your goals.

Moreover, learning something new and listening to insightful discussions stimulates your mind towards greater goals from the valuable information for your day.

Conduct a Retrospective

Performing a retrospective includes looking back on what worked well, what could be improved and identifying possible adjustments to enhance your morning routine. This helps you make informed decisions that are beneficial for the routine and helps you continually improve, avoiding things that may hinder your productivity.

Examples of some important questions you may ask yourself when conducting the retrospective include,

Was I able to accomplish the most important tasks as planned? How did my morning routine contribute to my well-being? What distractions did I experience, and how can I reduce them?

By incorporating these practices, it is easier for you to supercharge your morning and set up for a productive and fulfilling day.

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