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What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?

What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?

The biggest question for anyone who has never used CBD has to be, "How does it taste?" This question is not only relegated to CBD but to everything else you haven't tasted, and you are keen on tasting it.

Here's an in-depth guide on what CBD oil taste like and what you can do to consume CBD oil easier.

Background to CBD Taste Profile

The answer to the taste of CBD is not as easy or straightforward. There are several possible options, and most answers are based on the type of CBD products used. CBD products are sold in multiple variations, and each variation goes through different processing; hence, it might have a different flavour depending on these and other factors. This is the same case with CBD oil, which comes in many forms and flavours.

Other than these expected variations, the flavour of CBD oil also varies depending on the quality and extraction processes used.

While all these factors can make it challenging to define the taste of CBD oil, for experienced users, they are critical in identifying the taste of good quality CBD oil.

What is the General Taste of CBD Oil?

It might come as a surprise, but generally, CBD oil is tasteless. CBD oil is made by extracting CBD oil from the cannabis plant and blending it with carrier oils.

The most commonly used carrier oils are Hemp seed oil or coconut oil. The combination of these oils overwhelms the taste of CBD, which is why most new CBD users will describe THC-free CBD oil as having a nutty taste.

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Taste

Full-spectrum CBD oil has a more hemp-like taste compared to CBD oil made from isolated CBD oil. Full-spectrum CBD oil doesn’t have significant plant matter. But it has a substantial amount of terpenes, flavonoids and other cannabinoids.

Like Isolated CBD oils, full-spectrum CBD oil also has a carrier oil. The type of carrier oil used will affect the overall flavour of the blend.

If the manufacturer uses olive oil as the carrier oil, the CBD oil will likely have a grassy and nutty taste. The taste is best described as more like a cooking oil taste.

For full-spectrum CBD oils that have hemp seed oil as the carrier oil. The taste is usually nutty, like walnut or sunflower seed. And for unprocessed crude CBD oil, the CBD oil will have an earthy and bitter taste. This CBD oil also tends to be inconsistent.

Terpenes Affect the Taste of CBD

Different terpenes have different flavour profiles. That means they will also alter the final taste of your CBD oil. Some of the most commonly added terpenes to CBD oils and their flavour profiles include:

  • Myrcene terpene has a herbal taste
  • Pinene terpene has a pine taste
  • Caryophyllene terpene has a pepper taste
  • Limonene terpene has a citrus taste
  • Terpinolene terpene has a fruity taste

These flavours might sound interesting, even appealing. But in their concentrated form, they are easily overwhelming. To make CBD oil more palatable and easier to take for CBD lovers, the CBD oil is heavily diluted, which is why many CBD users say it is tasteless.

Added Flavour

Initially, CBD oil was largely sold in its natural state and flavour. But responding to the needs of CBD lovers, CBD brands have tried to spice up CBD oil offerings by adding a bit of flavour to the CBD oil. This makes the CBD more palatable for untrained taste buds.

The flavourings used by most CBD brands are not harmful to your health, although some are artificial. However, they do alter the taste of CBD significantly according to the flavour added.

How to Find the Right CBD Oil by Taste Alone

Most CBD users rely on the labels to determine the quality of CBD oil they buy. But the labels can also be used as a marketing gimmick. The best way to tell if you have good quality and genuine CBD oil is by tasting it.

High quality CBD oil has a grass-like nutty taste to it. In some instances, it might also be bitter, depending on the terpenes added. Such CBD oils are completely safe for consumption.

How to Mask The Taste of CBD Oil

Although genuine, natural CBD oil doesn’t have the best flavour, most CBD lovers prefer it over flavoured alternatives.

Of course, that means dealing with the unpalatable flavour. But there are ways that seasoned CBD lovers use to mask the flavour and enjoy quality CBD as their tongues get used to the flavour.

The easiest trick is to hold your nose. By blocking the sense of smell, you significantly affect your sense of taste. Some CBD lovers also like flavouring their CBD oils by eating something sweet before taking their CBD oil or brushing their teeth before consuming CBD.

Alternatively, you can also try going for CBD capsules which are easier to swallow, and you don't have to worry about dealing with the CBD flavour.

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