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Arizer offer a wide range of Vaporizers from award winning Desktop Vaporizers to compact, portable vaporizers perfect for use on the go. Arizer Vaporizers are perfect for vaporizing a range of materials including organic dry herbs and natural oils.

Arizer produce the best vaporizers capable of extracting the best flavour from your vape, proven to enhance potency and burn products equally and consistently. No additives are included in the use of Arizer devices insuring quick reloads and convenient operation.

Versatile Desktop Devices

Efficiently  and powerful devices with unique swivel whip providing potent flavor from a sleek compact design. Capable of filling balloons with high quality vapor, all of which can be operated by remote control. 

Simple To Clean

Cut the time cleaning your vaporizer with Arizers easily removable parts allowing accessibility negating the need for cleaning solutions and reducing the risk of contamination allowing your vape to always remain fresh and operating efficiently. 

Easy To Use. 

With a range of high quality handheld vaporizers Arizer has patented a hybrid heating system that allows fast heating of the element and smooth vapor production to suit a wide range of users. Durable, Perfectly Portable & Equipped to last. 

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