Budkups is an American manufacturer that specialises in accessories for vaporisers. The founders of Budkups have been in business since 2017 and have done a phenomenal job of providing herb lovers with accessories that make their vaping experience smoother and more fun.

Budkups’ mission and vision are to provide herb lovers with easy and portable accessories that bring out the true flavour of your herbs. Most of the products that Budkups offers are for the PAX2 and PAX devices. There are also some other handy accessories that cut across the board and make vaporising on the go easier.

Budkups Product Range

Budkups has a collection of impressive accessories that almost any vaper will find helpful. Some of the most notable ones include:


A Budkit is a complete packing and storage system designed by Budkups. It simplifies the vaping experience and helps you keep your Budkups accessories organised Budkits come with 6 budkups 3.0, the Packing system, a bud case, and 2 BudKup removal tools.

The BudKups 3.0 are compatible with the PAX2/3, one of the most beloved portable vaporisers on the market but can be painful and tedious to load with dry herb. With the Budkit using your PAX vaporiser becomes a real joy.

How to Load BudKups

BudKups are easy to use and efficient. Here is a quick guide on how to use them:

  • Remove the top caps from the 6 BudKups that come in the kit
  • Remove the funnel and place one BudKup with the open side up into each funnel slot.
  • Place ground herb into the well area at the end of the funnel. From the well, you can use the BudKup tool to pull the ground herb back and forth across all the BudKups until the BudKups are full.
  • Use the opposite end of the BudKup tool to compress the ground herb into the BudKups and repeat the filling process until the BudKups are level and full.
  • Keep the BudKups slightly elevated and gently press the top cap back onto the BudKups.

Place the filled BudKups in your Bud Case, and you can use them as you go. The BudKups ensure you have straight access to packed cups that you can easily insert in your PAX vaporiser when you what to vape.

BudKups Pocket Humidor

This is a two-way humidity case that keeps your herbs at the perfect humidity and freshness for when you vape. The case ensures your dry herb stays in perfect condition as it waits for you to vape it.

Stash Jar

You can keep your flower safe and fresh using the BudKups stash jar. It is eco-friendly and reusable. The Stash jar comes with a child-resistant lid, and incomplete herb lovers' fashion, it is made of hemp and recycled materials.

The Silicone koozie keeps your herbs safe from sunlight and creates a durable and protective layer around the glass mason jar.

Sour Space Candy CBD Flower

It would be a disappointment of a CBD brand not to have a CBD product. BudKups has an impressive sour space candy CBD flower that is a perfect all-day strain. It has a heavenly tropical aroma with orange frosty buds with high levels of myrcene terpene with a sweet and sour flavour.

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