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Buzz Leaf

Buzz Leaf CBD is a subsidiary of Love Hemp, which was established in 2015. The new brand was established with the younger CBD lovers in mind. This explains the vibrant colours that dominate the packaging on Buzz Leaf CBD.

The brand doesn’t have the most versatile range of products. Most of the focus has been on coming up with bold and vibrant flavours that will keep up with the needs of the target group the brand is hoping to appeal to.

Buzz Leaf CBD Products

Buzz Leaf is relatively new in the market, with only a few years under its belt. But, it has done enough to earn itself a reputation with its range of E-liquids and CBD oils. Unlike most brands that play it safe with the names and flavours of their CBD products, Buzz Leaf has gone for an all-out approach in naming and crafting the flavours of its CBD e-liquid and CBD oils range.

CBD E-liquids

The most notable range of CBD products from Buzz Leaf CBD has to be the e-liquids. So far, the brand has released four different flavours of CBD e-juice. Each of the flavours contains 500mg of CBD and comes in 30ml packaging filled with CBD goodness and terpenes. The four flavours include:

Tiger Blood & Watermelon OG

The Tiger Blood flavour is flowing with mouth-watering watermelon flavour. Like the other flavours from Buzz Leaf, this flavour is spot on and comes with a refreshing feel reminiscent of summer days by the beach basking in the sun.

Blue Mist & Blue Dream

The Blue Mist flavour is a blend of high-quality, broad-spectrum CBD infused with some excellent exotic flavours that tease your taste buds and leave a tingling feeling in your mouth. A lot of thought has gone into blending the various flavours to ensure the different notes and undertones work together to leave vapers wanting more.

Horny Mango and Pineapple Express

Open up your tropical experience with this one of a kind CBD e-liquid flavour from Buzz Leaf. It’s a blend of freshly squeezed pineapples on the inhale with tropical mango waves on the exhale. The taste of this one of a kind e-liquid is as provocative and thought-provoking as the name of the flavour.

Lykos & Grandaddy Purple

 The Lykos and Grandaddy Purple flavour is a blend of exotic and forest fruits. The flavour of fresh lychees full of fresh, juicy goodness when ripe mix seamlessly with forest blackcurrants for a burst of subtle sweetness and sourness. The flavour also packs a mild menthol to give the e-juice a cool breeze towards the end.

Buzz Leaf also has a range of CBD oils that contain 500mg of CBD, and the other contains 1000mg of CBD.

While the product range is not wide, it is designed to appeal to as many CBD lovers as possible without leaving anyone out.

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